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Nr. 470: Have the evangelicals gone obtained by giving Pope Frans 10 points he must follow to succeed and follow everything around him?

Nr. 470:

Have the evangelicals gone obtained by giving Pope Frans 10 points he must follow to succeed and follow everything around him?

The Pope and the Catholic church does much good (that's why they are so "good" to deceive). But we also need to look at what it does and what they learn. Then we say that the pope is a false prophet Jesus himself said it would be many. Matt. 24. 11 and many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. Photo Illustration by Paul church in Rome that I would rather recommend to visit than Peters church when the Apostle Peter was not in Rome. But the Apostle Paul seemed assumption there at the same number of years and died there. Photos taken by me in May 2012

Here are some "positive" statements regarding the Pope and the Catholic Church:


The Swedish Pentecostal newspaper day by journalist Anna Bieniaszewski Sandberg as I have written without having received a response regarding this frivolous and totally meaningless advice to give a Pope who stands for 100% opposite of what God's word teaches about how a church should be built. She writes: The Pope's ten most important tasks, he will lead the 1.2 billion Catholics, he will teach the world the Christian faith and lead the Vatican. Here is Pope Francis' ten most important challenges. (End of quote). We as Protestants and Pentecostals have only a response to the Pope and the Papacy: Stay away from this skjøgekirken, have the least to do with it and shaping particular. But go to a believer God's way and preach the gospel of forgiveness of sin, not by indulgence, rosary prayers, pray to the Virgin Mary, pray for the dead, etc., but by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ gives us all access to God and salvation. Not by any other way, everything else is false prophets speaking and teaching.

Joh. e 6 28 They said therefore unto him, What must we do to do the works of God? 29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

Pope Francis 1 is Jesuit and the first open Jesuit priest who has become Pope

I write about here:

Albert Mohler President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says that the Pope's authority is 'anathema' for evangelical believers. That means excommunication, and used in church to excommunicate members who do not live in accordance with God's word.

Albert Mohler believes there is more that separates us from the Roman Catholic Church, not least true of the authority as the Pope added, among other things, to forgive sins and to facilitate indulgences. 'Once you understand what this really means, you will also understand how the Papacy is unbiblical. They believe that the pope, which they consider to be the successor of Peter, actually hold the keys of heaven in his hands, while we believe that they belong to Christ, and He has given them to his church. ' Moreover, he also believes that the papacy as an institution and the secrets it hides, and all its liturgies are opposed to the revelation given to us in Scripture: 'This is certainly a stranger, and is contrary to Scripture alone, and the space Scriptures of Christ congregation, "said Mohler.

The papers next day, Our Land, KS and others to provide faithful guidance, enlightenment and also provide two views. Those who are for and those who are against the Pope and the Catholic church has totally failed when they only give almost a positive impression on Pope Francis 1 and the harlot church that the Catholic church is.

Here what Toralf Gilbrant said about the Catholic Church, not the least of persecution:

The Papacy is the largest forfølgermakt that history knows. It has millions of martyrs lives on his conscience ¬ hot. Roman Church persecutions continued through years ¬ watcher. Obviously it is impossible to give any exact statement of how many people lost their lives during these ¬ follow, but it has been estimated that there may be about 50 million people. Fagot blazed across Europe. Up to 3,000 people could be burned on a single giant bonfire. In some cities and landscapes, the entire population exterminated. This particularly affected the Catholic persecution Waldenses and Huguenots in France, and Protestant believers in Northern Europe.

