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Nr. 544: God the Father is greater than Jesus!

Nr. 544:

God the Father is greater than Jesus!

God the Father is greater than Jesus. He is the only one mentioned in Scripture as the only true God! Trinity is stripped back by biblical arguments, only one will believe the font!

In many ways, there are those who believe in the Trinity stripped back only they want to look at our arguments and what scripture teaches. They are like a plucked hen adage states. I know that in the spiritual world is the Trinity just like a plucked hen, only one will read on our website and blogs. And let God's word be a guideline for what one should believe.

Here on a plucked hen that Trinity and its followers are by what one finds on the website and our blogs where they are exposed to the full:

The straightforward important way to harvest is after my intention to keep the chicken under the left arm. As she continues often calm and extends his head slightly forward. With a little heavy wooden yep (preferably of hard wood) stuns a chicken by beating her in the head. She stretches when neck. Then holding her one so that the head and neck lies on the chopping block, and with a sharp ax tugging at a concentration of. One must then keep the hen and can set her up half down in a swap. This avoids a blood contamination and that spring chicken around after the head is off.

To ribbing need an a swap with water with a temperature of 70-80 °. A Dip the chicken for about half a minute, and when should spring and dun let go. For its own part, I use not to sink the chickens I slaughters. I flay them. The leather is easy to get off. Skinning and has the advantage that one can pick out the fat that mostly exists Surface slaughtered under the skin. (End of quote).

After what we have revealed, laid out and preached here on the blog and our website, it is revealed that the Trinity is based on a forgery - for those who want to see it!

In the spiritual world, it has become evident that God the Father is greater than the Son as a spiritual powers know from before!

The Trinity is based essentially on a mixture of old mythology, especially the Egyptian and Hellenistic, some Christianity and free thinking. Then it's so much better to go to God's own words to get the best and right answers, want here in ten (10) points or key words show that the Father is greater than the Son, and occupies a special position, far above all the even son.

1) The Father is greater than I, Jesus.

Joh 10:29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all, and no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand;

Jesus says that the Father - his own God and Father - is greater than all, including themselves. I can repeat this, but here it is from the word of God, that the Father is greater than the Son. He is the ancient of days, the only one who is from everlasting to everlasting. Son has a beginning, and his kingdom will end, when he hands everything over to the Father. This is what scripture tells us, and I think of. Not a performance in three equal Gods - a triad God - that one finds in the ancient mythology. But Israel and the early Christians believed in one thing, that there was only one that was the only true God, the Father. 1 Cor. 8 4 b That there is no God but one. 5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or on earth - as there be gods many, and lords many - so 6 is yet to us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

2) More All power is given, Jesus.

Matthew 28:18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying unto me given all authority in heaven and on earth.

Who is Jesus received this power from? From the Father, the only true God. And after 1000 years of the kingdom he will give everything back to the Father, wonderful, lovely and triumphant truth.

1 Cor. 15th 27 For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he says that everything is subjected to him, then it is evident that he is excepted who subject him everything; 28 but when everything is subjected to him, then shall the Son himself subdue him him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. The son shall submit to the Father again, why? As he came forth from him and made his will in one and all! Believe only in one God the Father, as the Apostle Paul says, hallelujah!

3) Father had no one to swear by, not even his son.

Hebrews 6:13 For when God made promise to Abraham, he swore by himself, since he had no one greater to swear by, and said:

Jesus was in his pre-existence with his father. This also think most people who believe in God a triad of three equal Gods. But even then, not sworn Father with his son. Why? Because he was not equal with him, he swore and held council crafting only by themselves and determined by it.

Swear word used here is the Greek: omosai, meaning: I swear, take an oath, promise with an oath. God the Father as the only one who swore by himself, no one else even Jesus in his pre-existence.

4) Jesus does not know when he's coming to take place, and only God the Father alone.

Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Mark 1:32 p.m. But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

There are aspects of the revelation of God as the Father has reserved exclusively for itself, this must and will all agree and accept. Jesus had no problems in this respect. Why do than among those who believe in the Trinity Jesus do "greater" than he is? Satan wanted to be God, Father and take his place, it was his path. No, let's just reject the unbiblical doctrine of the Trinity and stick to the script.

5) The Father is the only thing that is known as the only true God, not even Jesus.

