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No. 1708: The capture of the Third World War, the Gog war is underway, now a Russian plane was shot down and Israel is blamed!

No. 1708: 
The capture of the Third World War, the Gog war is underway, now a Russian plane was shot down and Israel is blamed! 

Picture from war - which will be like a little kinaputt against what comes with the great tribulation that will include World War 3 at the Gog War and World War Four and the last World War, the 4th of the Armageddon battle. After the last world war, people will be rare on earth before the coming 1000 years of the empire.

Isaiah 24. Behold, the Lord drains the earth, and puts it desolate; He changes his form and adsorbs those who live on it. 2 Then the priest as the people, the lord the servant, the wife as the maid of honor, the seller as the buyer, the borrower as the lender, the governor as his debtor. 3 Empty, yea, the earth shall be emptied, and plundered, and looted; for the Lord has spoken this word. 4 The earth is mourning and fading away; earthly sicknesses and fades away; the utmost of those who dwell on the earth are sickening away. 5 And the earth is profaned among them that dwell therein; for they have violated the laws, transgressed the commandment, broken the eternal covenant. 6 Therefore the curse consumes the earth, and the inhabitants thereof shall be fined; therefore the peasants burn and there are only a few people left. 

From ABS News:Russian authorities accuse Israel of an "international provocation" after a Russian plane was shot down by the Syrian missile defense accidentally.According to the Russian Department of Defense, Israeli airplanes pushed the Russian reconnaissance plane into an area where it was subjected to missiles from the Syrian Air Force.Israel used the Russian plane as a shield, the ministry argues, calling the event of "an international provocation".A spokesman said Israeli fighters used the Russian plane as coverage so they avoided being hit by the Soviet-produced Syrian missile defense while attacking targets in Syrian Latakia province.15 Russians lost their livesThere were 15 people aboard the Russian plane, which was a reconnaissance plane of the type Il-20. The plane crashed in the Mediterranean, where there was a search operation on Tuesday. Everyone on board is believed to be dead.- As a result of the irresponsible acts of the Israeli military, 15 Russian soldiers died. We consider these provocative acts of Israel as hostile, "said spokesman for the Russian military, Igor Konasjenkov.A statement from the military also states that Russia reserves the right to repay the attack against Israel.Syria shot down Russian military aircraft by accident- One minute noticeIsrael is also accused of giving only one minute's notice before the attack was initiated, which would have made it impossible for the Russian plane to get away.The plane that was shot down is a four-engine propeller plane, not unlike the American Orion.(quote ending). 

Israel answers and gives Syria and Iran the blame, as right and right. 

From Reset:Israeli authorities express grief over the 15 who died when a Russian plane was shot down by Syrian air defense and blamed for the Syrian regime and Iran.- Israel expresses sorrow of the dead crew on the Russian plane shot down Monday night by Syrian Antiluftskyts, the first official statement from the Israeli army said Tuesday.Israel keeps the Assad regime whose military shot down the Russian plane, fully responsible for this incident. Israel also holds Iran and the Hezbollah terrorist organization responsible for this unfortunate event, it is called on.Israel also contests the Russian version of the incident, which states that Israeli fighters used the Russian plane as a shield for even avoiding being hit."During the attack on targets in Latakia, the Russian plane was hit, out of reach of our operation," the statement said.advertisement"When the Syrian army sent up missiles who hit the Russian plane, Israeli airplanes were already back in Israeli airspace," says the statement from Israel.Russia owes Israel to the shooting. Russia responded to calling Israel's ambassador to Moscow on the rug and with defense minister Sergei Sjoigu calling his Israeli counterpart to say he is holding Israel in charge.(quote ending). 