Inquisition's horrors with all its inhuman torture can not describe. Especially after this kjettertribunal was entrusted to the Dominicans, exercised these a complete terror. Inquisitors had an almost unlimited power. Even princes and kings feared for them. When the Spanish prince Don Carlos, son of Phillip II, advocated abolishing inkvisi ¬ tion, this led only to the king himself had to judge his son to death and deliver him to the Inquisition, which allowed the prince to choose their method. Both high and low were hit. In fact, the Dominicans in particular interested in blaming rich people, when monastic order according papal Regulation should be supported by the funds Inquisition brought in, and the whole estate of the condemned heretics accrued Dominicans. Inquisition leaders often had great personal interest in his multimillion-dollar business and habitual itself great wealth. An even have examples of these monks kept the whole harem of slave girls, as in the Inquisition building in the city of Aragon, the 60 beautiful young women were liberated by French troops in 1707. One can hardly imagine the terror that the Inquisition exercised over the people of Europe through years ¬ watcher. Among its victims may be considered by many Christian ¬ ness major figures. One can here only mention a few of the Reformation precursors, such as Savonarola and Johann Huss, both of which were burned at the stake. The same fate did scientist Bruno, because he claimed the Copernican system.

Inquisition's power was often completely unrestricted. The faintest suspicion of heresy or disloyalty to the Pope, was reason enough for arrest and torture. The unhappy did not explain who had given them or what they were accused of. Claim was simply that they should "confess" and through torture was the avtvunget virtually the confessions time. The description of the Inquisition torture implements and torture is sickening reading. It's a story of human ingenuity in malice, on pine benches, radbrekning, water torture, ormegraver, hunger, and all possible forms of abuse. One of the more refined torture was "virgin", a Marian statue which was so constructed that the victim was through ¬ pierced by knives when the mechanism put his arms around martyr and pulled him close. This was called maria kiss.

The most outrageous is well that all these atrocities have been carried out in the name of Christianity. The Catholic Church is the largest forfølgermakt history knows. We are here undoubtedly to the religious system spoken of in Revelation chapter 17 as "the great whore." John sees a woman, drunk with the blood of the saints, "the mother of harlots and ugliness of the earth", as ruler of the great city that has authority over the kings of the earth, Revelation. 17.18. John knew the well that this city was Rome, and the prophecy here mentions, can not well be something other than the Church of Rome. We see that in the end, this apostate church again achieve dominant political power and fill up their sins goals. Nothing suggests that this forfølgermakt will act differently in the future than in the past.

This admittedly among the Catholics themselves. A few decades ago wrote a famous Catholic magazine about "blessed campfire flames," and the Catholic writer Ronald Knox writes that "a Catholic State will not refrain from using repressive means to ensure that Catholic principles dominate." As late as the Second World War had a clear examples of this in what happened in Yugoslavia. When the Germans and Italians fell into the country, it was already organized a Catholic fifth column that helped defeat the Yugoslav army and surrendered the country to the invaders. In the Croatian government formation that was created, coined as the Catholic Ustashi Army a complete reign of terror which was intended to convert the Greek Orthodox Serbs to Roman Catholics.

International committees have since examined what took place, and the catholic war of extermination against the Serbs is clearly documented. Yet spoken little about the Serbian tragedy that actually threatened the nation with annihilation and cost 1.7 million men, women and children life. On the most gruesome way people were tortured. One stuck out their eyes, cut off ears, nose and genitals, crucified them on the doors of their own houses or drive them into large mass executions. The Roman clergy cooperated intimately with the Ustashi and did his utmost to convert to Catholicism the surviving Serbs, as a promised them that they would thereby save lives. As long as one was sure Hitler's and Mussolini's victory, wrote openly about what happened. In the Catholic magazine Katolicki Tjednik of August 1941, there is an article with the headline: "Hitler holding up the mission." It states in part: "Until now, God spoke through papal circulars, numerous sermons, textbooks, the Christian press, through missions, heroic examples of the saints, etc. They would not listen. They were deaf. Now God has decided to use other methods. He will prepare missions, European missions, world missions. It must be initiated, not by priests, but by military befalhavere led by Hitler. The proclamation will be heard by using cannons, machine guns, tanks and bombs. This teach the language will be international. No one should complain out he did not understand, of all people know very well what death is and what wounds, disease, hunger, fear, slavery and poverty. "

Under pain of death were 240,000 Serbs were forced to undergo a Catholic ceremony that marked their transition to the papacy. Those who refused were killed. The Serbian Church property was confiscated and handed over to the Catholics. Authorised documents confirming such transactions are signed by Catholic archbishops. That the Pope fully stood in solidarity with their servants, were clearly demonstrated when Archbishop Stepinac after the war was sentenced to 15 years in prison for their misdeeds. The pope then wrote up about persecution and ekskommunikerte all Catholics who gave out diplomas to the case.

