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No. 1709: It feels like we have reached a milestone, and now laid the foundation for further work and service for God and the Lord Jesus Christ!

No. 1709: 
It feels like we have reached a milestone, and now laid the foundation for further work and service for God and the Lord Jesus Christ! 

I met lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas and asked him about the verdict against me. He said clearly that it was completely wrong to use that law parade against me, it was an abuse.If Torp had done the right thing, and the courts had followed Norwegian law.Then Torp had to sue me in court for a civil lawsuit for injurious claims, not to violate section 390a.Anyone who is frightening or annoying or other reckless behavior violates another's peace.

Picture of media lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas.

 After we were "finished" to publish on Norwegian Bible comments on all the books in the Bible, Bible and Sound file of all the books in the Bible.The 66 books belonging to our Bible. So it feels and feels that my joy is perfect. It is as if we have achieved a lot of goals, and we can start again for future tasks, opportunities and services for God and people.At the same time, it has revealed that the believers are very cowardly, and when a brother like me has come to an end, being persecuted by fake brothers, authorities and others. So, unfortunately, one can count on very little help, support and consideration from other believers.But at the same time, this also saw the apostle Paul, we read in the word of God.2 Tim. 4 16 In my first defense there was none with me, but all left me; guess it must not be charged to them! 17 But the Lord stood by me, and strengthened me, that the preaching might be fulfilled by me, and all the people heard it, and I was freed out of the lion's gap. 18 The Lord will deliver me from all evil works and deliver me into his heavenly kingdom; him be the glory forever and ever! Amen.Notice the words of the apostle "but all left me"!That the word of God is so striking, also to me / us is striking. What happened?We started a "campaign" against revered publishers around 2010 and beyond. This did not go unnoticed with Satan and the Evil spirits.There they got on several, bla. Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp who himself was and is divorced and renegotiated as a believer.What did Torp do? First, he tried to make me stop writing by asking me to chat with me. We meet over a cup of coffee and cake.When this did not go, what did he do then?Hat The pastor went to the police with false accusations, having found some words I had written about him. As he notified me, there was never a "crowd" of writing. But that I had called him for Horkarl, Narresist, leper and various other things. As the police went on the "limpin" right away, they could catch someone who believed in Jesus. When the world and Satan are always ready, take someone who believes in Jesus, it is most common with them.I was appointed Brynjar Meling as my lawyer, who in the aftermath was a big mistake in the sense that his argumentation was merely an act. They allowed him to hold on and the jersey he brought was 120% correct.That meant nothing, I should be judged about the paragraph that they judged me was a different paragraph than what I had done.That they let Meling get out for hours, it did not mention in the judgment. Just something they found out afterwards that it was repeated for many times the same, so I was a lawyer and was to be judged. This is Norway's greatest justice word. I am charged with one thing the court dealt with just about law enforcement. Then I was convicted of something that the court did not discuss for a second, amount of writings. Greater justice words than this are not possible.On top of all, all Christian newspapers write about this largely, not least our country, the day and the cross victory. But what happens then? It is deeply deeply tragic that the believers do not see that this is a Spirit Camp, where Satan entered into the Christian marriage, me and our freedom of expression and belief!The Apostle Paul experienced the same as me, but he was shortly afterwards killed. But here God has held his hand over me and my family, we are allowed to work and proclaim as before, "Satan obviously" forgot "that he should not just judge me. But that judgment should put its limitations, talk about forgetting the most important thing! It was too "easy" to get me judged, "Satan forgot" the most important thing. To get me shut to continue to proclaim the word of God untouched. 

Final Comment: 

2 crowns. 16. 9a. For the eyes of the Lord perish over all the earth, that with his power he can support those whose heart is completely with him. 

I have enough mistakes to calculate a part here, but also learn a lot. Are you clean yourself, have not released sin, wickedness or Satan into your life, then Satan can never really touch you. You win win anyway!It's fine that much could have been done differently, not least, and been my own lawyer as this was a Spirit Camp. Not a "normal" trial, since I have never broken any Norwegian law or paragraph above. Everything is just an act to get me. But fortunately, they fail!Therefore, I can go ahead, proclaim the word of God and convey the message

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