This is of course the recording of the Third World War we see, and unfortunately most people are not aware of it, as they have not studied the scripture, the word of God.2 Pet. 1. 19 And our fastest, we have the prophetic word which you do well to act as in a light shining in a dark place, until the day lights up and the morning goes up in your hearts 20 as you know first and foremost That no prophecy in Scripture is given to your own interpretation; 21 For no prophetic word has ever been obtained by the will of man, but the men of the holy God spoke the power of the Holy Ghost.We have written relatively much about this, in several articles and in my Bible remarks, John Revelation.Take the time to put yourself in these very dramatic, exciting and powerful events that we find that the word of God refers beforehand
it happens.http: //blog.janchristensen.net/2013/05/nr-616-the-bryggeropp-til-en-tredje.htmlhttp: //blog.janchristensen.net/2014/09/nr-860 -3-and-4 world war-will-do-not-go.htmlAre also recommends a book that we have free-standing available to anyone who reviews these events.http: //janchristensen.net/index2.php? Page = links Book of the Great Prophecies of the Bible - John F. Walvoord. Russia's last attempt at world rule! Background In the twentieth century, Russia's growth and fall, the largest and most significant state in the former Soviet Union, has been a major factor in world history. The dominant Russian state will survive and occupy a central place in the events. It is the great power north of Israel. The dramatic prophetic picture of Russia's last attempt on world rule, described in Ezekiel 38.1-39.24, is placed in a prophetic context that relates to Israel's restoration. In Ezekiel 37,1-28, Israel's restoration as a nation and their resurrection from the dead in time for the second coming is symbolic by the valley with the dry legs, those who are awakened alive. Following the description of the wars of Russia in Ezekiel 38.1-39.24, another prophecy of Israel's assembly in their country comes as a stage in the restoration. Conflict with Russia is thus seen in this end-time perspective. Politically, the fast-paced events in the end of time form the background of the war. In the end, ten nations will merge under a Roman ruler and form a resurrected Roman Empire. This ruler will enter into a seven-year peace agreement with Israel, as it is stated in Daniel 9,27. Some time during these seven years preceding the second coming, Russia will attack Israel. The last seven years will be divided into two halves. The first half becomes a peacetime, while the other will be the great tribulation that will culminate with Armageddon. As prophesied in Ezekiel 38, Russia will attack Israel in a peacetime, in an attempt to conquer the country and establish a dominant position in the Middle East. Although Israel is far superior to the countries around, one has long feared the possibility of a Russian attack. Russia has lost much of its glory as world power, but the country still constitutes a formidable power factor that can break a small country like Israel, if it happens by a surprising attack, as Ezekiel describes. An in-depth study of the chapter reveals a lot about end-time events that lead to the Second Coming of Christ. The invasion force of Ezekiel writes that the main force of the military invasion army attacking Israel will come from the land Magg: "The word of the Lord came to me, and it sounded like this: Son of man, Turn your face to Gog in the land of Magog, the prince of Ros, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him! You must say. Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, Gog, reign over Ros, Meshech, and Tubal. I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws and carry you out with all your army, horses and riders, all of them dressed in a fairy dress, a large crowd with big and small shields, all with swords in hand "(38.1- 4) .The names of Russia and the Soviet Union do not appear in Scripture, but this description of the invasion army is suitable for Russia. The military invasion is led by "Gog," which refers to the leader, and "Magog's land", which refers to the area from which he comes. Magog is referred to as one of Jafet's sons in Genesis 10.2 and in the first chronicles book 1.5. There are two references to this in Ezekiel 38,2,6 and finally in John's revelation 20.8. Gog as ruler is described as "Prince of Roses, Meshek, and Tubal" (Ezek. 38,2). Since Ros, or Rosh, is the root of the modern word Russia, there seems to be a connection with this country north of Israel. Gog is also related to "Mesek" and "Tubal" (verse 2). Some have found that one is a variant of Moscow, while Tubal resembles Tobolsk, an area of ​​Ural in Russia. Although identification is uncertain, Tubal seems to refer to the old shooters who traveled north from the Middle East and ended in the area currently described as Russia. The invasion force from Russia is supported by armies from five other countries. Persia (Esek 38,5) is easy to identify. It is modern Iran, which, although located east of Israel, can easily join Russia in an attack from the north. Ethiopia is included (verse 5). One thinks of Cush or Ethiopia as the people who lived in an area between Egypt and the Red Sea. Geographically, they are thus south of Israel, but it will not be difficult to transport the sea force so that it can join Russia in the attack. Libya is also mentioned (verse 5). Gomer (verse 6) is often identified as the ancient chimeras, who once lived in Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. The Tram Force (verse 6) was a nation that lived just north of Israel and was well placed to participate in the invasion. Any invasion of Israel shows lack of respect for the God of Israel and fits into Russia's atheist background in the twentieth century. Geography of the army
