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No 1636: Talked to a policeman who thought that Torp could not police me, but he could run a civil court lawsuit that he had to pay everything himself!

No 1636:Talked to a policeman who thought that Torp could not police me, but he could run a civil court lawsuit that he had to pay everything himself!
For more as Torp writes, talks about me, and shows his vision for me and the heavenly blog.Then we see the nature and poison of snakes come true!
Jan Aage Torp hates above all me, what I write and speak, and the heavenly blog.
That is why he tries to hit me and the Heavenly blog by attacking us at a point that will put us out of play. He is not so good and courageous that he verbally will meet me to converse and discuss God's word but with fictional stories and adventures to count. Is he attacking me and the heavenly blog with already making stories!This picture, which has been collected for the newspaper Norway today 10 years ago, Torp will have 150,000, - kr. Finn Jarle Sæle should also have money from me for exactly the same picture. The two killing rings are likely to flee others, even to go free!

If this is true, Torp does not get any way without using others.Then I think he may have to pay for the whole guild against me and the heavenly blog, which he hates so incredibly strongly!
Among other things, this typical situational image applies where the image of the person is less important than the image of the main content of the image.
I have done this and afterwards I have removed the image or the pictures if it has been desired. Claiming $ 150,000 for this and threatening reprisals is probably more punishable than postponing a tacky picture from 2009.
Situation images can, however, be published without the consent of the depicted as long as the images are harmless and are not in any way offensive to those pictured. Situation images can be defined as images where the actual situation or activity is the actual subject in the image. Exactly who is in the photo is less important than the main content of the image.The situation is that Torp has come up with a factory-reviewed review, and won with it, this is the situation. Therefore, the image of him is the misunderstanding of the situation!
What has happened? Just this, that I have used an old tacky image from the newspaper Norway today from 2009 as first Finn Jarle Sæle demanded payment from me. And now truly Jan Aage Torp claimed 150,000, - kr for the same picture.
Torp is a man who, of course, will not spend his own money on this, then this case will be lost. The $ 150,000 he wants, he can probably look forward to!
Final Comment:
I do not want a fight but peace. Although both Sæle and Torp claim copyright and money of the same image, I have in any case chosen to delete the mentioned picture or pictures.
Everything for me is that text, what I write is essential. A picture here means very little, so I never argue about pictures. I always remove current pictures on the whole and all!I try to use zero calories, have more than enough other things! Each. Photos and other things I always get what I need. And if not, I'll let the text speak for itself. That's what's important and important to me, and that's this narrator Torp hates me too too!
They call this revenge porn, etc. This has been on the English blog and I did not realize this. I immediately removed this, and the picture is a situation picture from the newspaper Norway today that Finn Jarle Sæle wanted to make money for. This did not work and everything is factory! For Torp hates me and the heavenly blog because we keep the word of God that it's not allowed for you to have Aina Lanton to your wife when you belong to another.
Here are some mailers between me and Jan Aage Torp. He writes in 3rd person and is Admin in
Jan Kåre Christensen:We note your repeated callbacks.The case will be forwarded to our lawyer for initiation of debt collection if you do not pay 150,000 NOK by 6th January 2018. Interest and fees will then accrue according to the law's rates.If you believe that you have a written agreement with Jan-Aage Torp directly, or with Restoration Oslo, about using our photographs, you must show this.We have agreements with certain media and with some players in social media, but these are done according to an assessment in each case. We know that we have never made such an agreement with you and we have proof that the photograph in question belongs to us.We remind you that our claim is seen in accordance with the unequivocal verdict against you in all jurisdictions for your harassment and persecution of the Torp parish couple, and that you have in no way assumed that your hospital business must cease. We are confident that the legal system will agree with our assessment also regarding the invoice for photography. In any event, the invoice must be paid in full by 6 January 2018, and in addition, your hospital business must immediately terminate completely.The administration in Restoration Oslo will remain unmanned until 3 January. We recommend that you immediately find

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