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Nr. 482: Evangelist and singer Helge Ivar Bolsø from Trondheim re-married a Christian, but he will not be preaching longer then a minister must be one woman man!

Nr. 482:

Evangelist and singer Helge Ivar Bolsø from Trondheim re-married a Christian, but he will not be preaching longer then a minister must be one woman man!

The well-known and in many ways expert Helge Ivar Bolsø are divorced and re-married as believers, this is shameful and unbiblical.

Ivar Helge Bolsø

Scripture speaks of a minister should be a woman's husband

Yet it is a sign that become believers and holds a service, and set stricter criteria. It says several places in Paul's teachings that one must be a woman's husband (see Pastoral letters). What?

James says in his epistle chapter 3:1: "My brethren! Not many of you should become teachers! For we know that we will get the stricter judgment. "

The responsibility is huge to be preaching. There is a big difference between being a regular church member and being a preacher. But that's not to say that one is more loved by God, but it has to be true of the responsibility God has given. I believe that God will forgive any sin all. But there are other things that need to be considered, which preaches possess any special responsibility. Would someone in a profane context allowed a pedophile to work with children? No. Equally clear is the Scripture that we should not allow a re-married preacher should preach to other people with a pastoral and teaching responsibilities. That one is Evangelist such as Frank Mang was after he was divorced, we permissible. But do not be installed as Pastor, pastoral or elder. One should not be the leader of the flock and the herd, but be even under a system of inspection.

But when one holds an office as minister, and so a lot is demanded. Therefore James says that not many will be preachers. Why can not a preacher taking liberties only at his own expense, he has a special responsibility upon God and his fellow man.

When it comes to marriage, then it is not permissible for a minister to marry again under any circumstances, then disqualifies him for the office he has received. It's like a runner cut off his legs, he is no longer fit to be a sportsman, if he wants to. A minister should be the husband of one wife, we see Paul teaches about time after time. (1 Tim. 3.2 and Titus 1:6).

It is also about possessing the right attitude, not just a lot of experiences. Where is menighetstukten? Bolsø and all other gjengiftetde could and should have been refused to be part of God's church in an active ministry. Why practice than not the word of God? Weakness, cowardice and lack of respect for God and his word is foundational.

"Old" divorced men go after young women is a clear trend in Christian churches in Norway!

This I wrote some years ago:

Why do more and more old divorced priests and preachers have younger partners?

Now I've seen anything new lately, it's that older preachers stand and marry younger sisters in the Lord, these sin unto death? I think at the last preacher who has divorced and married a young sister, it's Albert Aanensen.


Allowing gjengiftetde preachers is not to give Satan the little finger so he takes my hand. But it is to give Satan both the hand and little finger. In Luke 16.18 it is right that whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. Remarriage among preachers is worse than homosexuality in the world when it is done by those who will be near the Lord!

Yes, those sins to death.

1. Joh. B. 5 16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life - I mean those who sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: it is not about who I say that he should pray.

Albert Aanensen (40), divorced and married now with Marita Johnsen (27), though he has four children from his first marriage. Bishop Per Oskar Kjølaas (62) got married again with Jill Sæterbø (41). Maran-Ata preacher Dag Arne Saltnes (53) remarried and sing and testify even though he's married again even with a divorcee. Pastor Jan Hanvold (60) married Inger (42) again for 3 time. Not third time with tournaments, but it's his third wife who preaches. It says in scripture that a Pastor should be a woman's husband. We can now rewrite to let be the following, that he should have one wife at a time but he can change them as he desires and will. The activities of Hanvold can not approve his 3 marriage, even if he gain the whole world! At no more see that there is a huge Satanic hoax, it's me incomprehensible!

Pentecost Board Rolf Haakonsen (86) married a lady about. 10 years younger, he is just one in a series of many. If we include Evangelisenteret in Norway and what has happened in the wake of former addicts who have been "saved" it is like a long painful years of divorce and remarriage on several occasions for a single person such as Jostein Kirkenes (46) and other . For me it is incomprehensible and completely Disclaimer going on today! Pentecostal preacher January Aage Torp (53) married Aina Lanton (30) again after divorce from his first wife whom he had been married for 28 years. All those sins to death and will take any other over into following them. That's what makes it so alarming and seductive with these preachers. It's not just that they lead themselves to destruction, but both his 20 years younger new wives. But all that goes under their preaching will be affected in the same direction, therefore we warn against it in the strongest.

What is the sin unto death? It is to confess sin but not to repent from it, it is a sin unto death. When a separated confess his sin, and make a second marriage, when he goes into sin and sins to death. This is doing Satan's work.