Background, the theological point of view and the terms used to describe them provide the full proof that the force comes from Russia and invades Israel from the north. In support of this, you have the information that the invasion force comes from "the far north" (Ezek 38,6,15; 39,2). As Israel is not so many hundred kilometers from Russia, the description of a nation in the far north, seen from Israel, can not mean anyone other than Russia. It is also interesting that Moscow is located just north of Jerusalem. The ancient weapons of war Although the description of the invasion force is such that it is relatively easy to identify it, the problem lies in the interpretation of the paragraph in the fact that the author describes the use of old-fashioned weapons. This is what is stated in the introductory section: "I will turn around and put hooks in your jaws and carry you out with all your army, horses and riders, all of them dressed in a great crowd with big and small shields, all with swords in hand. Persia, Ethiopia and Libya are with them, all with shield and helmet. Gomer and all its crowds, the people of the Tram of the Far East, and all its crowds, many peoples are with you "(Ezek 3: 4-6). The fact that the army is equipped with these old-fashioned weapons of war instead of modern weapons has meant that many do not regard the description here as literally. Instead of tanks, they are on horseback, which in Russia's case does not pose particular difficulties, as Russia still uses cavalry as part of the military force. But the shields, swords and helmets do not indicate that it is a modern army. Some have tried to explain the word usage by saying that Esekiel described the critic in terms he understood and that we must exchange the expressions with those who design modern weapons. As the description progresses, more weapons are added, such as arcs and arrows, spears and spears (Esek 39,9). The fact that these weapons will be burned later (verse 9) make it difficult to accept them as images of modern weapons, as these are usually metal and not wood. The final answer may not be in an attempt to explain this section of history, but merely state that it indicates that before this war there will be a major disarmament in the world. Under such conditions, if Russia wants to attack Israel and lacks modern weapons, one can quickly fabricate large quantities of weapons of this kind and equip the army with them. The main idea of ​​the section, however, does not change with the description of the weapons. Israel described as a peaceful and unsuspecting nation In trying to determine the time of this war in the prophetic schedule, it is important to note the importance of Israel living in peace when the invasion happens. Apparently the attack is unexpected. Israel is not military prepared for this. There is no mention that the invaders encounter resistance. Instead, Israel is described as a nation who lives in peace: "Rest and complete everything, you and all your crowds who have gathered with you. You must be their guardian. When a long time has passed, you must be patterned. By the end of the years you shall come to a land which is redeemed from the sword. Its people are gathered from many peoples, up upon the mountains of Israel, as if you were desolate. But now it's taken from the people, and they live there safely. This is what you should pull up. You will come as a cloud, like a cloud, you will hide the land, you and all your multitudes and many peoples with you "(Ezek. 38: 7-9). The invasion force is anxious to attack Israel, but the land of Israel is described as an area "liberated from the sword," and the people of Israel are described as "gathered from many peoples, upon the mountains of Israel, to which you were desolate." Israel is further described as a people "brought forth from the people, and they all live safely" (Ezek. 38,8). As pointed out earlier, this corresponds with the prophetic image of the first half of the seven years leading to Christ's Second Coming. This will be a time of peace, when Israel lives in a covenant with the ruler over the ten nations. The fact that Israel lives in peace is further described in the mention of the invasion force: "Thus says the Lord Yahweh: In that day thoughts shall rise in your heart, and you shall conceive an evil plan, saying," I will go up to a land With open cities, I want to come across peaceful people who live safely, as everyone lives without walls and neither have bombs nor gates - to rob and rob and take a rampage to turn your hand against ruins that are rebuilt, and against a people gathered together from the peoples who have gathered feathers and goods living on the belly of the earth "(Ezek. 38: 10-12). The cities of Israel are described as without walls, which corresponds to the current situation, when walls no longer hold intruders away (verse 11). It is also said that there are "peaceful people who live safely, as all live without walls and neither have bombs nor gates" (verse 11). They live in a country described as "ruins rebuilt", and the people are said to be "gathered from the nations" (verse 12). A
