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No. 1010: I have the capabilities to translate the Bible much more correct than it is translated to now with the great enablers around!

No. 1010:

I have the capabilities to translate the Bible much more correct than it is translated to now with the great enablers around!

I got this question on the blog:
"Just want to make sure I understand it right. Bible that most uses in Norway, in churches, in schools and that are on sale are mistranslated? What do you think is the reason for this? Meanwhile, you say that you interpret the law and has the skills to translate everything myself? "

I answer:
"With God's and human assistance would I managed to translated the Bible far better than it is translated today!
See here for some examples of mistranslation: »

Anonymous writes:
"Thanks for the answers, you do not answer what you think is the reason why the Bible is translated incorrectly. Meanwhile, I wonder why you think no one else has responded to this earlier? "

I answer: "Why not have reacted?
Before the Internet came along, we were in a completely different way depending on the so-called scholars.
Now anyone can use all available means to help extract information as a just 10-20-30 years ago unimaginable.
The clerics will steer people is enough of a reason for it all?
I have found you endless with errors in the Bible. Both typos and above all translation errors.
When Kvarme commanding Bible Society got a preacher Bible as reward for having found so many spelling and typing errors. "

What then is my "good" means, to get to where I am today? And that means that I have such faith in being able to translate the Bible better than it is today?

I have no training in Hebrew or Greek, unfortunately. But can reasonably well Norwegian and English, from what point of view one can get far. Obviously I can not take everything and explain everything, but something.

I am most concerned with preaching, therefore, I hope and believe that it really else to complete and finalize a whole Bible translated properly by the original language. When GT from Hebrew and the New Testament from Greek.

When I read the GT so I read it out of this translation is from Hebrew to English.

And the New Testament I have today besides Gilbrandt his study Bible. Only through these tools comes a long way.

So it is also a very good translation of the Bible that have been me invaluable great help, it's Arne Jordly's see here:

Then we have the "world's" best commentaries by Dake`s, see here:

This has been extremely big help for me.

Yes, it will be well "shod" to stand against the devil's wiles and win more than conquerors have full opportunity to do so through the blood of the Lamb and by the word of God, glory be to God forever and ever!

Final Comment:
Do you have faith in what we are doing? If, what then?

Financially and in prayer, you will be doing?

Account Number Post: 0535 06 05 845

Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ!

The possibilities are many, but we must stand together and help each other forward in service.

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