What happened in Yugoslavia during the last war is a warning of what we can expect from the Roman Church once again come to power. Revelation portrayal of the great Babylon, the harlot drunk with the blood of the saints, is not exaggerated. Lord cries to those of his people who are in this church system is: "Get out of her, my people, foråt ye be not partakers of her sins, and foråt ye receive not of her plagues." (End quote) .

Andreas Hesselberg the Catholic Church:

Purgatory: The Catholic Church does not teach about hell as a real alternative. To get there, you only if you have horrible light. Otherwise you get the opportunity to review what they call "purgatory" Before this was in the literal sense a fire, but if you had the money you could buy yourself free from it. Now this is also replaced by a kind of abstract "cathartic state". They say little about what it going on there, but it will certainly not be so terribly bad.

The doctrine of purgatory is based primarily on two passages in the Bible. One is Matthew 12:32. Here Jesus talks about the unforgivable sin that can not be forgiven either in this world (or "age" in some translations) or the next. From here, they draw the conclusion that it is otherwise possible to be forgiven sin in the world. This I would say is to read too much into this verse. Especially in light of other passages like Matthew 25:10-13 and Luke 13:23-25, which clearly indicates that you have one chance. After that there will be no opportunity. The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin (1 John 1:7). It is our salvation. If you accept this, then you will be perfectly cleaned. If not, there's nothing that can cleanse you.

The second passage used to defend the doctrine of Purgatory is 1 Corinthians 3:15. Here it is that the individual's "spiritual building" should be tried with fire, but even if it does not pass one should even be saved, but "as through fire". This verse tells us how our salvation is not dependent on our performance and our "edifice", but that we have accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. So if our building collapses, it is acidic and will probably sting at the human level, but our salvation does not depend on it. In addition, it may be worth noting that Paul is talking about something that will happen "at the last day" while Catholic teaching says that purgatory occurs right after death. "If your right eye tempt thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell." Matt 5:29

Thus, we can conclude that purgatory supporters have little to show for the Word of God. Especially when the rest of the Bible says otherwise. According to the Bible hell is a very real possibility that one repeatedly being warned against. For example, Matt 5:29, Matt 7:13, etc.

Saints: The Catholic Church has saints. And they ask them for prayer. But what is a saint? Yes, it is a normal human being after his death has been canonized by the Vatican. An ordinary man, who might have lived a life more in line with Catholic teaching than most others, but that's all. Trying to communicate with the dead is by definition evocation, which the Bible condemns several places in the strongest. I know of no biblical justification for the practice of saint worship. The principle of intercession is very clear - that we can pray for each other. "Where two or three are gathered [...]" and so on. But how can we ask the deceased to make intercession for us? I can not find any basis in the Word of God that the saints will be a kind of "mediator" between us and God. God's Word says, however, that we should pray to God and Jesus, and that through the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us (Romans 8:26-27). I do not know of any places in the Bible where it says that we can ask for example. Maria Prayer. And where is the word "saint" mentioned in God's Word? Is it somehow not "good enough" to pray directly to Jesus / God and allow the Spirit to intercede for us? I believe that praying to saints is idolatry. To crucify himself in front of statues of various saints I see as idolatry. The Word of God says that what we ask in Jesus' name, that shall he do, because the Father is glorified in the Son. Only Jesus is the mediator between humans and God our Father. I'm borrowing an argument from Terje Johansen: "Praying to Jesus is what we do, not kiss the old canes, coats, mustaches and beard as they save on because they believe that these were holy men. Anyone who has accepted Jesus sanctified through the Atonement of Jesus.'s why no one is above anything else, otherwise the this purely human culture which is the same as idolatry. " God's Word warns us clearly to seek contact with the dead (Isaiah 8:19).

