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No. 1004: It is Israel and the Jewish people are the center of everything what God is doing! But expenses for wrong choices is therefore a great!

No. 1004:
It is Israel and the Jewish people are the center of everything what God is doing!
But expenses for wrong choices is therefore a great!

But it is so, then there are also the people, the people and what is happening in Israel that both God and Satan "giants" and contrary to affect.

Photo by John Hagee as an errant champion of Israel, but the tragic with him is that he is re-married as believers. Then with a lady from the church who were much younger than his first wife and correct. He is under God's judgment and wrath with his life, he is no defender of Israel when he is not entitled Jew as the apostle Paul spoke of.

Room. 2. 28 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward in flesh; 29 but is a Jew, he is a Jew, and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, in spirit, not in letter; one whose praise is not of men, but of God.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 24 disciples who were exclusively Jews, that what should characterize the period before his coming was delusion characters.


Who and how will Israel deceived?


This is much to say about. But in the spirit realm so takes a lot now in Israel, and far more to come.

Not least this with hauge load of deluded Pentecostal-charismatics who goes down, inter alia, to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Only where we have a strong delusion that is with opening up even worse things will get, which is about to happen.


Israel does not ask anymore for truth, but who will stand up with them! Here there is a huge deception, deception and besnæring.


Israel requires basically no "friends". They need the Lord, and no other.

The fact that Israel constantly wants allies, people who should "bless" them and be a resource for them, basically this, they do not.

They need people who believe in GOD, and follow what he has said, they need truth, not lies.


The Pentecostal-charismatic false prophets like John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Jan Hanvold and other no blessing for Israel.


Israel is afraid and defends itself from missiles from terrorists in the Gaza Strip that aims to wipe out Israel, both as a people and nation. It is fully understandable. But they are not aware of other dangers and things that build up in and around their openness against the so-called Pentecostal-charismatic preaching that spreads down there. The delusion it represents is fundamentally worse than bombings by Hamas since these people and spiritual directions before spiritual darkness and error with it!


The unclean spirits toad prophet says the book of Revelation.


From my commentaries Revelation 16 13 Then I saw that from the dragon gap and from the animal's mouth and from the false prophet came out three

unclean spirits like frogs.


Now frogs afoot. We know what frogs do, they croak to each other. And just what do the different nations. They will all remove Israel once and for all and be allowed to believe, think and live as one wants.

There are those who use this word to get it to be a satanic trinity therefore there is a Divine Trinity.

To lie one for themselves and others.

Here tales about a Satanic quartets.

1.) The dragon is Satan

2.) The Beast is the Antichrist

3.) the False Prophet as pope in Rome typifies

4.) The frogs are an image of the Satanic and Anti Christian spirit that is at work even today!

Hope you do not build the Trinity on an Sataniskkvartet but it is possible that it is he who is behind the Trinity which is an ancient Egyptian and Hellenistic teachings.

Here comes really Trinity in from:

The universal goddess.

The sovereignty of the universal goddess of the Hellenistic World can not just illustrated by the Greek Demeter and the Egyptian Isis, but also by Thurs the 2nd goddesses; the Syrian goddess Atargatis and the Phrygian goddess Cybele.

Atargatis identified grekarane mostly with Zeus say consort Hera, but she lasted attributed traits from other goddesses as well as TD Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis.

Cybele lasted identified by grekarane with god-mother Rea and with Demeter, but as a goddess in the close Austen lasted ho most associated with Atargatis.

These goddesses visar how important feminisation Inga in pantheon was in Hellenism (by Luther H. Martin), both as universal mother goddesses and goddesses for those many women who participated in many different mysteries and cults. This feminization should interactively comet to change.

To believe in the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity which unfortunately most Protestant churches and congregations have adopted is avgudsdyrkeri and violations against God's word.


14 They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of God Almighty big day. -


Now everything will build up against this battle. Satan has for 6,000 years been trying to destroy, infiltrate and muddle everything is God and what he stands to work through.

But have not succeeded and now he takes the spoon into her own hands and get everyone to attack Israel. What Hitler and Germany failed. What many others have tried and not succeeded, he settles everything on a card to make bay with the people!


