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Nr. 424: The Holy Spirit is blue!

Nr. 424:

The Holy Spirit is blue!

When I ca. 4 years ago was taken x number of years ago I got to see everything from the beginning before anything was. And before anything was there was only where Father and the Holy Spirit was and is a part of God. The blue of the Holy Spirit had I tried to use on our website. See here:


The little boy Colton Burpo did look into the sky. He saw many things: "Among other things, that the Holy Spirit is hard to describe, other than that he's blue!".

Some descriptions Colton Burpo and come here as a report from the newspaper the day:

FACTS ABOUT "The sky is the or'ntli": Original Title: "Heaven is for Real" (2010). Acting on barely four year old Colton Burpo, who in 2003 allegedly was three minutes in heaven. In the U.S., the book sold over six million copies. The Norwegian translation is by far the year's best-selling Christian book in Norway in 2012. In second place is Bible bokmål 2011 hardcover. In the book we read that Colton told his parents that he was outside the body during surgery for a ruptured appendix. He described exactly what his parents were doing at the time, in another part of the hospital. The little boy told of meeting with a sister - no mother had ever told him that she had a miscarriage. Colton surprised the parents with detailed and accurate descriptions of heaven that matched the Bible, even though he had not learned to read.

Here are also some more from what one commentator describes after reading the book:

Colton claims that "Jesus was the only one in heaven who was dressed in purple." Daddy Todd inject so that the Bible is purple royal color. It is true that Jesus was given a purple robe of Pilate and that this was a symbol of an earthly king by the Romans to be mocked, but Jesus will continue with this in the sky? We know from the Gospels that Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James and John, Jesus 'clothes' shiny, perfectly white, as no fuller on earth can make clothes so white. "

But scarlet or purple? Helgenglorien. According to the four year old Colton had everyone in Heaven "a light over his head." Daddy Todd explains the Biblical account of Stephen, who shortly before his death during interrogation of the Sanhedrin were given a "face like an angel's face." Although the reference to the incident with Stephen is fanciful at best, one should also ask whether they are going to heaven walking around with candles on their heads? (Todd acknowledges later that he can not remember Colton said this, but omit it still does not). Angel song on Jesus' lap. Colton says that the angels sang for him when he arrived in heaven. "They sang to me dad, because I was so scared. I felt better afterwards .. when I put on the lap of Jesus." A little boy is scared on the lap of Jesus, and only angel song to comfort him? Wings. Daddy Todd asks his son Colton once how everyone looks in the sky. "Everyone has wings," he replies and says most people look like angels.

It is not difficult to understand that Colton did not have as great Biblical knowledge, but Pastor Todd ought to know better. According to the Bible, not angels wings - just cherubim. What are heavenly beings with wings, by the way? In glorified bodies? Hester. "Hey Dad, did you know that Jesus has a horse?" asks Colton one day. "He has a rainbow horse, and I got the clap. There was a lot of colors." Expecting Dad and Pastor Todd that ordinary Christians should believe in such things? (As recently as this year, Norway was visited by the American preacher Robert Liardon as the 80's also published a book - also published in Norwegian - on his visit to heaven where he met various animals. My former pastor refused the book sold in the parish kiosk) . Todd grabs the narrative in the book of Revelation where the colors of the rainbow is mentioned to solve the mystery.

Gabriel. Colton says that Jesus sits on his "daddy" right side and the left side is the Archangel Gabriel. Rainbows. Colton has been fascinated by rainbows. He begins to ask for a separate rainbow in retrospect, and find that a rainbow appears in the sky the following day. Again takes dad Todd supportive and refers to Revelation: "And he that sat was to look to the sort of jasper and sardius stone, and there was a rainbow round about the throne .."

Here I describe about my experience I had for approx. 4 years ago:

But it is important to think straight. I got a wonderful experience for 2 years makes me for my part makes me even more sure that both the Trinity is wrong and likewise Jesus only doctrine. Jesus alone doctrine is actually more right, but those who believe in the doctrine seems so hard against others, I do not like.

I taught from Revelation and began to look at this with the Trinity again. Then one Saturday morning in March 2009 Well, I was first back in the Spirit to speak. Before everything and saw that it was the Father who was there alone with the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit is a part of him, the clear understanding I received. And Jesus was there when not only the Father alone. The idea of ​​three Gods who found each other out in space and became a God, it is difficult for me to believe in a Big Bang itself. It is and remains nonsense and nonsense. As I see it, it's this: The Father is from before time, Jesus is His firstborn and that is his right hand and reigns, performing and acting on behalf of the Father fully. And who showed us who the Father is when he was here on earth!

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and of the Son Spirit seems that the will of God, his power and maintaining of all life when he is present everywhere and unlimited as God himself!

Final Comment: experiences are important. But it is God's word which is a guideline for life and learning. More sure we have the prophetic ors says the apostle Peter. And we have more sure word of prophecy, which you do well to pay attention. It is like a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts (2 Pet. 1.19).

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