Pope: Pope is another thing the Catholic Church has that has no roots in the Bible. The Catholic tradition dictates that the Pope is the successor to the disciple Simon Peter. To him, Jesus says that "on this rock I will build my church" (Matthew 16:18). Peter was also a central figure in the establishment of the first church. One of the Pope's titles is "Vicar of Christ". A task that surely was given to the Holy Spirit (See eg. Jn. 14:25-26) Faith or works? This is perhaps the most serious flaw in the Catholic doctrine. The Bible says we are saved by faith (Mark 16:16, John 3:16, Romans 10:9, etc.) The Catholic Church teaches, however, that the works is the way to salvation. You must confess so and so often, you need to be anointed with the recent oil before you die, etc. It makes Catholicism a legalistic religion. You must perform religious acts for salvation. (Or in other words as to avoid purgatory, which really is not that bad anyway.) But it must also be noted that the Bible gives a relationship between faith and works. Belief in God, if it is true, automatically lead to certain actions. Not religious acts, but good works, evangelism etc.

Conclusion: I think it is sad that many Christian churches in the name of tolerance has partnered with the Catholic Church. The signal can be sent then, both externally and within the church, is that this heresy is as good as the true biblical doctrine. The religious deception is the worst thing you come down (Religiosity is defined as external religious acts and rituals without any real substance, that is, as a substitute for a real relationship with God). Religious people believe that they are saved, and feel safe in their religiosity. What you have read here is biblical doctrine, and it is something you can not afford to overlook. It comes eternity, so should you have even the slightest suspicion that you have based your salvation on a false religion, then you lock yourself away in a room and go down on his knees in prayer, and not get up until you have received reply. Ask God to show you all for what it really is and give you the wisdom to distinguish between the real and the fake.

So I need to add a point though:

Indulgences: Pope Benedict XVI offers "perfect indulgence" and says there are three ways indulgence can be obtained on the (source is the website of the Catholic Diocese Oslo): - The faithful must receive the Sacrament of Penance and the Holy Eucharist, flock to the church of St. Paul's Basilica in Rome and ask the Pope's intention. Indulgences can be achieved for the believer or deceased. The church asked the faithful also to proceed to the main altar and pray the Our Father and the Creed, that the Apostles Creed. - In the local churches, the same can be achieved by the celebrations of the Apostle Paul and the opening date and the end date of the Pauline Jubilee Year, also for special occasions defined by the ordinary of the place. Here, the same requirement of confession, communion and prayer in the Pope's intention. - Sick who are unable to attend and who do everything to avoid sin, can achieve perfect indulgence by being spiritually present at the anniversary celebrations and by carrying forward their prayers and suffering to God for Christian unity. For one who reads his Bible, it is not difficult to see that this is against God's clear words: "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ., Through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace that we are in." (Rom 5:1-2)

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. How much more should we, after we are justified by His blood, through him be saved from wrath." (Rom 5:8-9) "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all ..." (1 Timothy 2:5-6) "Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered the holy place once for all, and gant eternal redemption .... how much more shall the blood of Christ - he who through the eternal Spirit offered themselves to God as unblemished - cleanse our conscience from dead works to serve the living God. therefore he is the mediator of a new covenant .. " (Hebrews 9:12 and verse 14: 15a) "For by grace are ye saved through faith. And this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9) This with indulgences is heresy because it breaks totally with God's Word, and I see it as my duty to warn fellow Christians against this. It is tragic that the Apostle of the Holy Spirit's inspiration gave us the words of justification by faith alone, should be so abused ... So ... Catholics are not saved? Are not Catholics Christians? I have no authority to judge it. I have no right to bring the salvation of Catholics. This is something God judge on judgment day. But I reserve my right to take up Catholicism heresy and teach about why Catholicism is full of heresy. There are certainly sincere, Christian Catholics who have Jesus in their heart. But they should focus on Jesus and the Word of God, and that faith in Him alone gives salvation. Keep the focus on Jesus and God's Word. Let the Holy Spirit fill you with the knowledge and revelation of the Lord of lords - the King of Kings. It is not Catholicism konfesjonsskrifter (eg. They that will be decisive for your beliefs. It is solely God's Word!

