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No. 671: Torstein Langsæter from Ullensvang we were going to have to shut out from the Heavenly blog!

No 671:

Torstein Langsæter from Ullensvang we were going to have to shut out from the Heavenly blog!

The Heavenly blog is in my opinion the best and most important blog, it is completely wrong to drop to such an extreme and somewhat manipulative man who Torstein Langsæter from Ullensvang without saying stop before or since. Photo by Torstein Langsæter from Ullensvang / Lofthus

Here an article in which I discuss the part of our dispute on the blog: http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/2014/02/no-667-who-is-twelfth-apostle.html


We engaged in Smyrna Oslo and the Heavenly blog also wish that others with different opinions, beliefs , teachings and spiritual standpoint should be allowed to come forward . But when a repeat again and again that as here with Torstein Langsæter from Ullensvang / Lofthus change , moderating and stop writing about it , he repeats to the extreme. But would not or wanted , but rather grew worse , and bolder . Remember to put your foot down and eventually shut these out . Here are some nedforbi of what we have between us . And there is much more on our website .

Hey . It's nice to focus on these 6000 years. I have read countless posts on this value debate , which I now no longer allowed to participate . ( end of quote ) .

It says Torstein Langsæter that he's been shut out of the Value debate , but then he bursts loose with approx . over a hundred posts on our blog , without trying to change and moderating them . Then say it stops for me. Here is my card appeal points against Torstein Langsæter :

1 ) He rejects Paul and think he is a heretic .

2 ) The law should we as Christians follow, even though the word of God says that we are dead to the Law to live for God. Keeping the law will set us free by grace .

3 ) Luke is not from God , just the other three . This is absolutely disgusting to exclude Luke .

4 ) Torstein look at the Heavenly blog as a place he can perform with their warped and highly peculiar and unbiblical views .

5 ) The print than on others blog and call them for everything that is ugly , it is both vulgar and disrespectful not to take this Ad Notam and even leave the blog. It's the least one can expect if one comes with strong profanity and verbal abuse of others.

6 ) I have an editorial responsibility and can not indefinitely allowable extreme and unscriptural utterances we try to have a very high ceiling also from highly divergent viewpoints.

7 ) Torstein also writes more like a monologue , not as one that will discuss, he knows the answers in advance .

8 ) Torstein also act as God himself by judging , lecturing and he knows everything , empty when 1000 årsriket begins. Even Jesus does not know it, but it does Torstein . There is arrogance in its strongest form .

Does anyone know exactly when Christ will return to earth ? It's in the Bible, Matthew 24.36 . But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven , nor the Son , but only the Father. Neither knows this Torstein who do not know Jesus , there is only the one true God the Father knows this , no other!

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