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No. 1005: Sten Sørensen an Israel friend one day - the next day an enemy of Israel, what can be the reason? He lives in adultery is an adulterer by the word of God ?!

No. 1005:
Sten Sørensen an Israel friend one day - the next day an enemy of Israel, what can be the reason? He lives in adultery is an adulterer by the word of God ?!

Some time back together Sten Sørensen up against two thousand naive, kind and harmless Israel friends here in Oslo. Some days afterward went same Sten Sørensen out and would remove the Israeli flag from every village hall.

I write in Hedding and heading for this article follows:

"Sten Sørensen an Israel friend one day - the next day an enemy of Israel, what can be the reason? He lives in adultery by the word of God ?! "

What could be the reason for such a strange and in many ways lascivious behavior?

I think that a man like Sten Sørensen who have no backbone, in time of testing stand when his first wife fail life. And then it's just a new partner etc. It is clear that this is directly contrary words of Scripture, it shows a person who lives according to their own desires, not God's word.

 The same snaking he has in relation to marriage, it has he in all areas of their lives. This shows he fully with regard to Israel. One day a warm advocate of Israel. The next day a warm advocate against Israel. No wonder then this is something that has followed and follow him today too. To doom for both themselves and all others who follow him.

I get nausea of ​​these Israel friends Jan Hanvold, Sten Sørensen, Jan Aage Torp, John Hagee and others who live in sin, but to stand up for justice, truth and Israel. This is hypocrisy of the worst and last black. It is fair, truthful and true believers who will stand up for truth and Israel, not these false prophets!

This should upset far more than me!

Scripture speaks of a house an the various vessels, some to honor, and others e 

When these blasphemy guy keeps on, it's not just stillborn. But the causes misery with them. It is only and solely those vessel of honor, who have known the power of the world and living a life that is worthy of God and Christ that will stand up in the name of Jesus and proclaim His truths, not blasphemy people!

I am convinced that this is now happening in Christendom where sin, immorality and everything gets overlooked, neglected and defended not go regardless hen with the living God. One day he says stop, then it stops. That today they are not "punished" are just anticipating that sin should be ripe, then comes judgment.

James 1 14 But every man is tempted when he is drawn and enticed by his own lust; 15 then, when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; but when sin has become full grown, brings forth death. 16 Be not deceived, my beloved brethren 

This Sten Sørensen, and all others who are "believers" but give in to the flesh. They come into this development in his life. Someday sin is full-grown, it brings forth death. James says so strongly that here we will not go astray. Nobody can put themselves above the laws of God and "rules." They apply to us all!

Here is some of what I've written about this off and on Israel-friend / enemy Sten Sørensen:
Nr. 650:
Why are they fighting against the most indifferent about gays , yes sometimes justify remarriage among Christians? Both are sin!

Everyday Bible is translated by Elisabeth and Sten Sorensen . Sten Sorensen were married in youth with a woman who had mental problems, he divorced and remarried . How rotten can be , I ask myself ? Today he has a prominent place in Christian Norway , and no one responds to anything. Talk about being ripped off by the probe . Sten Sorensen new wife is not his wife by the word of God , but his roommate

Hello !

You write a lot about sin and unbiblical . And on a good, healthy way , but have you noticed that those who struggle most against homosexuals almost ignoring the issue of remarriage . Yes, they leapfrog over this and it is hardly cause?


Øyvind Benestad , Jan Hanvold , Jon Kvalbein and many other fronts fight against the homosexual here in Norway . But I have never heard the warning against remarriage among the believers in the same way . Then one either so round and tractable , or a defender remarriage as Jan Hanvold make the transition to even be divorced and re-married even umpteen times . Talk about hypocrisy !

That there is such a distinct hypocrisy , it has always and will always remain among the religious. But today this with hypocrisy grown over the heads of everyone. A resistant and will not talk about remarriage among Christians , it is a taboo area .

It is taboo to talk about remarriage among Christians , and argue that remarriage and being married to a divorced is adultery. Then an ultra radical, unforgiving , judgmental and everything else gets a slapped against them . But one is really just a healthy and normal Christian.

There are sanctuaries for almost all kinds of sins, even among Christians.

Is a sign that believers or married to a divorced , then it is a sanctuary to be Pentecostal Charismatic Christian.

Is a lesbian or homosexual , then it is a sanctuary to become a Christian state church .