This is more consistent with the situation Israel experiences during the peace agreement with the ruler over the ten nations. It is clear that this is a political situation in which not only Israel is attacked, but the entire tistat group that controls the Middle East at this time. This supports the idea that we have Russia's last desperate attempt to conquer the world. Israel is described as "my (God's) people Israel" who "lives safe" (verse 14). The purpose of invasion The section describing this future war makes it clear that those who invade seek material gain. It is said that they have decided to "rob and rob and take revenge, to turn your hand against ruins rebuilt, and to a people gathered from the peoples who have gathered fairy and goods that live on the belly of the earth "(Ezek. 38:12). In verse 13, they are described as taking braces, silver and gold, fairy and goods. The great numerical supremacy of the invasion army is described as follows: "As a storm shall you come, as a cloud, you shall conceal the land" (verse 9). The army is said to come from "many peoples". It will be "a great crowd and a tall army" (verse 15). Even if they are looking for material gain, it is really God who draws them into the war: "And you shall come up against my people Israel like a cloud and hide the land. In the last days it will happen. Then I will let you come over my land, that the people may come to know me when I reveal my holiness to you, Gog! "(Verse 16). The prophet describes The prophet describes in detail what will happen when this mighty the army invades the land of Israel: "But on that day, when Gog is coming over the land of Israel, says the Lord Yahweh, my wrath will rise in my presence. And in my jealousy, in my burning anger I say, Surely in that day there shall be a great earthquake over the land of Israel. The fish of the sea, and the birds of the sky, and the beasts of the field, and all the creeping things that are upon the earth, and all the inhabitants of the earth shall tremble before me. The mountains shall fall, and the mountains shall fall down, and every wall shall fall to the ground. And I will call upon him the sword upon all my mountains, saith the Lord Jehovah. The one's sword must be turned to the other. And they will know that I am the Lord. I will deal with him with plague and blood, and with a rinse of rain and hail stones. I will make fire and sulfur over him and his multitudes, and upon the many nations that are with him "(Ezekiel 38: 18-22). As evident from prophecy, the invasion will awaken God's wrath (Ezek. 38:18) ) and there are a number of disasters. First, there will be a great earthquake in the land (Ezek. 38:19). This earthquake will affect fish, birds, animals and all creatures on the ground. The mountains are bursting and building walls fall (verse 20). The next great judgment from God leads to confusion in the multinational army, so that they begin to fight each other: "The sword of the one shall turn to the other" (Ezek. 38,21). In the confusion that arises in connection with the earthquake, it is easy to understand that the troops can begin to fight each other. A third sentence comes across the army in the form of plague and bloodshed. God will use a plague against the enemies of Israel, which has also been used in other situations (eg Isaiah 37:36). On top of all this, there is a judgment from God in the form of rubbish rain and hailstones and burning sulfur (Ezek. 38,22). Although it seems like natural disasters for the army, it is God's supernatural deeds that are triggered. As illustrated in John's Revelation 16.21, unusually large hail can be deadly. The burning sulfur reminds of the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19:24). Some have interpreted the burning sulfur as a result of the earthquake triggering slumbering volcanoes, so they spell out their burning fire. No matter how to explain this, the result is clear. The invasion army is destroyed. God uses this as a means of demonstrating his power to the people: "And I will reveal my greatness and my holiness, and make me known to the eyes of many people, and they shall know that I am the Lord" (Ezek. 38:23). The invasion army is destroyed The prophecy continues. Now the complete destruction of the invasion army is described: "I will turn your bow out of your left hand and let your arrows fall out