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No. 1707: Editor in the newspaper Our country Alf Gjøsund attacks "Pentecost" Pentecostals, and "lifts" up today's Pentecosts as relevant, healthy and well educated!

No. 1707: 
Editor in the newspaper Our country Alf Gjøsund attacks "Pentecost" Pentecostals, and "lifts" up today's Pentecosts as relevant, healthy and well educated! 

Alf Gjøsund, editor of the newspaper Our Country, praises today's Pentecosts as if he is blind to his eyes. While actually descending on "yesterday's" Pentecostals.This is what I want to say, dirty lies. The truth is that there are many Pentecostalists today who live far away from the life of faith that "Pentecost" Pentecost lived.Joh.e. 8. 44 You have the devil of father, and you will make your father's lusts; He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth; for truth is not in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and liar's father.He praises Øystein Gjerme and Salt Church in Bergen. I have only heard Gjerme once, it was at the Pentecostal conference in Mariager in Denmark. To say that, what I experienced in the 1980s on the Hedemark top of positively and well, Gjerme's proclamation is miles away from this. In other words, Gjøsund claims and claims that "peculiar" views give less "spirituality", it is a direct lie in the evil one.The truth is to follow God's Word, in all parts. That is what creates true spiritual growth and progress. If one lived 2,000 years ago. 100 years ago, thirty years ago or living today.Gjøsund also runs a game of rendering, since he really believes that those who claim anything but he is "peculiar", little humble and lacking everything. It is as if we are blindfolded, as we should never really promote our views as this creates conflict, difficulty and unrest.But it is always through this, as Gjøsund contends that the kingdom of God and the church of God have had and prospered!

This writes Alf Gjøsund:The new Pentecostals

The whole article here:http://www.verdidebatt.no/innlegg/11739574-de-nye-pinsevennene

This weekend it became evident in a 12-page report in the ¬Bergens Tidende. "While the church benches are empty other places, Øystein Gjerme holds four worship services every Sunday" are the introductory words.What happens when a Christian movement, which basically consists of laymen with a working class background, suddenly experiences an explosion in the level of education?It is only now that the dust from the faith movement has passed, that we see the answer. And we see it in the younger part of the membership. There is a big distance between those we meet in the Salt churches - we are talking about the new mainstream Pentecost - and the Pentecostals we meet on Jan Hanvold's TV channel Vision Norway.Firstly:At Salt's worship services we meet a Pentecostal movement that has tinted down the part of distinctive that could scare people. Tunetale and healings, falling and hallelujah are partly gone, partly moved to the private sphere.Having followed the congregation in Bergen closely for a year, I have discovered such a striking development feature: Preaching concentrates on what is common Christian.It is not without reason that ¬hovedpastor Øystein ¬Gjerme - who is at full speed in ¬Pinsebevegelsen's elite division of leaders - is equally welcome at the youth association's youth festival as at the pinevennen's own collections.If you had visited the Salt Communion first Pentecost this year, you would hear Gjerme talk that the Holy Spirit makes people become concerned with Jesus. Thus, about the same as you would have heard in Normality or the Evangelical Lutheran church.More humbleGjerme is not concerned with what separates the Pinse movement from the rest of the Christian-Norway. Instead, he speaks up the festivals of the Church, the hymn and other churches. Perhaps he speaks more concretely about being a Christian in everyday life than a Norwegian average priest, but never in a way that would make the latter to take a distance.I do not think this is merely tactics for achieving church growth, a kind of method of being able to embrace the widest possible. It is true that these highly educated people are used to critical criticism, they consider intuitive questions from several sides. Therefore, they also understand that distinctive positions that separate Christians can not defend the split they have caused.It does not mean that Salt has left the Pentecostal theology. Just that they are far more humble when they talk about it than former generations. And that they emphasize the center of theology.(quote ending).

Torgeir Tønnesen writes about this here. 