When these types of sin is free to soar , what about other types of sex ? Everything must be allowed and be allright when this goes , or we do drop and discriminates and legalizing certain types of sin?

What about group sex , animal sex or so-called zoophilia , maschosistisk or sadistic sex cohabiting couples , swinging , adjust - sex ( where a solitary who have sex with other singles ) pedophilia and prostitution ? When remarriage , marry divorced , gay and lesbians relation is almost fully accepted among Christians. Then all the rest come after ? And something that is very, very strange. Is that even those who live in sin that remains married, so on the ball to warn against those who are homosexuals and lesbians . This must be the hypocrisy of the upper class and from the top shelf !

Tabu - placed to talk about sin among Christians. It is nitrist that it is so, and how should sinners be? Ute and not in among the Christians. It is only when they have repented of their sin , and live right , that one is welcomed into the church.

Final Comment:

The church should be the pillar and foundation , but has become a den of thieves ! Is it any wonder that we have entered the phase called Laodicea time for church?

From my commentaries Revelation 3

14 To the angel of the church in Laodicea :

These things saith the Amen , the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God 's creation: Laodicea was in Lykosdalen , not far from the beautiful limestone rock Pamukkale and Hierapolis ruined city ( city of the dead ) . This is near the modern city Denizli, which is known for textile production of cotton. At the foot of the mountains in the distance that can be seen from the hill Pamukkale is located in , lay the old colossus .

Furthermore, presents Jesus as Amen , who is the fulfillment of all God's promises. He is the only 100 % truthful faithful witness. Furthermore , the beginning of God's creation , or as it says in the English translation , the beginning of the creation of God . In Norwegian , the beginning God's creation . In other words, Jesus is not from everlasting of the Father , but He is the Son , not the Father . Yet he is like his Father. There are two views prevailing among most Christians are equally unbiblical concerning God or Deity . One doctrine that the starting points are Hellenistic and Catholic are three equal Gods in one God. The second is that there are three titles in a God . But this did not learn the first Christians and the Bible .

1 Cor. 8 5 There are enough so-called gods in heaven or on earth, there are many "gods " and many " lords" . 6 But to us there is but one God, the Father. By him were all things , and we are made to him . And for us it is only one Lord , Jesus Christ. Through him all things , and we live through him . Of all denominations and congregations are actually the Christian sect Jehovah's Witnesses almost God's word at this point . This is from what they learn : Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of mankind . He was created by the Father and separated from him. They are therefore opposed the doctrine of the Trinity (God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit in one and the same being ) . Jehovah's Witnesses believe instead that Jesus is subordinate to God. The Holy Spirit is not considered to be a person , but God active force or energy. Witnesses writes thus "holy spirit " with small letters. Adds that the basic text is the Holy Spirit. This means that the is a Spirit that is Holy . Not a separate " god person " but God and the Spirit of Christ . We must not see it as strange that the JV is closest to the truth here, but rather humbly submit to God's word.

Moody said the following: There are three things I will be surprised when I come to Heaven.

1 ) That I am there.

2 ) The fact that I expected to be there is not there.

3 ) The ones I did not expect to see there is there.

There is much wisdom and insight. All we see bits and pieces though God Word is clear! Mika says the same thing in chapter 5 and v. 1 But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah , the least among the clans of Judah ! From you I let a man who will be ruler over Israel. He has its origins in ancient times , He is from ancient days. And Trinity is selvmotsiggende and unbiblical . Let me take an example . 1 Joh . b 4 3 And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not of God. This is the antichrist , which you have heard was coming . And it is already in the world . Here it is mentioned that antichrist spirit is in the world but not the Antichrist. So it is with Jesus. His Spirit - the Holy Spirit - are in the world , but he personally sits at the Father's right hand. In other words , both the antichrist spirit world and Jesus Kristi Spirit likewise. But why does a different ones on the Antichrist and Jesus? Suddenly one is that his own Spirit is God's own fantasy person.

Where is this from, even among evangelical Christians?

Actually, the Trinity an ancient Egyptian and Hellenistic . Continued as a Catholic learn from approx. 390 AD But that will stick to this I can not do anything , just to keep the word of God.

15 I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot . I wish you were cold or hot !

Laodicea had a big problem with the water supply . The local sources were contaminated , and when they tried to bring the water through aqueduct to the city, the water was lukewarm and very appealing. This meant that the town has lost its wealth and was abandoned . Neighboring towns on the other hand had it better. Hierapolis was the hot springs that were healthy and Colosse the pure cold springs. This should describe the condition of the church in Laodicea . This image uses the Lord Jesus in order for them to understand and be aware of their spiritual condition.