There are so many preachers that I know who have remarried after divorce, it's like a bad year. A priest has Trygve Hellesøy (married for 2nd time), Sveinung Ramstad (married for 2nd time), Kent Morgan Johnsen (2nd time), Jan Eriksen (married for the 5th time), Terje Berntsen (married for 2nd time ), Asbjørn Skjortnes (married for 2nd time), Harald Hareide (married for 2nd or 3rd time), John Langerud (married for 2nd or 3rd time), Monika Karlsen (married for 2nd time), Runar Søgård (married for 2nd time), Ivar Helmersen (married for the 2nd time), Jon Egil Brevik (married for the 3rd time), Sten Klevaas-Olsen (married for 2nd or 3rd time), Jan Hagen (married for 2 . again), Arvid Fosse (married for the 2nd time), Jon Welo (married for 2nd time), Sten Sorensen (married for 2nd time) etc. and there are also those who marry divorcee who Tore Kristiansen, Holger Johansen and more. If we include the English-speaking world as blasts we accepted material in an article, tragic! Carl Fredrik Wisløff died of old age. He wrote a short article in the newspaper the day a few years ago, as far as I remember the title Let's be clear. He concluded, based on the word of God, that it's not Christians cohabit: If one partner is not Christian. It is a sin which is death. Furthermore, it is also remarriage while the other spouse lives sin unto death. When preachers get married again so they drag many with them in the undertow!

What about the many men and women in senior positions in the churches, who are divorced, remarried and that God uses the service? When we read Matt.7 0.21 to 23: "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord! shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my heavenly Father. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord! have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many mighty works in your name? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me, ye that work iniquity "anointing and gifts is also no acknowledgment of God in the jurisprudence or the right lifestyle. Cf. Balaam, Samson, King Saul.

How was it that allowed remarriage among the preachers? We can provide such Ludvik Karlsen and Evangelisenteret guilty. Ludvik Karlsen allowed remarriage in a large scale, and was Pastor at most five parishes where he got all up again and it was so much adultery that he probably died in the end because of their disobedience to the Lord. These are harsh words, but still true.

Now leaving soon all Christendom Norway by Lise Karlsen, Norvald Yri, David Ostby, Arvid Berntsen, Emanuel Minos to Vision Norway where Pastor Jan Hanvold living in open sin and displaced pavements his sin even when they are asked about this on the channel. All these preachers are trying to legalize sin and are about even to come under the same judgment as Hanvold and the new wife is. To teach the word of God, then all that goes with Hanvold in one way or another, involved in his sin, and they will all get the same sentence, even Emanuel Minos is now a servant of Satan for what scripture teaches. 2. Joh. 10 If any man come to you and bring not this doctrine, then take not receive him in your house, and bid him not welcome! 11 for those who bid him welcome, being an accomplice with him in his evil deeds.

When it is "in" and popular preachers and make himself a new lady love is 20 years younger and it is accepted in the broad strata of the Christian people as witnesses there that we have come right into the time that the Bible describes here:

Matt. 24. 11 and many false prophets will arise and lead many astray! This met our eyes. And the audience believe in nonsense. It also says the prophecy, "and lead many astray." Why do people continue to believe in something that they themselves have set wrong? And why do people continue to believe in something that once again proves to be wrong? Defects do not seem to have the slightest importance. It says something about these false prophets' power and influence in some people's minds. The fact that these "prophets" referred to in the Bible as false, and a frightening picture of what we are talking about. Prophets are either true prophets and false prophets. There is nothing between the two. True prophets are prophets of God. They hear God's voice and tell what God has said to them. False prophets do not have this connection. Whether they are directly influenced by the devil in the belief that they are in contact with God, or they are influenced by evil ideas. The result is the same. The false prophets are apparently not aware that they are false prophets. But instead of taking the hint if there is something wrong with them, they owe that they have misunderstood something. No biblical prophets claim to have misunderstood God. Daniel was sick because he almost could not live with what God had said. They brag and speak openly about their sin and their new spouse. How can one be deceived Christians before Norway starts reacting?

We should not really even ask for them, but fly for our life's sake to even be saved for time and eternity!

I've pointed remarriage of believers who sin! I have pointed out re-married by believers as sin but that of course is just the tip of an iceberg of sin that are accepted, accepted and overlooked among Protestant believers. But when the actual to be and is clear to everyone is allowed, what about everything else that is also hidden and not obvious? Will eventually include some scriptures regarding this topic.