I think that the heresy of the Catholic Church is a part of "the great apostasy" (heresy). I believe that the Catholic Church has wanted to sit higher than the very Word of God. (End of quote).

The view of the Eucharist: The Catholic Church teaches that the Eucharist is not only a sacrament, but a victim. The bread and wine are consecrated becomes permanently to Jesus' body and blood, not only symbolic, but physically. So keep it and can be brought in. For example, during the ceremony at Corpus Christi, Thursday after the trefoldighetssøndag.

Bente and Abel Struksnæs the Catholic Church:

What is about to happen? From the Catholic's own sources, we find that the Pope's front soldiers, Jesuits, have been commissioned from Rome to unite churches - through dialogues with other churches. From Generalkonferens Jesuits in 1995, states that "the Holy Father has repeatedly asked the Jesuits to get in an inter-religious dialogue, an apostolic priority of the third millennium." And again: "It appears that the dialogue develops the unifying and liberating potential of all religions. "..." Inter-religious dialogue is an integral element of the Jesuit mission. " From Jesuits general says further that "we have a special responsibility to promote inter-religious dialogue" ... The Jesuit heritage is to "develop a culture of dialogue in our approach to the believers of other religions. This culture of dialogue should be the particular special hallmark of our Community "...

Through Jesuits ecumenical endeavors attempting the Catholic Church to dialogue with Hindus, Jews, Budhist, various Protestant denominations, etc. When we see churches come together for different events, this is the visible result of the dialogue between the Churches.

The Catholic Church has since the Second Vatican Council, from 1962 to 1965, worked to unite the various Protestant churches under Roms wings. After that time the Protestants no longer called heretics, but "separated brethren." Now Catholics has wind in its sails. Just as it is fashionable to unite in the political, economic and military area, so they will also unite the religious field. This association has resulted in one thing: There has been a change with the Protestants. They have approached the Catholic Church.

Protestants and Catholics continued understandings, including through the "Joint Declaration" (Joint Statement regarding rettferdiggjørelsesslæren between the Lutheran churches and the Roman Catholic Church) and "Charta Oecumenica" an agreement between Catholics and Protestants in Europe. This document urging them to "full church unity" and to "public evangelism and mission in Europe." They should "avoid hurtful competition" and "encourage people not to change their church membership" ... Therefore churches conduct joint evangelization of the unchurched, and each congregation must strive to reach those who have "gone out the back door." In practice this Agreement in the "Charta Oecumenica" document that all recognize each other as full options. They will evangelize together, but do not try to "steal" members from each other. But how can the Protestant churches enter into such an agreement with the Catholic Church? When freedom is in jeopardy, the freedom to clearly preach a full biblical message including the message that encourages people to go out of Babylon (Rev. 18, 4).

