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No. 1737: 1 year after the father between me and the narrator Jan Aage Torp concluded that the human rights court in Strasbourg France dismissed our appeal, I am living with the injustice committed to me and my family!

No. 1737:
1 year after the father between me and the narrator Jan Aage Torp concluded that the human rights court in Strasbourg France dismissed our appeal, I am living with the injustice committed to me and my family!

Picture of Judge Malin Strømberg Amble, as in Oslo District Court, laid the foundation for a justice word against me and the heavenly blog.
With direct lies and undocumented claims that neither my or my lawyer Brynjar Meling was submitted that this was important to court.
It's an impossibility to paraphrase everything in a trial, so it's the Judge's task to present those who are accused of something. Above all, what matters. Here is what the judgment itself is based on, which was not in the trial or was debated in court. Not ever presented in court, the judge does not do his job.
In other words, fools apostle Jan Aage Torp's liar, as judge Malin Strømberg Amble, was a little appealing and condemned me without mentioning this with a word in court that this was important. Talk about believing the lie in front of the truth, rarely have a word from the Bible taken so well and been so accurate.


I have no ambition that I will bring justice in this matter. It's lost and it's changing. Then it must happen in the way of God, we live in a world that the Bible describes as dark and evil, where this world god is satan.

2 Cor. 4 3 Is our gospel hidden, so is it hidden from those who perish, 4 in whom the god of this world has blinded the mind of the unfaithful, that the light of the gospel of Christ's glory, who is the image of God, shall not shine for them.

 God of this world is not the Lord, the God of Israel, but it fell the angel Lucifer.

Therefore, such people who live in sin and sorrow like fools apostle Jan Aage Torp are winning is not to be wondered.
This is the "normal", therefore, that as true believers and servants of the God of Israel-the living and true God, "losing" fights in this world is only to show wickedness and darkness in this world.

We could and should have done things differently, but it is the judges in this case who have first and foremost failed, and that to those degrees!

But first the police failed, and so in a way that made the whole thing happen to get me. In many ways, here everyone has failed. So that the fool's postage, Jan Aage Torp, was lying and making the case that was crucial for taking and getting me and the heavenly blog judged.

Should try to take the case briefly.

1.) Narrator Jan Aage Torp became aware of me and my blogs that I wrote against his divorce and remarriage. That we had a big "score" on the Google rank made him plan to stop me and the heavenly blog. Where our English blog - Heavenly blog - was part of what the evil torp would stop, whatever the means. As is known, "the goal sanctifies the means!"

2.) Narraapostelen Jan Aage Torp invites me to a cup of coffee to converse, to make me stop writing if he is divorced and reprimanded as a believer. I do not do that to the fool of Jan Aage Torp, a great disgrace. He is obviously furious and introduces a new and evil plan. Now I'll be taken, but how? Satan and dark always have something to do to stop the truth that Torp lives in the wake of God's Word

 which became too much that this was revealed in the public domain. I speak there other tiers, not least today's Pentecostal / charismatic Christians.

3.) Narraapostelen Jan Aage Torp finds a way to go to the police with. A fictional review, emphasizing what I have written about him apart from being divorced and renegotiated. Then I wrote that he is a psychopathic, leper and miscellaneous other words and expressions that are like childrens food for what is otherwise written online daily.

4.) Narreapostelen Jan Aage Torp knows that he really has nothing against me and the heavenly blog. Therefore, I urge the Conflict Council if possible to threaten and push me to delete everything about him. Something I of course do not want to accept. Then the police had promised me that we should be summoned to meet, talk together and the case would be put to death. Monica Lillebakken said this directly to me, but she lied as the police have done in this case many times, just like the narrator Jan Aage Torp did in the district court. That is what this judgment is based on, and none of his speech was checked. Talk about a lie-dom!

5.) To my great surprise, there was a case against me and the heavenly blog. Then in Oslo district court and there it was quickly found out that I had not written anything that was nearby to be punishable. But as the star Torp's manipulator, he played on the dark and evil forces. Then that was not what I had written, but the amount I was convicted of by Judge Malin Strømberg Amble in Oslo District Court.

The figures presented by the narreapostel were just some Torp lied about which was not documented in court at all. And when and if these numbers were so important, this was never discussed in court or these figures I confronted with in Oslo District Court. They first came in place after the trial to find a possible way to judge me and the heavenly blog. The Christianity Habit lives and is still present here in Norway.

6.) Then we came to Borgarting Court of Appeal. I clearly said that, as this judgment is based on, Judge Øystein Hermansen says that the numbers and amount of writings on which the verdict is based is a lie.

 Look here:

Even after this, Judge Øystein Hermansen chose to leave Torp liar from Oslo District Court. He did so by writing himself a lie into the verdict that I had not grasped the word in Borgarting Lagmannsrett, something I said by saying that Torp's numbers are completely beyond and these figures must not be considered. What else could I have done? When Judges Malin Strømberg Amble and Øystein Hermansen let the narrator's Jan Aage Torp lieger be what makes me convicted, the sentence is also a lie and a justice word.

7.) The case was considered by the Norwegian Supreme Court. However, it was rejected, which merely states that legal certainty here in Norway is equal to zero at times when a judgment based on lies is contested, no opportunity to come up.

8.) An appeal was then sent to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France, where it was also rejected. In many ways, one can say that this case is based on the narrator Jan Aage Torp lies, hatred and fury. These lies and his hatred are all the case, and the verdict is built. Sad, but true.

9.) I have made a separate blog afterwards, as articles have been written mostly between the narrator postage. Jan Aage Torp was taken as a subject here on the Heavenly blog and until the rejection of the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France.

10.) Now that we have lost the case, I have no ambitions, wishes or goals that I will be acquitted and Torp judged, for example, false accusations against me and the celestial blog This is something God has to take care of, I'm done with the matter. And unfortunately, in this world, much injustice and darkness prevail, especially when Jesus believers can be "punished!"

Final Comment: 

When Jesus was sentenced, later hung on a cross and died. Then it was the word of justice of the times. He was sentenced on the wrong ground, was pint on the wrong ground, was crucified also on the wrong ground. The whole process against him was the pillars.
But when he got up again all his enemies were ashamed - all like one!

Sooner or later all that injustice will be committed to me, hit them back who have made that injustice. The law of sowing and harvesting applies to all fields of our lives. It will not be wrong.
The scripture says from Paul's letter to the Romans, I will finish this article with:

Room. 8. 31 What shall we say to this? Is God for us who is against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him to all of us, how can he do anything but give us all things with him? 33 Who will accuse God's elect? God is the juster; 34 Who is the one who condemns? Christ is the one who is dead, yes, what is more, as is the uprising, which is also by the right hand of God, who also commits us; 35 Who Will Divorce Us From Christ's Love? Tribulation or anxiety or persecution or hunger or nudity or danger or sword? 36 as it is written, For your sake we are killed all day long; we are considered as slaughtering sheep. 37 But in all this we win more than victory by him who loved us. 38 For I am sure that neither death nor life, neither angels nor powers, neither what is now or what shall come, nor any power, neither shall nor depth or any creature separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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