16 But thou art lukewarm , not cold and not hot. I will spit you out of my mouth.

Jesus goes so drastic action as in Matthew 23 When he rebukes the Pharisees and scribes . Now Jesus uses the same forceful verbal attack against his own church , or they are no longer his church? They live in a spiritual self-deception that Jesus opposes strongly . Because you are lukewarm , he queasiness over them! Matt . 7 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord , Lord ! will enter the kingdom of heaven , but he who does the will of my Father 's will. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord , Lord ! Have we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in Your name , and done many mighty works in your name? 23 And then will I declare to them , 'I never knew you . Away from me , you who live in lawlessness !

17 "I am rich, " you say , " I have abundance and lacks nothing. " But you do not know that you are wretched , pitiful , blind , poor and naked.

This ambivalence which basically is hypocrisy Jesus warns against strongly . You believe the church to be rich , successful and everything is in the perfect and best order . But it is exactly the opposite . Miserable stand for the care of those who fall without a past is gone, a grower only friendship with their friends. Pathetic can stand to lack spiritual backbone. Blind is to no longer distinguish anything in the spiritual world . The poor are losing the gifts and fruit of the Spirit . Nude is losing salvation garment . It was the church in the deepest and utmost spiritual distress and needs.

18 Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that thou mayest be rich, and white garments that you can dress up with and hide your naked shame , and salve to put on your eyes , so you can see.

But the offer of restoration and return to him was in force even in this church. But then they had to catch a tried and persevering faith. White clothing is not to be defiled by sin and defilement of the world . Furthermore, the offer and demand of the heart opplatte eyes. That's really where we all have to come back to!

Eph. 1 17 I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may let you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation , so that you learn to know God . 18 May he eyes of your heart light , that you may know the hope to which he has called you , the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, 19 and where his power is in us who believe . With this power, and strength 20 he traveled Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in heaven , 21 over all principalities and powers , above all might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world , but also in the future . 22 Everything under his feet, and him the head over all things , he has given to the church , 23 which is his body , the fullness of him who fills all in all . To pray this prayer every day will have a decisive impact on every life .

19 All that I hold dear , rebuke and chasten me. So be earnest , and turn again !

Is this done in love ? How is the love we read about in 1 Cor. 13? v. 6 It does not rejoice in iniquity, but his joy in the truth . It had to be serious and need to take it to heart that the message concerned them.

20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock . If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me .

The entire congregation was very difficult to accept the message because they wanted it that scratched them in the ear. But it was about some possible acknowledge the congregation that would take it to heart ? They would experience the close fellowship and communion with Jesus all over again .

21 He who overcomes, to him will I sit with me in my throne , even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne .

Again addressing the Lord to the victorious and who want to follow him. Once saved always saved is one of Satan 's lies. Salvation is something one must also grow and care for. For those who overcome will one get the same position and position himself. We will sit with Christ in the heavens. Eph. 2 6 In Christ Jesus he raised us from the dead along with him and seated us with him in heaven .

22 Whoever has ears , let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches !

For the last time , and to the church in Philadelphia as all other believers through time , he who has ears he \ she hear what Jesus says to the church and the individual ! Seven angels ie seven messengers the angels mean , would bring the letters to their respective churches. Revelation . 1:11.20 . This was human messengers who were not only ambassadors , but also Talkers of the message at each location. Revelation . 1:3 . Matt . 11:10 . Interest historically happened approx. 90 AD Seven churches were read to each their sending letters . Since these send letters been read throughout the world and become the spiritual lesson for many. Rooms . 15:4 . But sending letters has another meaning . For Jesus Christ said to John: "Write what you saw , what is now and what will come after this and mystery of the seven stars which you saw in my right hand , and the seven gullysestaker : The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks are seven churches . " Revelation . 1:19-20 . Revelation is a prophetic book. Revelation . 10:19 p.m. . It gives prophetic vision of Daniel 70 åruke ie the last seven years of this age . Revelation . 6:1-19:21 . All åruken is described through the seven seals , the seven trumpets and the seven bowls wrath . Seven - figure stands in scripture for wholeness and completion. 1 Mos. 2:2 . But sjutallet used by John is not just about what is to come , but it is now . The apostle is asked to write to the seven churches , and there were several on the mainland of Asia Minor . It was at least congregations also in Troas , Colosse and Hierapolis . Acts . 20:6-7 . Kol . 1:2 . 4:13 .