15 "Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and who guards his clothes, so he did not have to go naked and show their shame. "-


Now tales Jesus into him coming like a thief. He is not a thief but he comes just when Father says he will come.

1. Tess. 5. 1. But of the times and we do not need to write to you, brethren. 2 for you know very well that the day comes as a thief in the night. 3 When they say, "Peace and safety," then sudden destruction comes upon them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman will give birth. And they shall not escape. 4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overwhelm you as a thief. 5 For you are all sons of light and sons of day; we are not of night, nor of darkness. 6 So let us not sleep, as do others, but watch and be sober. 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, do it at night. 8 But we belong to the day, let us be awake, having faith and love; and for the hope of salvation as a helmet. 9 For God did not destine us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 10 He died for us so that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. 11 Therefore encourage and edify one another, as also ye do.


16 And they gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.


And then everything will be decided here. The world's fate and on the way. Actually it may to some extent to say that it was Waterloo for Napoleon will be for Satan and Antichrist. It will stop them greater influence and sealed their demise.

Although to the above location is the only one where the name Armageddon verbatim occurs, then the Bible is still rich in facts that point to this place.

Armageddon is composed of Do = roller Megiddo. Megiddo was a kananitisk city, situated on a ridge in Issachar land (Joshua. 12: 21), but was still awarded the tribe of Manasseh (Joshua. 17: 11).

It is located in the valley that spreads himself at Carmel foot and called Jezreel delete. This delete is like a triangle between the Gilboa mountain, Carmel and mountains in the north. Both because of its considerable extent - approximately four mil from east to west and two and a half mil from north to south - as well as because of its location, it was eminently suitable for battle field. But then also where most nations under the sun fought for supremacy in Western Asia and watered Jezreel beds with their blood.

Two hærveier from Damascus to Egypt gjennemskar plain. One came from Tabor, went below sea Merom over Jordan and continued over the plain of Megiddo.

When Megiddo lies at a tributary to the brook Kishon, so was this little stream called "Megiddo water". Also all the plain called after this city "Megiddo delete" (2 Chron. 35: 22). All this shows how important the city was. "Do" means rock, height, and therefore Armageddon Megiddo height. The word "Megiddo" s root meaning "nedhugge", "clearing", "kill". The composition of "Have" must therefore lead us to the conjecture that the word Armageddon is nothing more than a place. Without doubt this is one badges to what has happened and will continue to happen in this place, namely a nedhugning, cutting off and destruction from the heights of heaven, or even perhaps: What is exalted shall be thrown down (SMLG. Es. 2: 12 f.).

This double meaning of the name is also in harmony with the nature of the events that will take place at Armageddon in conjunction with the world's people finally crisis. For, not only will all that is proud and exalted here be humble, but this should happen precisely through an intervention from heaven. After someone's opinion means Armageddon "Slaughter". The famous commentator Vitringa says: Armageddon means "destruction berg".

Megiddo delete must therefore yet again become the meeting place for the earth hosts, and these will the Lord destroy "of the feast." Therefore Megiddo in Hebrew is called Armageddon Megiddo not delete, but Megiddo height. The composition of "Do" points thus both the strategically important high ground on Jezreel delete and on the nature of the final slaughter to take place there. Therefore Megiddo in the literal double meaning Armageddon.

Megiddo has been the scene of many clashes. Dr. Clarke says Derom: "This delete has equally from Pharaoh Nekos and Nebuchadnezzar time and as down to Napoleon's campaign to Syria always been subject to war camp and combat fields. Jews, saracena, crusaders, Egyptians, Persians, Druse, Turks and many other people have set up their war tents and left their banners wetted by dew from Tabor and Little Hermon ".

This is easily understandable, for Megiddo is the meeting point for the great military roads that connect Mesopotamien and Egypt with one another. The place is thus the strategic point that constituted the key to Palestine. Also in the Egyptian annals described Megiddo as a city of great strategic importance, and it is said there, that its conquest was worth as much as a thousand other places'. Wherefore also Solomon Megiddo specially fortified (1 Ki. 9: 15).