Today there are almost no Protestant ministers who calls the Pope the Antichrist. Protestants of Luther was not in doubt. Luther said: "I said earlier that the pope was the vicar of Christ. Now I assert that he is our lord adversary the devil Apostle. "At the time when Luther received the papal bull, he said:" I despise and attack it because it is spineless and false .. It is Christ himself who is condemned to it. It pleases me that I have to endure such evils for the best thing there is. I feel greater liberty in my heart, for now I know that the POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST AND THAT HIS THRONE IS THAT SATAN HIMSELF. "In the Lutheran Confessions page 539, it says that" the characteristics that the Antichrist, according to Scripture, fits completely papacy and its supporters. "Luther was right about this. All the signs of this great anti-Christian power factor in Revelation 13 17 and 18 chapter fits the papacy. One of the titles of this seductive power factor are 'harlot'. The Bible calls it "the mother of harlots." "We are the mother church," said the Vatican spokesman, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in their magazine "The Daily Telegraph", the 4th sept. 2000. The Catholic Church is thus the harlot, and in the Bible, in Revelation 17 Chapter and 5th verse, we read that whore has harlot daughters. There are churches that go into the relationship with the prostitute, and included several of the false doctrines that she advocates. The Bible warns us strongly not to go into partnership with the harlot. It says: "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev. 18, 4).

Despite these clear warnings, we see that the Protestant denominations today going into ecumenical relations with the harlot. Instead of protesting against the papacy and the fake it stands for, they go along with it. These are clear signals of apostate Protestantism.

If you and I consider ourselves to be a part of God's people, we should not go into ecumenical relations with the papacy and apostate Protestantism. We are strongly encouraged to give a loud and clear warning to EXIT from the great seductive world power in the end times; papacy. How can we provide the right signals to go out from Babylon, when we go in and worship with Babylon?

We want to emphasize that we warn against, the Catholic system and the unbiblical teachings that this denomination stands for, while we would caution against apostate Protestantism. We are convinced that there are many honest and sincere children of God in these churches. God must obviously be His people even in Babylon, because He says, "Come out of her, My people ..." (Revelation 18 4) God has put a burden on us to give this call to the people in ignorance is a part of Babylon. "I have made you a watchman," said God. "You should hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from Me" (Ezekiel 3, 17). We want to meet the people of God who is still Babylon, in heaven. We can not bear the thought that their blood will be required at our hands, because we have rejected the unpleasant task of giving God's warning and håpsbudskap. When God gave his sharp warnings through the prophets of old, it was not to attack those who lived in apostasy. He rebuked the deepest love. He saw that if they continued the same course, it would end in disaster. But "I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Lord God. Repent therefore, and you shall live!" (Ezekiel 18, 32)

The ecumenical movement calls for unity. But we will have unity by majority vote, when these contradict the word of God, or the unit will be formed on the basis of a "Thus saith the Lord"? The Bible makes it clear that a true unity must be built on everything that Jesus stood for, both in theory and practice (Matthew 28, 18-20). Jesus said we must be one in Him (Jn 17, 21). Catholicism and ecumenism is something else entirely. Let's take a few brief examples: The Catholic Church has not abandoned a single one of the unbiblical dogmas that made the Reformation necessary. Still, they teach that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth, but it is Christ (the rock) we will build our faith and our church, and not offending people, (such as the popes have been throughout history). Still worship the Virgin Mary, while the Bible says that we should not worship the dead people or pictures / statues of them. (5 Mos. 18th 10-12; 2 Mos. 20th 4-6). Still invoked saints. Each day reading Catholic priests booth for living and dead, while the Bible says that the dead know nothing. They lie in the grave until the resurrection day. (Abbr 9 5 6 + 10 and 1 Thess. 4, 15-17). During each communion "create" and "sacrifices" de Jesus again, as they believe that the communion bread (wafer) at the priest's blessing, literally becomes the body of Jesus. The Bible says, however, that Jesus was sacrificed once for all, and that the Eucharist should be a memorial of the sacrifice Jesus provided on the cross for us (1 Cor. 11th 24; Heb. 9, 24-28).