John 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, whom you sent, Jesus Christ.

We know what Lucifer wanted, he would be God, Father and take his place. And he became God's adversary. Most profoundly, so does the Trinity Jesus is Satan tried and wanted to be. The only true God, equal, and take his place. Seriously that such heresies think unfortunately most of Christendom on! When he was no longer eat this light angel, but Satan, God's adversary.

6) Jesus' kingdom is limited, the Father's Kingdom unlimited.

1 Cor. 15th 27 For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he says that everything is subjected to him, then it is evident that he is excepted who subject him everything; 28 but when everything is subjected to him, then shall the Son himself subdue him him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

Here are excerpts from I wrote some time ago in an article: God Father's Kingdom is eternal and heavenly. Jesus Christ's Kingdom is temporary and earthly. Christ's Kingdom will go into God's kingdom when he surrenders everything to the one true God, the Father! Here are some excerpts from the article: God Father's Kingdom is eternal, immutable and divine. When we read the book of Revelation from chapter 21 to 22 as we face the eternal state. That's when we'll see the full, the only true God. Meeting him and be near him forever. 1 Tim. 1 17 Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever! Amen. In Adam, God came to visit, then you will have to stay with us forever!

Jesus Christ's Kingdom is earthly, temporary and would cease. Jesus Christ's Kingdom is wonderful when the law shall extend in from Jerusalem. But it will still have its limitations. And it will be primarily underground and not heavenly nature. And after 1000 years it will end. Of course, 1000 victorious and glorious years! (End of quote).

After this, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ has been the people for 1000 years. Then God the Father everlasting kingship be the people and everything and everyone forever!

7) Jesus did nothing without God father showed him.

John 5:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what he does, the Son also;

Did Jesus and the only true God been equal so had it been so. That Jesus did nothing without the Father at his side tells me that the Father is the one who is greater, greater than our very weakness, defects!

8) Jesus is called Elohim, which shows that have accounts in a hierarchy in conjunction with the angels. Father is above everything and everyone.

