tirsdag 21. november 2017

No. 1628: We do not need money anymore in our fight against the Oslo police and Jan Aage Torp when all is paid, but only your bones!

No. 1628:We do not need money anymore in our fight against the Oslo police and Jan Aage Torp when all is paid, but only your bones!

 The person who has been the investigator in this case has been Oda Karterud. She has, in my opinion, done such a miserable job and just a job it is possible to do. That's how I look so shameful. Everything I say and write should be strengthened as much as possible. What others do, even if it surpasses me ten times, it is allowed. It is a justism word as the case is now, but we hope, believe and pray for full liberation, and that the case goes through at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France!Picture of the European Parliament by day in Strasbourg, France. Where the "crucial" battle between me and the narrator Jan Aage Torp will be held.

Receives inquiries where more and more people dislike Jan Aage Torp and who want to stand with us in our fight against him and the Oslo police, who unfortunately have taken this narrative post under their "wings"!Torp is nothing but a liar, deceiver and obvious criminal who has delivered a fictional review. Since it is his hatred against my preaching concerning divorce and reproach of believers like Torp hates something else!Jan Aage Torp also has its promises, as a disobedient and rebellious creature has it.Psalm 68. 6. God gives those single houses, leading prisoners to happiness; only the rebellious live in a dry country.2 Tim. 3 5 Who has the skin of godliness, but denies its power - and turn these away from you. 6 For to them are those who trespass themselves into the houses and capture women who are burdened with sins and are driven by many lusts 7 and always learn and never come to the knowledge of truth. 8 Like Jannes and Jambres, Moses opposed, so are these truths too, people who are corrupt in their minds and inexcusable in faith. 9 But they shall not prosper; for their iniquity shall be revealed to all, as they were.Jan Aage Torp shall live in a dry land, and his folly shall be revealed to all! This we see more and more with Torp, that his folly appears. He loves to push down other people, even their own children. Anyone who comes in his way, who does not agree with the "King," he tries to step down, poor man!We do not need your money anymore to Strasbourg and the Human Rights Court there.This is paid, we only need your prayers so that the appeal goes through and that I and the heavenly blog are acquitted!Need your funds and money for new projects and improvements for Smyrna Oslo and the Heavenly Blog.But there is something completely different from paying fines and lawyer fees, all of this is paid!Do you want to support and join?

Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 058

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