1. Cor. 7. 10 To the married I give this decree, yet not I, but the Lord: A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife. Luke 16 18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. 1. Tim. 5. 7 Also this should be more vigilant, so that they shall come with accusations against them. 8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. Scripture is very clear here and not least when it comes to the shepherds of the church of God. Gjengiftetde or ministers who are married to divorced as believers are worse than unbelievers empty. Should such be able and allowed to be preachers and shepherds of the church of God? Never!

Why is it so rare and not always the consequences of these? The Christian sleeps a spiritual sleep and is not at full spiritual awareness. Is this skjøgekristendommen that the book of Revelation chapter 17-18 is talking about? I'm convinced. Could mentioned more by name here but it is not necessary as this is so prevalent today and this invokes the Lord's wrath and judgment of the evangelical Christians in Norway and all others who agree and accept remarriage among believers. Then in particular among preachers that judgment and the reward is more just and more extensive among shepherds and teachers in the church of God.

1. Tim. 5. 17 Oldest are good leaders in the church, deserves double reward, particularly those dealing with preaching and teaching. James 3 1. Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we teachers should get as much stricter judgment.

This entry is from Satan and demons are behind it.

1. Tim. 4. 1. Now the Spirit clear words that in the latter times some will fall away from the faith, as they hold themselves to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

Furthermore, Scripture says that this will be very widespread in the end time, the time before Jesus comes again.

2. Tim. 3. But know this, that in the last days there will be difficult times. 2 a For men shall be lovers, 4 b, opblåste, lovers of pleasure louder than God, 5 having a form of godliness, but denying its power - and these shall turn thee from.

Note that di must love God. I think that Emanuel Minos and Jan Hanvold love God, but they do not love God's word above all is why they say the font selfish and inflated and causes both himself and all others to perdition with everything they stand for and preach. What scripture says we should do? Pray for them and bless them? No, we must turn from them as fast as possible and take us as far away from them that we never have anything to do with them. They should be left to himself and Satan, so it's possible that they can find salvation for themselves! But you are going with Jesus, having never anything to do with them, they are actually already judged and if you go with them you will fall under their judgment with your life sooner or later dear friend. Therefore, take this to your heart and let this become a reality in your life!

I have lost over 100 Facebook friends after I have made that marriage is lifelong for what God's Word teaches, until death do us part! Had a dream two years ago in which all Christendom Norway with all the preachers and other senior people raging against me. Many of them were transformed into scorpions and other reptiles. January Hanvold resembled a hybrid that he was half horse and half man (Centaurs are a mixture of horse and man - half horse and half man). It tells me that there are demonic forces are behind all forms of remarriage among the faithful, as in particular among the preachers!

This I have mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg on this subject! Some call it legal, if one does not believe in the word of God gives permission for remarriage for us as believers. In the OT there were other things that mattered. We read that King David had several wives, and Solomon had multiple wives. For Solomon was a pity, because he was not allowed to have as many wives and that they did not belong to Israel. It was directly against God's word. Furthermore, we read that those who were divorced, would give the other party divorce letter. And then they would not reconcile. The opposite of what is in the NT and the new covenant.

What does the word of God? Before becoming a Christian, you live in your sins and transgressions. And what you do as unsaved, it will be removed the day you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. But for one who is a believer, then he / she is a child of light, and to walk like that. Here there may be divorce, if one party wants it. But it is to remarry again, which is a pity. Then someone in a difficult relationship, where one will be a Christian, but not the other. Then you can let one go, but remarriage is and remains a sacrilegious act. It applies primarily if one has been entered into the marriage in an unsaved condition. But being a believer in marriage. But the other party will not be. When the marriage is still valid, but one should ask for the other, that he should find salvation and forth to each other.

As believers, it is a word that stands above all the words in marriage: "Forgiveness".

If one enters a difficult relationship, then speak the word of God again and again for forgiveness. It's wrong to speak of a guilty and innocent parties. Who can decide? That which Jesus speaks is "hard hearts". If it turns out that there are problems, then it is possible to go to the Lord and help. And if not, then it is not impossible to live single. Perhaps for a time. It may be appropriate for some time apart, a separation.

For the Lord is mighty, and it is his desire to bring both parties back together. (End of quote).

Final Comment: Who is this Bolsø? This old man who divorces and marries a much younger woman? Here, an old Pentecostal and Maran-Ata Preacher choose, contrary to the word of God to remarry after a divorce. But not only that, the one who is much younger than himself. Here is a pattern that is obscene, demonic and fleshly!

Scripture says such we shall speak first to the right, and then turn from it!

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