of your right hand. In the mountains of Israel you shall fall, you and all your multitudes and the peoples who are with you. I give you food for all birds of prey and for the wild animals of the field. On the ground you must fall. For I have spoken, says the Lord the Lord "(Ezek. 39.3-5). When God attacks the attackers, they will release their arcs and arrows. Their dead bodies become food for vultures and wildlife. In verse 4 it is stated that the whole army will be wiped out and that no one will survive: "In the mountains of Israel you shall fall, you and all your multitudes and peoples who are with you." After the battle After it has been established that God's purpose is to proclaim power in his holy name (Ezek. 39,7-8), saying that what remains after the battle will be sufficient fuel for seven years: "Then shall those who live in IsrAel cities, go out and burn fire and keep it alight with armor and small and large shields, with bows and arrows and spears and spears, and they will keep the fire on fire for seven years. They shall not catch wood from the field, neither shall they chop in the woods, but with the armor they shall keep the fire burning. They shall rob them that robbed them, and rob them that have robbed them, saith the Lord Jehovah. "(Verses 9-10) .The announcement that the fire will last for seven years, asks a little about how this should be understood in relation to Christ's Second Coming, as it appears to be that the attack will take place towards the end of it before the three and a half year period of the seven years preceding the second coming. That means there is enough time for it to burn up before the second coming. But the burning does not in itself create a prophetic timetable, and even after Christ's second coming, life will go on and it becomes necessary to have heat. This is therefore no objection to placing the invasion towards the end of the first three and a half years. The prophecy describes in detail how the dead are to be buried (Ezek. 39: 11-16). It will take seven months to bury the dead, and after that one will still find dead bodies to be buried. The scene is similar to the one describing Christ's Second Coming, when the vultures are invited to attach to dead bodies (verses 17-20). However, it is something completely different from that described in John's revelation 20.7-9, when the earth is destroyed immediately after the war mentioned. God's purpose of destroying the invasion army Ezekiel quotes God, as in the destruction of the invasion army proclaims its resistance to evil and his desire to restore Israel: "I will reveal my glory among the nations, and all the people shall see the judgment which I have held, and my hand as I have put upon them. And the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord your God, from that day and in the future. The people will realize that it was for their iniquity. The house of Israel was abducted. It was because they had been unfaithful to me, so I hid my face before them and gave them into the hand of their enemies. And they fell for the sword all together. This I did with them because of their uncleanness and their transgressions, and I hid my face for them "(39,21-24). Collection of Israel Ezekiel continues to describe how God will restore Israel:" Therefore says the Lord the Lord: Now I will put an end to the captivity of Jacob, and will rejoice over all the house of Israel, and I will envy my holy name. They shall bear their shame and all the wickedness they have shown against me when they live safely in their land, and no one despises them. When I bring them back from the people, and gather them from the land of their enemies, and reveal my holiness to them in the eyes of many people, they shall know that I am the Lord your God. For I have taken them to the people, but gathered them again to their land, and I will not let any of them return. I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, says the Lord Jehovah. "This seems to be fulfilled at the second coming. Although some details in this prophetic report are not necessarily clear, the outcome of the battle is clear. Russia's last attempt at world rule completely fails. Their armies are broken, and even in their own country, they will be exposed to fire from heaven (Ezek. 39.6). The final form of pagan power will follow as the tinning group becomes world government. Russia may have been a hindrance to this, and the fact that they are now completely eliminated can explain how the dictators in the tinational group can proclaim themselves as rulers all over the world without resistance. This war may well be the springboard that causes the ruler of the Middle East to come to power for the last three and a half years before Christ's Second Coming. During that period, Israel will undergo a terrible tribulation, and the world will largely be destroyed. Since this prophecy has never been fulfilled earlier, its fulfillment is a reminder that God is still on the throne and that there will be a settlement with God's enemies in the time of God and in God's way.

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