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Nr. 603: My faith!

Nr. 603:

My faith!

Hey !

I see you write a lot , also very much against the Christians. But what is your faith? Why do you call yourself a Christian when writing mostly against Christians ? It seems to me very selvmotsiggende , or you have an answer ?


Hello Bard !

Did not intend to write so much on your blog Bard , but I get some exciting questions, so you 're on. So I'll try to respond , had imagined a stay with writing for a while and write commentaries , publish speeches and more.

It is only Jesus who can bring us to God , no one else . But it is incredibly strange among the Christians. But the Christian faith is perfected and true Jesus of faith begins ( author ) and finisher . Everything is contingent on him . Therefore it does not matter that Christians do not live the way they should and should for my faith and to profess myself as a Christian when my faith is in Jesus . He is perfect and clean. Therefore, it is my belief that, as he is!

Image of Jesus , as he might then look like?

From my commentaries Hebreerbevet 12 1 When we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us , let us lay aside every weight , and the sin which so easily entangles us, and persevere in the race that is set before us ,

This cloud of witness is all that has gone before us and who have stood out during and fight . They cheer us up today so that we will reach the goal ; sluttfrelsen .

Then we put the burden upon , it can be as well not directly is sin. And sin will destroy 100 % safe for us on the path of faith . Keep out speaks of the Christian life is more like a marathon race to rain, than a 100 m race!

2 looking unto Him who is the author and finisher of our faith , Jesus. To get the joy he had in store , he endured the cross, despising the shame , and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God .

We have read about the many heroes of faith but they are all people with limitations and defects as all of us . The only thing we are constantly in all parts can have as a role model in all things is the Lord Jesus. Jesus endured the suffering aspect of God's life then came exaltation . How is he a role model and example for all of us.

With eyes fixed on Jesus is also keeping in Christian life , people disappoint and fail. Also one even makes it unfortunately sometimes .

2 Tim . 2 13 If we are faithless , he remains faithful , for he can not deny himself .

3 Yes , think of him who endured such opposition from sinners , lest you become weary and discouraged.

Think of him says the author. It is healthy and just thinking about Jesus. And we will also leave his word dwell among us. We get tired and you get bored. Then we let the focus be Christ and not ourselves . Resistance , we must reckon with. And get discouraged too, then the solution to this as all other areas of the Christian life .

Jesus and having his eyes and thought revolved around him .

1 Cor . 1 30 You are His work through Christ Jesus, who has become our wisdom from God , our righteousness , sanctification and redemption , 31 that he who glories, let him glory of the Lord , as it is written . ( end of quote ) .

What is the essence of the Christian faith? That Jan Hanvold is a mega crook and separate and marry as he desires? And Christian Norway either tacitly or openly defend this? Is it that over the years have come thousands of false prophecy from false Christians Pentecostal / Charismatics are ? None of this has anything to do if I am a believer or not.

We must not deny either that Christians have in the past thirty years, several frightened away from Jesus and the gospel than they have before people to Jesus and the gospel .

I even learned how painful it is to be let down and really experience that they believed in and had confidence was not what they gave themselves out to be. Sad , hurt and sad is this. And it can feel so hurt that one will give up beliefs and otherwise go away from Jesus and the gospel . But we must and should stop and see what the Christian faith really is , not least the core of the Christian faith. When everything is completely different then the Christian faith is actually a person , which is Jesus Christ the Son of God !

Here is the essence of the Apostle Paul, and our Christian faith :

1 Cor . 15th 3 For I delivered unto you among the first things that I also received , that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures , 4 and that He was buried , 5 and that He arose on the third day according to the Scriptures , 6 and he was seen by Cephas , then of the twelve.

What is it that makes us Christians? And what is the Christian faith?

Of course, not Jan Hanvold and other Christians when he does not live as a Christian , let 's be clear . Nor are they breed most Pentecostal / charismatic Christians , true Christians when they believe more in false prophecy than on Christ and his word .

What is the essence and that is important , nothing is with us, in us or with other people, but only and alone in Christ. So says the Apostle Paul so lovely :

1 Cor . 1 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus , who is made ​​unto us wisdom from God , and righteousness and sanctification , and redemption: 31 That, according as it is written : He who praises himself, boast in the Lord !

Jesus Christ was everything to us , also we could be and what we needed to be . He is everything to us, within its God. How to take part in this? It is by faith in Him and what He did for us through his death and resurrection !

We can criticize, blame and be disappointed by those who profess to be believers , and very often - rightly . And it 's sad , confusing and devastating that it is so. But we can not blame or be disappointed Christ - he is perfect in every part , and God the Father accepted everything about him . Therefore, it is my belief based only on what God did for me in Christ - nothing else!

Who is Jesus? I have my views , but he atoned my sin at Calvary and rose again , it is only that which saves and makes me fairly. We can have a "wrong" or "right" view of Christ in terms of what he did as a human being , his origin and that he will reign on earth for 1000 years . But it saves not only what he did for us on Calvary. Therefore, my faith really one thing ; Christ. He 's been saying the Apostle Paul "But of him are ye in Christ Jesus , who is made ​​unto us wisdom from God , and righteousness and sanctification and redemption ."

We can choose whether we want to believe in Jesus perfect sacrifice on Calvary or all the Christians shortcomings and mistakes, what do you choose? I chose the first , "Jesus perfect sacrifice on Calvary ."

Final comment :

Did not intend to write so much on the blog going forward when I 've decided to take a break. But I get into some good and related questions , I answer . And with the projects we have ahead of us with regard to getting published commentaries and speeches, we need your support and help. First and foremost, prayer , but also financially you are welcome to contribute.

Do you believe in what we are doing ? I think especially the teaching we post ? Bible commentaries and everything else do we help when I go into full labor . Should I take time off, I need your support financially and in prayer , you will be doing?

Account number of Post : 0535 06 05 845

Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ ! The possibilities are many, but we must stand together and help each other forward in the service.

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