1 Genesis 1 26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

When man was created then it says that Jesus and the angels who created us. Note that there are Teo due text, but for Elohim Jesus was here on an equal footing with the Angels. Here is an article about this: http://blog.janchristensen.net/2013/01/nr-531-treenighetslren-om-at-gud-er.html Here an excerpt from the article: angle OCH ELOHIM Jag has formerly skrivit a lot about the word Elohim time which we translated as God och hur about the word inte alls, in hebreiskan, bara betecknar God, without också For use on Angles, demons and and människoandar. Vilks may, of course sometimes gets tough complication ¬ thiones för mycket of hur Bibeln have translated, but också lets us att words inte alls always passionate själv as clear as one would think. T.ex, who rush ju skrivit one article about has, then rush again without a blink, with the biblical language Saga "JAG ÄR ONE GOD", därför again, as I said, Bibeln, in addition oförstörda otolkade gestalt, let's again the pånyttfödda människan passionate one Elohim, därför again we shell be such Änglarna och Änglarna passionate Elohim, God zones. Till the Conclusion may be limited från flera olika håll. Till this would jag bara now foga, att jag råkade overcurrent ännu one Bible amman hung, enjoying it, and and it is found in Hebrews. 2 and Ps. 8 In Hebrews. Säger author of Jesus att "a little time left to him caller än Änglarna". Och uttryck passionate one quotation ifrån Psalm 8:5, där it says: "Dock did to him nästan till one gudaväsen." (Ps. 8:5) In engelskan reads: "For thou haste made him a little lower than the angels." But hebreiskan says so has ordagrannt transkriberat, "and you are making him lack little from Elohim" then we find partly att När Hebrews författare for overcurrent citat till his time, so he bibehåller, part of the Helige Spirit, interpreting att Elohim peeled understand Änglarna, trots att the alltså in hebreiskan stood gudarna. Thus likhetstecken mellan Elohim and sea angler. The word Elohim as också, most often, For use to God in the singular in GT. So if kugghjul in your hjärna interest börjat whirled allready, in full, as song helped me till. ETTA involved an investigation of att alla andra bibelställen där word Elohim For use, passionate nödvändig. For there are other Stalls där the också should or can heta Änglar / gods, hellre än God in the singular. As t.ex in Gen. 1. 1:26. Thats again we passionate God imaging utesluter inte att the passionate God in his änglagestalt who spared, that when God the zone änglagestalt, we skapades till one imaging utav. För att ready göra: The passionate God zone, in his änglagestalt, which där Säger till the other Änglarna, God zones, his tjänare och medskapare [i Bemark Hantverkare]: Song U.S. göra Människor till OUR imaging. The shoe därmed interest of the Trinity, the Trinity can Havda och defend the others sat, och inte think you apostlarna goodbye använt this about the event tydits so? Without it deals with vad är we are one of the imaging, och vad on the Säger us about the original, thats about Änglarna. For if you inte misstycker, so should väl one imaging of the osynlige God, who lives in one ljus there no människa can command, be något similar? But now we were intensified it, without we fick gestalt, shy planetary ändamålsenlighet, with arms legs and and and and and and näsor so on, och är vem in Gudomlig what has the gestalt? Faders? Spirit? Nej, zone, but the zone in his skapelsegestalt, the Änglarna, in turn, lead us, was described by och Varför the kallades God zones. One annat such a ställe passionate Ps 68:15, which upptäckte och jag wrote articles about några, och även fick indirect medhåll från judisk an American professor of semitiska language of (he knyckte rear by an email contact and and train with it in his upcoming book, without att name Källan [book customer förhandsläsas one tag]) - där order of Bashan mountain get mycket more logic if one interprets one mountain of God, as one gudarnas rock. But there