Megiddo is significant in strategic respects, but still more significant is the place of the Bible's point of view, as the place where God will judge the people world.

Here was God in a wonderful way saved his people from midjaniterne (Dom. 7), and here also found it remarkable meeting between Barak and Sisera place (Dom. 5).

It was at the river Kishon as the prophet Elijah before making the great slaughter of the priests of Baal (1 Ki. 18: 40). Here at Megiddo fell king Josiah Pharaoh Nekos hand. After this defeat poem prophet Jeremiah a lamentation that should serve as an example on the complaint again be heard in Jerusalem (Zech. 12).

"And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon" (Rev.. 16: 16).

Here therefore the great judgment of nations take place. But we must not substantially attach our attention by location name, but more thinking about the events to be played out here.

Armageddon is clearly the meeting place for the troops to be opbydes to controversy on the Almighty dreadful day of judgment, but not even the expansive Megiddo delete shall suffice for millionhærene. Just as Megiddo is extended to include the entire Jezreel delete, so shall also Armageddon stretch himself equally over to Israel berg. There will Gog's army encamp, and there shall they fall (Ezekiel 39: 2-4). And precisely thereby Megiddo to Armageddon.

The final and decisive struggles will be fought outside the walls of Jerusalem (Zech. 12: 9 and 14: 2) in the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3: 12). Jehoshaphat means namely Lord judge, ie providing right. In Joel 3: 14 called valley also for Judgment Valley.

Sacred Scripture is very diligent in the use of names. They do not say too much, but also not too small, and they are of unusually significant by exposition of Scripture, where they occur.

Upon closer examination of Jehoshaphat battle against Moab and Ammon (2 Chron. 20) should find that this conflict in a significant manner similar battle of Armageddon. All martial arts utilized nothing in this fight, the enemy army destroyed himself in that one turned his sword against the other. "And the children of Ammon and Moab stood up against the people of victories berg (edomiterne) to destroy them and destroy them, and when they had done with the inhabitants of Seir, they helped one against the other, to destroy each other" ( 2. Chron. 20: 23). It was a gudsdom, Lord violation of the feast.

We must notice this assembly when in the following tales about the battle of Armageddon, and we must be clear eye that controversy will race around Jerusalem, which in reality is the people's major storm centrum. Otherwise must "battle of the feast" get to race on a continuous stretch from south to north, from Bozrah among victories rock country of Edom to the rock in the north who garlanded Megiddo. Isaiah pointed this out in Sec. 63, when he says:

"Who is this that cometh from Edom, dyed garments from Bosra, this which is so glorious in his garment, towering in the fullness of his power? Mig it, I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save. - Why is your garment then red, and thy garments as its where tread the winepress?

- Pers Karras I have trodden alone, and of the people there was none with me, I will tread them in mine anger, and brake trampled them in my fury, then sprøitet their juices (blood) on my clothes, and my entire cladding got tarnished.

For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and my gjenløsningsår had come. "

Comparing scripture with Es. 34: 1- 6 and Rev. 14: 19-20 also get the indication of the length - 1600 stages, more than 25 mil - its distinctive meaning. We measure up the distance from Bosra to Megiddo, we shall find that it precisely is 1600 stages. God's word will be fulfilled on time!

It is not impossible that in a very near future will come to a special light on Armageddon past. Prof. JH Bread Location and others have namely already from year 1925 been employed with plans excavations of its ruins. These excavations have now been going on for a long time, and it is hoped there to find new sources for the study of the history of Israel.

(End of quote).


Final Comment:


All that is about to happen is going to happen - both posetivt and negative - does not happen randomly and haphazardly. There is a build-up to the whole.


Of course it is not solely that Jan Hanvold, Benny Hinn or another Pentecostal-charismatic preacher who will trigger this will happen down in Israel and the Middle East. But there is no blessing, but rather a kind of curse it as the International Christian Embassy and all other so-called Pentecostal-charismatic Christians lead by "toad-spirits" over Israel. This is a form of structure that both Popes, the Catholic Church, the false Pentecostal-charismatic preachers and all other false believers go down to Israel to "bless" Israel just like Balaam is this, if not worse than.

Not bless Israel but curse!

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