The seven churches were after the other in a circle . The apostle saw the seven churches as seven gullysestaker as seven stars brought the message to . It was all a night scene like in character form told about the church's mission in a dark world . Revelation . 1:1. Fil . 2:15-16 . After just seven churches mentioned , it is a sign of a prophetic panorama of the whole church on earth. It is the secret that John was revealed. Such prophetic panorama we also meet on the 3rd Mos. 23 with mention of the seventh day and the seven feasts , Dan . 9 with mention of 70 x 7 years and in Matt . 13 with mention of the seven parables .

In all send letters comes a command to hear the Spirit's voice and a promise to the overcomer . In the first three sending letters come before the commission lifted . Revelation . 2:7.11.17 . But in the last four sending letters comes the promise before the commission . Revelation . 2:28-29 . 3:5-6.12-13.21-22 . In the last four sending letters we also learn that Jesus is coming again . Revelation . 2:25 . 3:3.11.21 . The structure of sending letters testify to different periods in the church's history. This has become clearer in the course of history . This principle stated the Jesus to Peter , "What I do thou knowest not now, but you will understand later ." Joh . 13:7 . This principle was also the prophet Daniel hear of an angel. Dan . 12:4.9 .

Send letter to Ephesus speaks of the church's first time approx . 30-100 AD Revelation . 2:1-7 . It began with a fervent love which decreased gradually . Hebrews is a testimony to this. Heb . 10 24 Let us be concerned for one another , so we provoke one another to love and good deeds. 25 And let us not keep us neglect our church meetings, as some people do . Let us encourage one another , so much more, as ye see the day approaching. Likewise, the message to the church at Ephesus . Obvious. 2 4 But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Here we see that even among the early Christians did dropout apply .

But the church was still desirable , as the Ephesian means . Send letter to Smyrna speaks of the church's time of approx . 100-313 AD with strong persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire . Revelation . 2:8-11 . Jesus' words in Matt . 5:10 became reality during this period: " Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs." In a time of persecution needed myrrh , which was used to relieve pain . Mark . 3:23 p.m. . Smyrna means myrrh. Send letter to Pergamum speaks of the church's time of approx . 312-606 AD Revelation . 2:12-17 . In 312 occurred Constantine's conversion to Christianity. Persecution time was followed by a forførelsestid , where the church entered into marriage with the state. Pergamum does the rest marriage. One was landed at Jak . 4:4 warned against : " Whoever wants to be friend of the world becomes an enemy of God ."

Send Letter to Thyatira speaks of the church's time from 606 AD Jesus' second coming. Revelation . 2:18-29 . In 606 AD the Roman bishop Boniface elected universal bishop. With this came the papacy in function. A worldwide church with Rome center has since deceived many with the introduction of pagan customs in Christianity. Revelation . 17:4 . Noteworthy is that Thyatira means repeating sacrifice. Send letter to Sardis speaks of the church's time from 1517 to the Second Coming . Revelation . 3:1-6 . In 1517 Martin Luther hung the 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg . With that began the Reformation , which also Calvin and Zwingly were pioneers for . Scripture alone as was stressed , leading to spiritual awakening. But eventually many nominal Christians . Noteworthy is that Sardis means those who escaped .

Send letter to the Philadelphia speaks of the church's time of approx . 1750 to the Second Coming . Revelation . 3:7-13 . John Wesley and George Whitefield was voted revival tool and was succeeded by William Carey as the modern missionary father. An open door for the mission was in this time and in the wake of this, the New Testament churches overall feel of brotherly love. Philadelphia means brotherly love. Send Letter to Laodicea speaks of the church's time of approx . 1900 to the Second Coming . Revelation . 3:14-22 . In that time, democracy mentality been prominent instead that Christ has gained control his congregation. Noteworthy is that Laodicea means democracy . The result of this has been much complacency and lukewarmness . Sending letters reveal that three types congregation got characterize the church's first time , and four church types will affect the congregation last time . As Paul had revealed the secret of the church , got John on Patmos revealed the secret of the church on earth. Eph . 3:4-6 . Revelation . 2:1-3:22 .

But any message and Bible verse affects us all therefore must not forget and overlook anything!

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