are several such stables, och us know when we now this prominent sammalone hung, Detta mellan Heb. 2 and Ps 8 att base it hela on, it mycket star guys, och rentav omöjligt att Saga emot därför att ju NT Satta one CLEARLY likhetstecken mellan Elohim och Angles, you ju just downloaded it - so tune us as still shy track också the other bibelställena Klarna, för att see if there are more fördunklade passages (och gör it, thats kina fördunklade passages, so you can lätt unravel out again it is running as one Syft, och att we just där can find an väldigt important issues which t.ex with gudarnas mountain, which ju obtain a new autostrada in the bibelförståelsen when you have questions concerns the after discharge passage angeliska nedstiganden och hur This explains tonvis of both biblical and and profane history - that said, just such clouding suggests ju on att där find important truths, Annar should it interest Varita värt Modan again obscured them, so again saga. Och you know vem jag Syft on.) An implikation this one would ponder, är att uttryck "God zones 'alltså could Translated" gudarnas zones' . That it could so att vara those descended där in Gen. 1. 6, integration was a förstagenerations angles without Söner till Angles, måhända one formerly hybridart. However, since the Book of Enoch och Septuagintan call them angles so the tank shell väl Kansk surrendered. Or? As far as we go into inte vad word Angeles, malak, significantly, the substantial ju bara sändebud or något similar. So watch the synvinkeln motsägelse interest Varken Enoch or Septuagintan the tank. Och vad going on in this case involve? Yes, it was us visa again it också mix Änglarna kina Generation, and and turn ännu a nail in kistan on the religious tradition, the angler who könlösa, formlessness medvetanden as bara floating around the "duck Medievärlden". However, we have också Spirit vittnesbörd och jag att upplevelse candidate vittne against the idea, and and it plays no role for the argument emot substanslösheten inasmuch även a first generations angles with fortplantningsförmåga, turn nails into the coffin also. So the shell rush inte Havda but would duck visa at the quick order may have olika interpreter payments, och hur we Maast take hänsyn till flera olika bodies, within we will till a final rate. We alltså partly hur NT interprets GT, partly hur gör the Book of Enoch, och hur gör the Septuagint. Och därutöver the Helige Andes vittnesbörd. Without Spirit vittnesbörd in the fall goodbye this thought alltså kunnat led joint time which viewer again "Sola Scriptura" can substitute one Extremely Dangerous Princip. "Enbart Scripture" may interest outweighs led us, we också got a scriptural uttolkare, the Helige Spirit, as passionate överordnad our thoughts och vad we think passionate writing. Scripture är vad thus the Helige Ande uppenbarar for us från Scripture. Något annat är bara Our uppfattningar the font, vad we believe our begränsad sensible passionate writing. Without Spirit bekräftelse, as we always Maast Soka och invänta, within we gör us a uppfattning, are we switched och ought to be bara förhålla us render och inte storm iväg och interpreted matters by their own sense, or åtföljande of Internal puller Traditioner och tankebanor, considering construction costs och hugs closet. So att bara sat down and and "study the" No Bibeln passionate as head Någonstans. About inte Bibeln författare passionate currently working with you and and in thee, and läsningen without fruit. It can möjligen magazines scripture in thee, that the Spirit senare, if / when you songs led him and and take over, take utav, but passionate plan B. Plan A är att också magasinerandet shell liquid in and and of and and of the Spirit, so again allt shifted där the shell and and you get plats over for the är vad God works just lost in thee. Jag has the lead several "Elohim" stall Huvud just now, but shell Återkommer about / När rush hittat more, about the passionate interesting och 'need, måhända, reinterpreted. So see this as a introduktion in Subject.


