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No. 1740: The newspaper VG "disclosure" of the so-called netroll Ivar Underberge witnesses about lack of understanding of "rules" and laws online, on written and unwritten!

No. 1740:
The newspaper VG "disclosure" of the so-called netroll Ivar Underberge witnesses about lack of understanding of "rules" and laws online, on written and unwritten!


Picture of the 'century' nettroll Torodd Bird's Nest.


When the narrator and hate Pastor Jan Aage Torp went on with his fictional notification to the police and won his lions and hatred, it's actually the only one he has achieved with a verdict against me and the Heavenly blog.
It is that he himself has promoted himself as the uprooted Pastor who has been charged with his early nanny as Todd Bentley.
And that I have received the message of repentance against the word of God to us Christians, nothing else.

When Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara says that such persons as the newspaper VG writes about. Such as the so-called netroll Ivar Underberge, Jan Kåre Christensen and others must be punished harder. So Wara has not realized the least.

Wordpress, blogs and others are all ruled in from the United States and basically it's only judgments, provisions and anything else that affects them. Are there only judgments and laws in and from the United States that really matter and touch them.

Ivar Underberge, Jan Kåre Christensen and others who have been sentenced can only really be in jail and write on the blog and the web. Why?

The judgments against us have no real meaning because they are not deposited in the United States.

That Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara and others do not understand this, testify of their skill. Or lack of understanding of the regulations and Norwegian and laws from and in other countries.

See for yourself that they judge one to death in Saudi Arabia for saying something against Muhammad or that a woman has shown a little bit of skin. Would we have adapted ourselves to this in Norway? Of course not, but it's really what Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara says and that we should expect more stringent penalties if we can not write on our US based blogs. What Wara really says is that he and the law here in Norway are more important and are in line with the legislation in the United States.

This says Wara in the newspaper VG:
"I can understand that people can experience this as extremely lawless, but they are not lawless. If the penalties today do not prevent these crimes, then we need to consider increasing the punishment.
(quote ending).

Here, Wara does not understand that a judgment in Norway, Saudi Arabia and other countries has deepest nonsense impact in the United States.

Thank God for the United States, they will not give up for anyone, even arrogant and pompous politicians in Norway who do not realize they can not hide a verdict here in Norway and expect the United States to look after it.

Final Comment:

In my case, nobody became more hotly more than me and my family, of Norway's two worst and foremost netroll Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg.
Is glad that in the United States do not care, the very best is that no one cares, as this will not be possible to stop. Just think that the police and the courts do not understand that it's mostly the biggest siege people who scream for help.
In my case, it was a fictional review that led to!





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