Much of this analysis is unfortunately true that the Pentecostal Movement survives in a new edition.But I do not want to say that the back is wearing, or is saved and healthy in the new Pentecostal movement. The new Pentecostal movement, Salt, and the new churches stand out either without a back, than a broken back. One must consider Salt as a stable brother to Hillsong, the same ideology, goal, vision and theology. Very diluted theology as such and the basic idea is this one: growth, growth, growth.And unfortunately they will get growth, but quality and Biblical Christianity will get a bit of it. The scaling will be huge, I'm kidding around 30% at all times.I have three children who visit
All regularly, and I ask them out differently, what's going on and passing away. I do not get calm. I am left with a sense of eternity, high threshold, high music, an atmosphere and a spirit that Christ himself would hardly be comfortable in. (Quote end) .Alf Gjøsund writes in this post the following: "Therefore, they also understand that particular points of view who divide Christians can not defend the split they have caused. "Note that here it is pointed out by our country's editor that what has created divisions and further progress are peculiar points of view. In other words, the Reformation and all other revelations and knocks come in with Christianity are strange views, done work. Clearly, when there are conflicts, new things happen and God is moving forward. That this does not happen unnoticed. Jesus himself said this on several occasions that when God is on the verge. So also Satan is, and then the evil sounds alive. Believe that what God has done in the past as Gjøsund attacks as unusual standpoints will go unnoticed, never in life! Luke 10. 17 And the seventy came back and said, Lord! even the evil spirits are obedient to you in your name! 18 Then he said to them, "I saw Satan falling down from heaven like a lightning. The disciples were overwhelmed to be heard, but then warned Jesus immediately. Now Satan is emerging faster and more intensely than ever, with such "peculiar" things as Gjøsund calls this. Then there are conflicts when there are two kingdoms fighting a fight. Dark and light, Satan and God, there is nothing "strange" or strange about this, just as expected. Matt. 10. 34 You must not believe I have come to send peace on earth; I have not come to send peace but sword. 35 For I have come to make a divorce between a man and his father, and between a daughter and her mother, and between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law, 36 and the house of a man shall be his enemies. Jesus clearly states that with Such "peculiar" views as one gets by being faithful to God's Word, does not always create this peace. But it creates and gives controversy, conflicts and, in fact, ignorance. Jesus's teaching is true, unlike Gjøsund as a villager, misinforms and deepest sense lies with his views as the Pentecostalism in the Nordic region was far more robust before, than it appears to to be today! It is simply the opposite of what Gjøsund claims, whether there are shades and the pennies of the day also have their good sides. 

Final comment

Alf Gjøsund believes that the "new Pentecostals" are both humble and have everything that the old Pentecosts lacked the. The "old" Pentecostals are "peculiar", "weird" and lack humility in contrast to the "new" Pentecostals. In other words, everything is turned to my mind. Now, be careful not to be completely categorical, since there are certainly and there are Pentecostals from both past and present who live and live completely with God and who do not. But yet, I would say that "yesterday's Pentecosts were upset in relation to many of today's Pentecostals as Mostly speaking, in the word of God, unfortunately! Yes, by all means, everything was not perfect with "Pentecost" Pentecost, and not everything is "wrong" with today's Pentecostals. But to go as far as Gjøsund does, calling them both "peculiar", a bit humble and untrained in relation to today's Pentecost, which is all that "yesterday's Pentecost was not, that's what I want to say blank lie!" stop here when I could actually write books on this topic. So big is this subject, as the fact is, according to my notion, that the Pentecost was at its very highest "peaks" as Gjøsund thinks they were "peculiar", unskilled and difficult. What's happening today, it's so alarming that I'll call it a drop, though many, many Pentecostals, also live a strong life with God, even today. This subject is so big that I can not or will not be completely categorical as Gjøsund is. But only point out that the truth is that the worsening here in the Nordic countries as opposed to in the third world is more on a downward line than on an upward line as it was in the first 40-50 years of its beginning here in the Nordic region!

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