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No. 1631: In many ways, it is the Norwegian law of jail that has gotten me and the heavenly blog sentenced for what I have done is not near to being punishable!

No. 1631:In many ways, it is the Norwegian law of jail that has gotten me and the heavenly blog sentenced for what I have done is not near to being punishable!
 Jan Aage Torp stands so far from evangelical Christianity it is possible to come. It is humanism with a Christian profile, it is Cain's Spirit and way of life that lives in that man. He is obviously demonized as he claims I am!Picture of his son who says the same as me and gets money from the state to "save" people like Torp and the type of "Christianity" has been destroyed and seduced.Andreas seems to be both a very handsome man / boy, but at the same time injuries, and has probably experienced the exercise of the compelling variety of religion!

Very important to understand that I have never done or written anything illegal or punishable. The thing about it is a fabricated judgment, make it ready for you!Here everything is turned on my head, I have revealed a fool's post, and is being persecuted because of the! It also experienced the first Christians when they healed the sick and did the will of God. Jesus did the same, revealed the Pharisees and the Scribes!Doing God's Will Will Always Meet Resistance!I have revealed a narrative, manipulator and poor shepherd. That this is punishable is of course nothing but a pretext to try to stop me and the heavenly blog.That's how Satan always works, and he's doing that!The first Christians preached the gospel, healed the sick, and people were baptized in water and spirit. They were hated, so it was with Jesus himself too. He proclaimed repentance, believed in himself as the Messiah of God, healed the sick and revealed the profane poverty of the leadership in Israel. It became too much, and they did everything to stop him, and eventually succeed in bringing Jesus to trial, judged and crucified with death. This I have written similar articles about how always men and women of God are being tried and shut out to proclaim the message, the words and thoughts God has given to the individual!Hate reviews are as often due to the fact that such prosecutions are used as a political tool, one wrote online. True, I am Jan Aage Torp's hat object No. 1. Therefore he is doing everything to soap me and the heavenly blog as I have everything he misses and lost in his life. I have a lovely wife, which is No. 1. Torp has divorced from wife # 2 and lives today like a witch!The sabbath is the rest of the Jews. That woman has been very sick. For 18 years she has gone with her bent back. Jesus put her hands on her and immediately she straightened up. She is healed!Then the religious leaders get angry. "It's six days a week to work on," says one of them to the crowd. "In those days you can come and be healed, but not on the sabbath!"But Jesus answers: "You hypocrites! Each and every one of you solves your donkey on the sabbath to get out and drink. Should not this poor woman, who has been ill for 18 years, be healed on the Sabbath? "Jesus is ashamed of these evil men.Jan Aage Torp's son Andrea Torp is communications manager in the "Help Source"Author of the book "Jesúsoldaten" and pursues to help people as his father has destroyed and corresponding preaching. I have been convicted of having proclaimed the same thing. We only see where the evil and rigid judgment against me is. It was just like when Jesus healed on the Sabbath, something wrong will always find others who do good if one wants to do it!The first Christians were also persecuted for everything between heaven and earth, although they healed the sick and did good!That's how it's with me, I've only revealed and pointed out what's right, true and good. This should be punishable? Ha-ha, this is nothing but the forces of darkness that turns everything on your head.Isaiah 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil and good evil, who make darkness to light, and light to dark, making bitter to sweet and sweet to bitter!

Final Comment:

The fight against me and the heavenly blog is really the evil fight against the good!This is about me:Christian bloggers call pastors "psychopaths", "old pigs" and "horebukkes". Today he met in court for cleanlinessBlogger Jan Kåre Christensen refused to accept a fine. Thus there is prosecution and full criminal case.(Quote ending).This I maintain is true, necessary and good! That I am punished for this is really the evil who will punish the good. Son of Torp is sponsored by the state to help people like his father and corresponding preachers have destroyed and made the most of themselves taking their own lives. Something that Torp himself claimed he has considered several times!Yes, yes. Here everything is turned over, in the "gales" world it's mostly!

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