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No. 706: Continuing Ludvig Nessa and Borre Knudsen apostles ? But spreading fear, condemnation and be like the prophets in the Old Testament ?

No. 706:

Continuing Ludvig Nessa and Borre Knudsen apostles ? But spreading fear, condemnation and be like the prophets in the Old Testament ?

This writes Kjell Andersen from Kristiansand who run the site Sokelys.com (Spotlight ): " Nessa and Knudsen rebuked the Norwegian people , parliament and government for 15,000 annual fetal homicide is nothing else than to continue the apostles " ( end of quote ) .

Photo by Leif Jacobsen standing with Borre Knudsen on his campaign in 1983, the first time I saw and experienced Borre Knudsen . Even then it went cold down over me when I saw him as a Pharisee and law scholar who had knowledge and knowledge of the gospel . I thought when I looked at Leif Jacobsen and Borre Knudsen such as enough Pharisees and scribes stood out as Jesus and the apostles against 2000 years ago in Israel. Of course continues none of these Acts business!

I have tried to shed light Ludvig Nessa and Borre Knudsen activities set out in from a New Testament point of view and what is important to communicate in time. Here they fall right through. Having already written about this , but in a recent article try to get me a part that I have not already written about these and to illustrate how bad it is when we do not preach the word of God and teach the word of God in the right way . Taking part with points so that it becomes most clear and it becomes a whole in my warning and guidance.

1 ) Continuing Ludvig Nessa and Borre Knudsen apostles ? No, the early Christians preached and healed the sick. What makes Nessa and Knudsen ? They think scarcely enough of the supernatural gospel and are steadfast in the faith of the Church and learn. Then they continue not apostles . But to take well positively to their advantage; Luther faith, doctrine and operations . And he came 1500 years after the apostles .

2 ) Abortion opponents spread fear and condemnation. Induced abortion is not Christian people , but people who walk away from God. They live and walk in darkness and not of light and the children of today . Therefore, we set out to spread the gospel is the light of God sent to the people who live and walk in darkness.

3 ) Knudsen and Nessa try to be like the prophets in the Old Testament . This service is ended when Jesus has set Israel aside in 2000, years before they shall come again to be his people " again ." Meanwhile, the congregation of God's people and the preaching of repentance from specific sins should be within the congregation. Not outwardly to the world's children , this was the Old Testament prophet service and in Israel.

When Jesus rebuked the Jews in his time it was on the basis that Israel in Biblical terminology was contemporary " church " . Today this church.

4 ) It's really not unbiblical to warn against sin , but when the church today is met, managed and sin is accepted , shut up and also defended. Then it will be giving the wrong food to warn the faithful about specific sins. Knudsen and Nessa the main focus where they should not have it.

5 ) At the end of 1980 approx . 1989 Borre Knudsen and Ludvig Nessa interviewed by Hans Bratterud on his channel . There, he was sent here on local TV in Oslo Janco TV and satellite channels . Bratterud asked freely reproduced following question: "Why do you fight this abortion fight so strenuously ? » . Nessa and Knudsen said the following: " because then they will not be baptized and become a child of God ! ". The motivation was that they would not be sprinkled as a child and incorporated in the Norwegian Church . For an error and heresy !

6 ) God's Word clearly says that we should not judge those who are outside, but those inside . Here everything is turned on its head.

1 Cor 5, 12: What have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside you to judge? Those who are outside God judges. It abslutt dangerous thing to do is to judge those outside while condone sins committed by those inside. Then the maximum hypocrisy.

7 ) Jan Aage Torp was with these priests 1980s. And several others, all of which have been with them have in common that they are spiritually completely astray. Leif Jacobsen who was also with them and others, are all delusion children. Jan Åge Torp's successor in January Hanvold is even more extreme than Torp. Here it goes from bad to worse! Now Nessa work and run their propaganda activities on his TV station . After Ulf Ekman was a Catholic , he fell out of favor with Hanvold when Catholics have a strictly and biblical view of marriage . In contradiction to the Protestants now let everything run smoothly. Torp is divorced and re-married twice, in January Hanvold three times. But Torp's new wife is apparently younger than Hanvold wife when it is about . twenty years younger wives both have . Talk to gorge themselves in the flesh !

8 ) This I convey here is really the gospel. But we know that the Catholic church would govern the development of society and the people throughout the middle ages. This is also the Lutheran church continued . But where in Scripture is this? All this is basically a mandate that God has given to His church , but to the authorities and the general public. The church must preach Christ outwardly and inwardly correct , instruct and exhort . But here one turns all this on the head.

9 ) Ludvig Nessa are now going into the occult television station to January Hanvold . Is such a blind - spiritually blind - that goes into this TV station with its own program? One can then be sure that one is both seduced and deceived !

10 ) Abortion is murder. But what do we know? Those who are doing this are people who live and walk in sin . I ask therefore an open question as to what is best here ? If someone who is not required to be forced to live ? God's ways are inscrutable . If believers abortion is the double sin. But those who live with Satan does, and perhaps those who are adopted out goes to God? If they had not been adopted , what? Then they might have grown up in a drug home , an alcoholic home , been beaten and raped. I do not know what. Sin makes itself felt really among people today. We are not set to fight against sin in the world, but sin in the church ! Across the world children we preach repentance from sin ( YOUR SIN IS THAT THEY DO NOT BELIEVE ) and to Christ.

Final Comment:

The saying goes , " Everything in moderation ". Of course it is at times too good to proclaim and illuminate what abortion is . But scripture reser voirs to pray for wisdom . Can not see that Christians are filled with or guided by wisdom. Wisdom is to do everything in the right way and not unnecessarily lead people away from God , but to God. It has been shown that people who live and walk in darkness, they do not need to be pushed further down and away from the light . But to hear the gospel and experience Christ. How do we do this - the best? Arguably convey what Jesus did and taught but he was here on earth !

Two main appeal points I have against fighting abortion controversy. One is that sin we must fight and warn against is not among the world's children , but among the believers. Secondly, as appears Knudsen , Nessa and similar people more like an Old Testament prophet. The Old Testament prophet service is closed and disregarded the church's time , but will come back when the church has been raptured and turn into full bloom during the 1000 year kingdom again ! In the meantime, we as a church and believers preach Christ ! It is possible to utter prophecies concerning also the profane life in the church dispensation , but with the intention that people will come to faith and God's children should be supervised as people. Not a fight against people who already live and walk in the dark !

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