About rush Säger then have: Jag är a god, then you chockerad och impregnating again called on inkvisitionsdomstolen in modern form. But it depends on bara att our word god got a another innebörd, An vad it hadnt från början. Människan passionate no god, thought we, for God in heaven är och är his unique and and no one can reach tester up to his level. Nej, the passionate outweighs the match, but Syft on the logging God. Lagger märke till uttryck: the felling god. If there is a felling god, there också Save gods. Och if we go tillbaka in time till when they här begreppen dispensed one another innebörd, we find again both in our language and and the biblical language, hebreiskan as parts flera varelser on begreppet god. So you can lägga down Facklan you tänkte antända fire with, in alla fall if you lost Lasa Bibeln so that Bibeln wrote a gång. Att the logging god unique och är bara found in one "exemplar" as att Saga, passionate as I said riktigt. But as he också have other gods under him - intensified steadily, because then it becomes common - so we get the word god inse att inte dimensions are even unique varelse, without one group of varelser. We would ge one name ate the logging god, so could it alternates the author, but the viewer himself att vara Difficult plats one word which neither inrymmer his unique ställning och tillvaro. He has one's own name, Yahweh, which he själv gave Moses again förkunna. God är inte thus his name, även on the Committee again be in the coming summer time, when monotheism had such a genome kind, again the thought of other gods bleknat. But with what has också a lot of insight passed förlorade. The passionate never good att deviations ifrån the biblical language, and and the biblical works. Säger Bibeln again there are multiple gods, och att multi än the logging may have the beteckningen, when the kina värdefull truth and and insight in this. The Hebrew word for God betyder really bara power, or powers, stark. So when you understand again the button can have Varita a unique beteckning relay author från början. Nearby there is många can call power och Stark, and and in Bibeln calls both Änglar och Människor (but inte alla Människor) Elohim. Och bara att the fact the word passionate in plural viewer ju also substantial. Vad betyder Actually it svenska word god? Etymologiskt comes ifrån the Proto-Germanic word Guthan as passionate slaughter got, thats the name of the people götarna. The religious have innebörden (out) gjuta och were as beteckna one, cf the Norwegian boy. The word kina också the Gaut river, and sea elf utgjuter ju batt. Hur there when att Committee For use of God in heaven? Dar faith have använts vid utgjutning of dryckoffer till idols (?) Och sedan transferred något appreciated. Språkvetarna är inte riktigt Säkra the word innebörd. One similar words också For use on Prästen, godar. A Prästen = one good. * Oden räknades that the logging of asatron, kallades också Gaut. Vägarna into our modern word may have Varita många appears. När the first biblarna translated into the Nordic languages ​​(and and there unraveling även gammalengelskan), then dispensed one förskjutning of innebörden allready Skett. För att shovel confusion duck more so använde romarna deus word of God, besläktat with the Grekiska theos. Detta är word innebörd Pale. Jag är no expert on the word innebörd in the olika language, and and as I said, this word tycka a Specially stories for herself like affairs was deputy interesting again explored, och även troligen nödvändig considering the rush allready nämnt previous headings, but there are alternate Until further. Can we predict någon who attempted och även lyckats ganska väl with att so confusion regarding begreppet? Or does this språkförbistringen att göra? Och relay övrigt time which language was supposed förbistras? Interest on logging god's children, Val? But we have drabbats the också, we could have fixed it undsluppit we woke Varita over. INSERT thou hur löjligt it would track the någon said Jag believe in god within word Fick's nuvarande opinion? Do you believe in God? Vilken god when they should frågat? Yes, but the Finns bara a god, would a modern europe or amerikan saga. Nej, the Finns många, they would deny possession reply and and they would get outweighs a Heb if he were questioned. They would get outweighs the Moses och Abraham. Och of Jesus. It really passionate väldigt märkligt hur mycket felöversättningar There are Bibeln. Och it är ju inte att so the interest has or haft någon significantly. It has great significance again was another word och prick in Bibeln outweighs the overcurrent set. Och when it concerns the att dig deep in the stock of religious Traditioner located above people's understanding of words and and opinions. So När moderna Människor laser Bibeln och där see the word God, so that they uppfattar significantly the unique creation god. But then you meet the word Aven other similarly darkened, där it For use on other people varelser, and and are then forced again Skruva in these passages from the Bible, so again the shell fit with the ingrodda uppfattningen, the stable att song writing själv explain the word innebörd och so few göra us visa, or wiser. Now one can Internal puller, again Bibeln ju själv For use the word God as a unique beteckning the author, both in GT and and NT. Yes, the passionate true, but it is running the duck in vetskapen again it också fanns others who kallades god. The passionate ungefär like when we For use word Bible. Bible betyder book. När we Säger Bibeln Menara we inte att the bara find yet a book, without att Bibeln passionate böckernas book, the enastående, unique book, which is above alla andra böcker (undantaget Book of Enoch, but the passionate one another article, och jag där jugs smell of smoke igen). Bibelförfattarna Menada inte att bara fanns it even exist Party to varelse as gick under beteckningen God, the passionate uppenbart bara you thoughts on hur Jesus Citer psalm 82, where a team stores gods tilltalas of the logging. Do not overlook away the word god's own name för author. It är inte vad it significantly. Without polities betyder the gudarnas god or god with a big G, one user story. Creator's own name as passionate said Yahweh, or IAF passionate the name he gave Moses. When a laser hebreisktalande Bibeln och arrive till the word Elohim, as he sees alltså word power or något similar. Bara