Moreover, the Catholic Church through the years introduced many unbiblical customs, and it is regrettable that several Protestant denominations have accepted several of these. Which apostasy, the seduction! (Matthew 5, 17-19). The Bible says that the kings of the earth commit adultery with the harlot, and they that dwell on earth be drunken wine of her fornication (Rev. 17, 2). We have mentioned some points of harlots intoxicating wine = the false harlot who bestows earth's population with. Harlot driver ie political and religious fornication with the harlot-daughters, who are deceived by her sorcery (Revelation 18.23). It is sad and surprising that Protestant churches are now seeking cooperation with the power that the reformers called ANTICHRIST = papacy. The group of people who once had to flee the Catholic bayonets and superiority, is now affiliated with the same power. What a dramatic change in attitude, which apostasy!

It is clear that we shall attempt to saw out the evangelical seed to all people and like to have Bible studies with them, we are the more encouraged to do, but when a Protestant denominations - as an organization - are connected to the Harlot, then they gone one step too far.

The appeal reads enough away to those who are now cooperating with Rome: "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (End quote).

John Berglund on the Catholic Church:

Revelation in the Bible shows that the Catholic Church will once again be left behind persecution, imprisonment and the death penalty. The Church has not changed. All dogma remains unchanged and all the authority that was used in the Middle Ages, will soon be used to destroy those who do not submit to the new world order.

Allow us to demonstrate that the papal willingness to pursue, yet present. In the magazine "Catholic Education" March 25, 1992, the church denies that the papacy has had or anti-Israeli attitudes and that it supported the Nazi criminals. A number of Catholic sources documenting, however, that the Catholic Church was doing a terrible Jew proportionality and that it provided many Nazi criminals fake vatikanpass to protect them after World War II. In a recently published book from the publisher Document (translated by Hans Rustad), writes Walter Laqueur, the Pope and the Catholic Church, was very well informed about the atrocities against the Jews and the plans for their complete annihilation. But the church remained passive while the zealous Catholic Adolf Hitler gave permission for the "final solution" of the Jewish question. The eradication of this ethnic group had long been on the Vatican's wish list. We need not go further than to our own country, to find evidence of papal hatred. The Catholic parish magazine "St.Olav" appeared as a Jew hatred stronghold in Oslo before and during the Second World War. More than any other political or non-political organization, and even more than the Norwegian Nazi Party, the Roman Catholic Church helped to form the basis for the horrendous crime we later call the Holocaust. If we look at the journal St.Olav, from the first issue in 1889 until the Second World War, reflects the magazine an active hatred, which is hard to believe in a "Christian" magazine. Almost in every issue of the magazine in this period, we find at least one major or minor element of distinctly anti-Semitic character. There was never a question of pointing out theological error Judaism. Jews were not warned of its obvious apostasy and invited to think straight.

The attacks were aimed specifically Jews. There were people with "Jewish blood in his veins," the Catholic Church wanted to eradicate. There were people - men, women and children, old and young - who was hated and should be destroyed. The church did not want to correct a system or theological orientation. It was politics and philosophical ideology that governed the Church motivation. Articles of St. Olav renders a steady stream of malicious notes with fictional messages about alleged Jewish ritual murder of Christian children. In the article on the article, Jews were portrayed as bloodthirsty and power hungry people who had conspired against the Christians.

One of the leaves writes, "It was incomprehensible that the German nation lost patience. Though it is regrettable that radical measures always affects and often unfair, should persecutions the Jews into the soul-narrow road and get them to renounce require other rights than those who apply them as a national minority. "

Jewish ghetto in Russia St. Olaf also attack violently Romanian certain circles which actually expected that the Jews in the treatment and rights should be equal to the country's own population. The Catholic St.Olav ran blatant political propaganda against the Jews. Among other they write on, "Jews are the embodiment of both the independent political liberalism, the anti-capitalist socialism and blood dripping communism.

In January 1920, we read in St.Olav, that "the true victor in World War 1 was not the Allies, but the Jews who ran out of dirty ghettos deserkrerte tabs and usurped political power." We also read that German Jews who escaped before the systematic eradication began, were called cowards and reviled by the Catholic journal St.Olav. Are you starting to understand why the Vatican for 44 years Israel has shown a cold shoulder and refused to recognize the state? Meanwhile, the Pope in Rome, repeatedly laid out the red carpet for both tero grate Arafat and weapons smuggler Archbishop Kapputchi.

