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No. 1622: Torodd Birdsteg will appear on the heavenly blog and confess its sin against the Lord!

No. 1622: 
Torodd Birdsteg will appear on the heavenly blog and confess its sin against the Lord!Picture of a man who has come to the Cross's foot and confesses his sin.Has Torodd Birdwatch come here? He may be on your way ?!

So look my thoughts to Calvary goes,There rest and strength for the soul I get.Occasionally, when I'm burdened with sorrow and trouble:I'm going to the Cross, that place is me dear.In the shadow of that cross there I will stand,there is a condition for my soul to get.Many thousands stand there, but there is room for one and each.Then came to Calvary with the desire of the heart.Behold, the man of pain took my sin and my shame.In the heart there is a song of praise to Him.And the sin that burdened me every day every second,He carried on the cross, and I cheer every moment.My life is now hidden in His wounds and wounds.In the sight of God I am boldly standing.If the world around me in fear now goes by:on Golgatahøyden, surely I stand.Torodd Fuglesteg appeared on the Fritanke website and confessed its sin and broke here:http://fritanke.no/kommentar/satirebloggens-morke-side/19.10643The comments in this comment are described as legitimate, and "Breen" announces that he will edit the site so that it reflects the current view of the blog.All articles that mention Jan Kåre Christensen are now removed from the website. If you search for his name, you will no longer get any hits.(quote ending).Here he stands out and confesses his sin and broke on the fake Smyrna blog, his own website that he has spread out in the last few years of shamans, lies and false rumors. Spoken disappointing and lying about me and my family, the Jan Kåre Christensen family.https://smyrnamenighet.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/kritikk-fra-even-gran-i-fritanke-no/Criticism from Even Gran in Fritanke.noNovember 3, 2017 Smyrna Church in OsloJournalist Even Gran has written a critical article about our blog in Fritanke.no. This article is here.Whether we are a satire blog or we think serious is something that is just speculations from Even Gran and others. We take note of it and acknowledge Even Gran's right to have its perceptions of many and much.The main point in Even Gran's criticism is that we are a bullying blog and his articles refer to a number of places in our blog as well as in large parts of the blog in 2015.We take serious criticism seriously and where we agree with it, we edit the blog to reflect our view. Certain views and opinions that we have received after receiving honest criticism. Therefore, the links in Even Gran's article are now empty when we agree with his criticism of the blog.

We thank Even Gran for his article that was not completely painless to read. But such is life now. It's not all vital medicines that taste good.
This blog, however, will continue, but in a more critical direction of those and those who deserve a mention. God is our Lord and Smyrna Church and our pastor Abraham Fjeld is his deputy on this earth. Our fight against atheists, homomafia, lesbians, football players, feminists and others who do not have ours / God's pleasure continues.

Arne Ulf Breen for Smyrna Church

Final Comment:

Torodd Fulglesteg thinks it was a search that he had brought so many lies about me and my family. But soon comes the confession on the heavenly blog.

Birdwatches should be very pleased that the police have looked through their fingers on all that he has written that is punishable and harassing on his Falske Smyrna blog.

Look here:

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