sammanhanget in texte decisive vilken of the Powers spared. Ungefär like when we speak about kungen or president. It can spare the logging earthly powers that the country we live in, but it can också spare a saved person. In the United States may soon put varenda människa be president, since the bara betyder mayor. So småningom Kansk word upphör For use on att andra än bara the logging. Här can någon Saga: Jag looked kungen today! Vilken as kung? Tvättkungen! Interest in front Kontext becomes clear that we understand vem spared, and and so passionate it också with the word god in Bibeln. Attempts plats one word which neither betecknar the logging god on a unique set so shell you see hur Svårt the passionate. The passionate as if he omger himself with mystic, och ouppnåelighet, bara Dar. It goes like inte att ge him något name, he glider ifrån us, the osynlig - which he ju också passionate. So he fick comma into us in the stable, he fick Sankar sig till our level, he fick be one of us, för att we could Borja understand vem och vad är him. Now we have one name, one name that uniquely passionate, and and the passionate JESUS. Jag är tycka it interesting again, there ar so Difficult att plats för one appropriate name author. As if he's passionate about our Lord även språkförmåga och inte tunes us ge him något name. We try it fel. He reserved it ate him själv, and and it comes inte bara as one word without which one uppenbarelse. Kansk songs he us a gång get Veta his work league name, in one sätt then again the interest prevails någon tvekan about vem that spared. The author is passionate närmsta rush can command, but that can interest as if the racket till riktigt duck. We can plats name of skapade varelser, such as dog and and cat, and and the förmågan we ju, but vilken "art" shell we again saga author tillhörande? He is a no art, nej, but vad är he then? He är inte whoever has någon början. As never blivit till. För att he always Varita till, och även was till före all time. Infinity Reply Else racket interest till that begrepp, för alla Människor och Änglar passionate evighetsvarelser. But we have a gång Committee till. Att called him the Eternal racket interest. Jag är också forever. The logging racket interest either, it identifiera him but it gör inte him unique. He could substitute the felling of the same kind as the Övriga. Inte's his own name as he presenterade themselves with racket really selfish, och jag write it with some tvekan. Whoever passionate, significantly so, but we är ju allihop. We passionate. But we är inte like him. Nearby there is ju word that the allsmäktige, the allvetande, the allgode, etc. Omnipotence can bara even have. The passionate one fine och vackert words. In Hebrew it is called Shaddai, with El framför, El Shaddai alltså. So presenterade he appeared to Abraham vid one visit. Word For use också enastående, without El framför. But the viewer himself again the Hebrew word has a mera oklar difference in your än allsmäktig, the significant polities bara force, and and El Elohim. Dar slid he recoiled ladder. We get inse again there är bara genome Jesus we can reach him and and see him. He är inte att such, he can Fånga in one begrepp, artbestämmas of människan, put in one fack. But he's Committee till us. __ Till last: But the där kungen sade again that he was a god then, and and who was convicted of högmod for it - gör jag inte same issue now? Nej, pail sammanhanget, Hes. 28th Firstly passionate little tveksamt he Menara god in the logging or bara as one of gudarna. The Prophet (och profetians Ande) Underscan him as one of gudarna on gudaberget, tycka it. This was the case a kung that interest had been slain with the works league gudarna, ie the nedstigna Änglarna. But this kung in Tyre tycka have Varita one that would take him deras ställning would göra himself equal gudarna time which when gets its parallel in the other that would göra himself equal to God the Most High. The fixed gudarna in psalm 82, Hermon them dare rush now Saga, sade the logging nine passionate gods, and and they were there, but till this Säger he can är no god. So där passionate one skillnad. One shell alltså inte saga sig vara något one inte är. But for us as a passionate child of God Säger font again we get called us there. Gör we the inte denies that we ju. Children of God. It är inte väl same case as god. Yes, är ju it. We passionate fodder of God, the Most High Elohim. It is running us into picture mycket Elohim, who Änglarna. We tillhörande, and and come again göra it fully in eternity, gudakollegiet or gudarådet, där the logging resided. The Supreme power, with the other powers dia. But ofrälst människa can inte saga so of him själv. Bara as the gång have blivit fodder of faders can saga that, Anting någon gång the beginning of himlarna, or so on this earth, in touch with frälsningsverket, in Jesus. Lagger märke till att the passionate first in the NT that we should be called God zones. GT people were inte fodder again genome oförvanskade the embassy. In GT customer bara Änglar called sons of God zones also Biologiska significantly before it passionate as the significant spared with begreppet, the shoe Interest on adoption that certain attempts bortförklara it. As sham hela frälsningen their opinion, shy we are inte mer än anhängare into a religion. Song not squeeze you with the lie. Our duck passionate fodder of faders, inte skapad, as it was från början, our wide tillkomst as children. In Jesus we are passionate fodder, through one gudomlig förökelseprocess. We passionate CHILDREN, inte undersåtar, and and we have zone wheel. So där have it. You tillhörande, if you are passionate frälst och bevarad, the Gudomlig eighteen, the logging again, och därför says att HELA CREATION cramped och Tråna by our uppenbarelse, because once we TRADERS up, when we get Trader ahead, when will att get hela creation life, and and part of our lives with Jesus. Därför we can Bekännelsen: We are passionate gods, we are passionate gudavarelser, och our rigth hög och är underbar, as Dan Andersson diktade. Jag think he hadnt ungefär sammalone insight that the rush skrivit the previous headings, även about the Kansk lay more in his undermedvetna, or outtalade thoughts, omöjliga at the time att above, in clear ordalag. Do read Tiggaren från Luossa, it works deputy besläktad, the passionate as a poetic parallel till the rush skrivit have.

