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No. 1635: Jan Hanvold obviously thinks it's free to punch, grab and unwanted sex, just one forgiveness!

No. 1635:Jan Hanvold obviously thinks it's free to punch, grab and unwanted sex, just one forgiveness!

Faximile from the newspaper The day that first wrote about this.

In a post on the same platform, TV Vision Norway boss Jan Hanvold calls Giske for a "witch process" and encourages people to pray for and forgive the Ap politician during these Christmas times."Then our thoughts go to Trond Giske, which we pray for and lift up in the throne of grace. He needs our prayer, which is exposed to this great witchcraft process. He has been flat and apologized. Then everyone should forgive him and move on. Or is there no mercy? It is this, which is the message of Christmas, to accept forgiveness and forgiveness. Do not shout crucifixion, crucifixion. May the media show a bit of greatness, giving Trond Giske mercy. As Christians, we should surround him and the family with our prayers, "he writes on Facebook on Christmas Eve.(quote ending).Then it's free for everything. Just one praying forgiveness!Of course this is the totally absurd world as "apostle" Jan Hanvold leads us into!Look for you, you see a lady. She is really wildly crazy for Trond Giske's behavior and Jan Hanvold's advice, only you ask forgiveness, afterwards!It is not a question of forgiveness that repentance when taken is not the same as changing. If you abuse power or position, it must also have consequences if it turns out that you are unsuitable as a leader.When Hanvold believes this is just about asking forgiveness and that you can go on, he understands less than you could fear. Then it's almost a good idea to think that this comes from a man with both leadership and staff responsibility.Firstly, as leader and responsibility to other people. Then you are a model, even in a profane context. As a Christian in one at least. But what does the saying say?As you shed, such a man lies, one is closest to himself, etc., etc. Good old words that always vote.We see here that Hanvold is now using Trond Giske in his struggle to fully accept his own hearing! That he as a leader, hired, apostle and pastor may be re-enlisted and forgiven as Giske.No, the very best is that Giske, Hanvold and all others who do not live as a leader should and should do. To find something else and leave "the place" to someone else! 

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