What you have read in this article, is small compared to what there is to know about Catholic antisemetisme. Anyway denies that the Papacy has ever advocated such attitudes. The priests that come with these denials, know very well that they write falsehood. They know that everyone has access to a library of Catholic literature and who can read are able to expose the lie. In Catholic literature, you can also read that abuse, lies, forgery and murder story is completely accepted methods, only the church has the benefit of it. (An example of this is the Jesuit Oath). The theme this article illustrate, is of special importance, since virtually the entire Protestant world are involved in a huge flirt with the Roman Church. All seems as if the dark Middle Ages Catholic Church, is dead and buried.

Not so. Church beliefs and ideology, which permits the use of force and the persecution alive and well. We would not have anything to say about this subject, if not Jesus himself had something to say about it. Both our mandate and the content of what we communicate, the word of God as the foundation.

In the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" for reading our Savior us "what must soon take place" (Rev.-l, l) Here, the Catholic Church identified and exposed as the enemy of God and church power as in the recent time left to pursue sincere believers who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. But "all the world wondered after the beast." (Rev. 13.3) (end of quote).

From the Smalcald Articles: (Posted by Martin Luther) About pope:

The Pope is not the head of Christianity according to the divine right or the power of God's Word (the site only one, Jesus Christ) It follows that all the pope has done and undertaken by virtue of this fake, naughty, sinful, usurped authority, has been, and still in some devilish poems and works (...). This papacy has been the destruction of all the holy Christian churches ... For there are now all Bull and his books where he roars like a lion, no Christian can be saved without being pope obedient and submissive in all things, everything he wants, everything he says and everything he does. Besides, as said papacy a menneskepåfunn that Scripture does not enjoin, that is not useful, but in vain. For the holy Christian church also without such a head up, and fare better if such a head had not been invented by the devil's help. The papacy is not for the benefit of the churches, for it exercises no Christian office. Therefore, the church must remain and pass without a pope.

Therefore the church can never be better managed and maintained than when we all live under one head, even Christ ... This tutorial shows the piece with the strength that he is the real End Time-Christ, or Motkristus. over and against Christ, he nemelig placed and exalted himself, since he will not let the Christians to be saved without his power. (...) This means to "oppose and exalt himself above God" (2 Thessalonians 2:4), as Paul says All this is because he wants to be Sovereign and govern the Christian church by the power of divine authority. Therefore, he had put himself equal to, yes, put over Christ. He made himself the head and master of the churches and ultimately worldwide. Yes, he even allowed himself to be carried as an earthly god, and dared even to give orders to the angels in heaven. When separating the Pope learn from the teachings of the Holy Scripture, and hold one against the other, one sees that pavel honor, when it is for the best, provided by imperial and heathen law ... Finally, it is nothing more than devilry that he runs with their lies about Sacrifice, purgatory, monasteries and private works and services. He does it over and against God, condemn, deaths and plagues all Christians do not revere his gruel of all things. Just as we worship the devil himself as Lord and God, we will therefore endure his apostle, the Pope, or Antichrist to rule over us as head and master. For lies and murder and eternal destruction of body and soul are hallmarks of the papal regiment, as I have proven in many books.

Final Comment: How evangelical believers be so busy working and "vouch" for the Pope and the Catholic Church? They need to live their lives but to collaborate and provide the saw my column inches for attention without telling the unpleasant and difficult truths, it is to bring people back light. Prayer to Mary, various saints, including the Pope, worship of statues and images are idols. It is the perfect seduction of Satan, who deceives millions of believers all over the world, even today! Give them ten points how the pope will perform their office so the page that further comment is totally unnecessary, think enough that I must write about the Catholic church even more then unfortunately that Protestants are rapidly down to Rome to receive a Jesuit priest blessing of the new Pope!

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