We passionate Gudavarelser

A konstnärs föreställning about the förhärligade / angeliska människan. Måhända inte allt för långt ifrån scriptural truth. a passionate många as reagerat on förkunnelsen (carcinoma trosrörelsen ¹) "We passionate Gudar". The passionate förståeligt, considering hurdana we Människor passionate, now in this Fallen Fallen värld och body. But betänk dock vad Scripture Säger about us: "Dock did you nästan him till one gudaväsen." (Ps. 8:6) "We passionate of his slaughter." (Acts 5:28 p.m.) "Ni är gods." (John 10:24) "Till God imaging skapade he her." (Gen. 1. 1:27) Frågan är hur we determined the word "God". God, in God allsmäktig? Well, till och with the customer we applicera on us Self, in certain moons in och att with Jesus, he Dött sedan och blivit upprest in his Manx body, tilldelades all power in heaven and sea on earth, that he återtog its Gudomlig power, but interest in the properties of God without the property of Segre människoson. Och we är his body. We passionate as Människor in him partaker of his Gudomlig nature, shy ÄGER Thus, Recipes with him, All this power, the sky and sea on earth. Interest ensamma as individuals but as members of his body, as passionate meeting. This assembly passionate alltså något so oerhört, large, and and unique, again, we will probably never come again able to make it, on the earth. Änglarna Skåden long way to go in it, relay också the shell Recipes with us, Included in this great work, där Christ passionate Huvud any place. DE Ovan NÄMNDA truth ARNA ur word of God has måhända någon gång förkunnats in one set as kunnat missförstås but sig Self Viewer Dessa word that we will, as frälsta Människor, återupprättade och införsatta in the heavenly Recipes with Christ on his throne (Uppenbarelseboken Promised it ), mycket väl can Sagas deputy, and and an More, shell be, gods. It was probably the John anad when he wrote that we will now passionate child of God, but vad we shell be, the Veta we icke ännu. Gudaväsen, och God zones, the passionate hosts made into equality with God. Och we passionate created till like God, vad gör it's fixed? Gods. Nej may, of course inte till gods of the same kind as God the Father almighty power, or God Son or God's Spirit. But dock, equality, imaging, butcher, of his body, gudomlig nature - vem Despite this God själv can see skillnad sedan? Och vad, saws vad, passionate this great universe skapat relay, the interest for us? Oss och för Änglarna. Before we är ju his images, we are passionate satta again rule over creation, creation och är little more än bara this earth. Och jag Vagrande of goda Skäl findings in writing, again, believe that we will come in Härligheten bara att vara här the förnyade earth, or on a new förnyad soil. Those substitute wild it gets it matters, but wild rush out and and UPPTÄCKA universe. Och it can ju vara a heavenly calling it också that God Lagger in certain hjärtan, others cans for att devastated Fikon or vad they now dream of. "Was that you ort feet beträder have givit rush you ..." (Jos. 1:3) ATT MÄNNISKANS calling är att become a passionate gudavarelse also utom ganska uppenbart allready in the Fallen människans önskan ansträngningar och att erövra rymden. About människan in his Fallen tillstånd fick still och att investigated Straver, were hon previous or senare, trots his case unit, mycket troligt been able to erövra rymden. God förbjude again it is liquid, but hon would likely knew it, enbart the gåvor hon nu saws. But creation Syft är may, of course HIGHER än so. Kanhända shell rymdforskning still måhända on a whole annat set but duck, during the Millennium? Hur anything, the uppkallade Skaran going totally matters att get tillgång till och board makes till större Excursions än bara runt this earth. It been ju väldigt märkligt Annar. Also Utom, och the board ju göra slut on all Diskussion about the matter, saws Jesus again he goes away for att prepares us rum. If he alltså är för att borta härifrån Bereda rum ate us up as Maast ju rummen the deputy någon other stoppages An has on earth. Ergo, in the sky. "Did eat us" significantly too believe that the passionate one plate for Människor, ie the passionate one planetariskt life, we passionate planetariska varelser, Annar goodbye we inte haft arms legs and and and and such. But we är inte bara confined till it has World. Jesus gick away there, till the heavenly paradise för att Bereda annat rum. Och so Säger Uppenbarelseboken there is pent några that shell stay in the sky. Vilka passionate it? Living in the sky? Himlabor. Formerly in uppenbarelsen a skara ryckts upp, away från earth, Christ's body interprets rush the child alternates as fodder by kvinnan Israel, hon with wreath of stjärnor on Huvud. So now we are passionate in the heavenly rummen, and and the faders många boning, and and live där, while Medievärlden will alternate with sina vilddjur, they decided again umgås with, and and called on. Och vilddjuret shy dragon Hadar those who dwell in heaven. Varför? För att they came escaped his wrath. They were inte bestämda till att Drabbet of care themselves or vilddjurets God's wrath, they were bestämda till frälsning. "... And and a small Gosse shell valla them." (Isaiah 11:6) ATT MÄNNISKAN ÄR A GUDAVARELSE we can också understand genome att sätta in us Djurslövs situation. For those passionate we gudavarelser. Hundar idols Människor, t.ex. Trade the tillbe so they should göra it. But they consciously passionate about it in his Inre, like other intelligent djur. They subordinate themselves villigt, they can again we passionate HIGHER än them, inte bara Conservative Party in intelligence, because in that case would save djur subordinate himself HIGHER djur on the set but it gör de inte. Människan ÄGER förmåga again dominate Djurslövs with his duck. They come in during our kraftfält, och är we wise och vänliga against them also output range, so they gör allt för us, till och with offre sina life. We also passionate utom GIVN HIGHER Aalders än most djur. While djur fods younger än us, they die äldre än us. The membranes with att leva hela sina life från childhood till ålderdom, while we live bara några decades. For those tycka we nästan have evigt life. Compared with a cat is människan nästan thousand years. (End of quote).

