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No. 1435: New application with new case officers!

No. 1435:
New application with new case officers!

We as the responsible applicant see us confronted with a large workload in this matter that we have neither caused nor believe we are responsible for.
PBE binds up our resources against conditions that should and should have been settled to our advantage long, long ago!

As well, as here as a wall obviously is incorrectly set up. The fact that they use zero resources and have all the world's resources on us shows just what "madness" and abuse of power, resources and other people's time and money that PBE is responsible for.
Actually, we should have been compensated for tort, stinging and abuse of power and authority!

Picture of wall in Stormyrveien 5 which has wall 20 cm from the road surface. This is so illegal it is possible at the same time they have also set up illegal signs and other things. This does not care about the PBE itself, but all of us who are and work perfectly put themselves in the air.
What is really illegal and hinders traffic, they totally ignore.
But what we have built that makes everything better for the better, it must be demolished.
There are not only two sets of laws they have, but unfortunately there is direct abuse of power and abuse of authority. But we have to hope and believe in a change that they realize their own crime and change.

Have now been given the opportunity to apply again, even if the application process is now set to 3 months. Here is the mail we received from PBE here in Oslo.

Here's our answer:

To PBE Oslo 19 / 6-19

You write:

Date: 17.06.2019 Their ref .: Our ref .: 201908605-5 Always stated upon request Case file: Tommy Monge Archive code: 531

Construction site: KROKSTIEN 2C Property: 143/104/0/0 Initiative: JAN KÅRE CHRISTENSEN Address: KROKSTIEN 2 C, 0672 OSLO Seeking: JAN KÅRE CHRISTENSEN Address: KROKSTIEN 2 C, 0672 OSLO Type of measure: Bod / garage Storage type: Entry type

We cannot process your application in three weeks - Krokstien 2 C The Planning and Building Administration refers to your application for formal approval of already implemented measures that include storage, staircase and support wall received on 31.05.2019.
The application is not in accordance with provisions given in or pursuant to the Planning and Building Act because it is dependent on an exemption from S-4220 sections 6.5 and 10, as well as section 29 of the Act. You have already applied for the exemptions. An application for permission for measures that are dependent on exemption in order to be approved cannot be processed within three weeks.
Unfortunately, the application you have submitted does not satisfy the requirements for three weeks' processing time, cf. Section 21-7 of the Planning and Building Act.
What happens to your case? Since we cannot process the application within three weeks, it will now receive up to 12 weeks of processing time.
The application will be transferred to the Department of Construction projects unit north / east (ABNO) where it will be distributed to a new case officer. When the case officer has gone through the application, it may turn out that we need further information. You will then receive a new letter about this.
(quote end.)

Answer. Our reply sent to PBE here in Oslo.

You write that the application needs dispensation, which is correct.
You write that it is my application, it is only in my name. It is from me and my wife Berit Nyland Christensen, so we are two about this.

But there are minimal issues that are involved, and today everything works perfectly from what is set up.

Then it should also be in PBE interest to get approval on these conditions as soon as possible, and add the "goodwill" so that what we have built in good faith and under the guidance of PBE, albeit orally.
Must be an approved and no longer illegal, but legal relationship.

We emphasize that what has been set up is not a hindrance to anyone.
Not a bus that runs past here, not a bus or anyone else.
There has not been a complaint of 5 years and when we applied for the first time there were no objections or remarks against any of what has been built.
There are only benefits and in favor of all that is built. Even the road has become 20 cm wider and before, it was south-pointed from our slope down into the road look and often. Now it's dry and nice, always.
The booth can hardly be seen before one enters our property.
Trapp goes one up and down from our property after change made after PBE demanded that it not go down the road in the meeting we had with PBE 11.4.19.

The wall is over a ½ meter lower than the neighbor's other side, and lies from the roadway approx. 1 meter like all other walls and others do along the Stormyrveien which is also set up after 2006 when the law on small houses came.
The wall follows the terrain so that it becomes as flat as possible for us and in this way we get the most out of the plot.
There will be a natural insight from the road, which it had not been with, for example. ½ m high wall, or as it was before when there was a steep slope as it ran mold and mourn, and out into the road.

Those set up before that are up to 20 cm from the road surface that PBE should rather get in order than many other things. This is the real problem in Stormyrveien if there are any problems. "Old sins" where one has built up to 20 cm from the road that creates unnecessary and daily problems. This should have been done something more than ravaging and overrun us as it has now been done for 5 years. The abuse of power and the abuse of authority against us has been mistakenly evident when one can leave such things "go home!"

This is the way we see the real problem in Stormyrveien. What we have built has only raised the standard and everything is beneficial, not the back of anyone. Not least of us, it is after all our property, and everything is built on our property, not someone else's.

As I said, all things should be appropriate to grant an exemption here and have this case approved.
It is searched here before, and missing than some things I expect there is documentation there ?!
If not, then of course we will do what we can to get what is desired and what you need.

Hear from you.

Berit Nyland Christensen and Jan Kåre Christensen
Crocodile 2 c
0672 Oslo

Final Comment:

Key factor in life for us - me and my wife Berit are prayer. Whatever one encounters in the life of challenges, and here a difference treatment that is unparalleled. Where neighbor and others are allowed to exploit their plot just as they want. They get an exemption to build walls both to the road, from the road. Larger and longer than ours, yes, I do not know what is not allowed to others.

Here, PBE operates in Oslo with two sets of laws. Where others are allowed to do everything, and our minimum exceedance has been treated in the strictest possible way even though we have exceeded all requirements for exemption that is possible. What?
Pray and pray again. It is an appetizer that we as believers have, and I am happy for all who pray for and with us in this matter.

Scripture clearly states that if we unite in prayer and pray for God's will. It is obvious that this is God's will that the PBE should not vandalize and destroy anything that works perfectly and in no way hinders anyone from being destroyed. We know what Jesus wants, and what the Evil One wants. God wants what is good, and the Evil One will murder, steal and destroy.

1 Joh.b. 5. 14 And this is the bold confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask for anything according to his will, he hears us; 15 And if we know that he hears us what we are praying for, then we know that we have the things we have asked of him.

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