9) God is his master.

1 Cor. 11th 3 But I want you to know that Christ is every man's master, and the husband is the master, and God is his master.

1JO 5:20. 'We know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us understanding so that we know the truth. And we are in him that is true, we are in His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. ' Many use this verse as the clearest evidence that God is Christ. They think that in the last line referring to Jesus Christ, but it is not grammatically correct, for a personal pronoun does not return a com-pliment, in this case 'in his son, Jesus Christ. "He shows neither back to the true last line, which is also a compliment. No, 'he' in the last line refers back to the truth which is the last two words of the first line. By getting ready pointed this fact provides most up to use this verse as proof that God is Christ and uses instead of others that are more obscure. One question in this context: Why use a few obscure verses as the basis for an important part of your faith, when there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Bible verses that are abundantly clear?

It is God the Father who is the head of Christ. This means that control and manage him, nobody else. It is wonderful, and it shows the rank order is the Godhead. We find this rank order in Scripture: God the Father at the top, then the Son, as the angels, as humans, animals and plants.

10) The sum of God's word is truth, everything indicates that it is only and only God the Father which hath immortality, Jesus called him to my God and Father, etc. All this + much more shows that the Trinity with three coequal Gods is and remains a huge bluff and lie!

Psalm 119:160 The sum of Your word is truth, and forever is all thy righteous law firm.

Of course, a few of the incredible learning by building on one or a few texts. But it applies to as the totality of God's word. What does it say? Then we built the right way, when we try to form a picture of what the word of God will say to us and when we get an overall impression of the word of God.

Final comment:

This I have here taught is really something that belongs to the first reason in God's word.

From my commentaries Hebrews 6 1 Therefore, we now put behind us what we first learned about Christ and seek to reach maturity. We will not again lay the foundation and speak of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God,

The church here was actually completely wrong way. Instead of going ahead with Christ they were about to return to Judaism. The very foundation of their Christian life was laid. Repentance from dead works really Gal. 2 rewritten. Gal.2. 20 I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. Dead works are works of duty, not out of an inner Christ-life.

2 or teaching renselsesbad and the laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.

Renselsesbad belonged to the old covenant and shall not be practiced in the New Covenant. It is the blood and the word which currently has a purifying force for us. The resurrection of the dead speak about what awaits us and of course that without Jesus was resurrected no salvation. The eternal judgment speaks of life's two outputs. Whether eternal life or eternal destruction, what determines this is how to align themselves above Jesus Christ. (End of quote).

Studying than eg. Revelation that I have posted here my comments over the book as it is a much more difficult issue. The difficulty of studying the teachings of the one true God and his son Jesus Christ is the doctrine of the Trinity as the first and foremost the Catholic church over the past 1700 years. And now by Protestants in the past 500 years. Getting a removed from the heads of one will say "tradition" that says that it is a Christian triad of God. Then it really easy the next, when the word of God is so clear here. Let's keep this as doctrine and creed as the early Christians and the Apostle Paul wrote:

1 Cor. 8 4b. and that there is no God but one. 5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or on earth - as there be gods many, and lords many - so 6 is yet to us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

After what I have here presented as the one who believes in the Trinity still comparing with a plucked hen. Not only dead but completely undressed!

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