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Nr. 359: All you do BEFORE you get saved under the blood of Jesus, all you do AFTER you are saved you a believer respond to God accepts Christ COURT!

Nr. 359:

All you do BEFORE you get saved under the blood of Jesus, all you do AFTER you are saved you a believer respond to God accepts Christ COURT!

2 Cor. 5. 9 Therefore, we and our honor, whether we're home or away, to please him. 10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in his body, according to what he has done, whether good or evil. 11 Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men but to God we are clear, I hope, and to be obvious to your consciences. 12 We now give us not again commend to you, but we give you occasion to praise you of us, that you may have nothing to set against those who boast that they are the outward appearance and not in heart. 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has passed away, behold, the new has come!

God will make us overcomers all believers, but unfortunately there are only a few that God "success" with, the main reason for that is that God's word is not preached as Paul did when he preached the whole counsel of God for salvation (Acts . 20th 26 Therefore I testify to you this day that I am clean for everyone's blood; 27 for I held nothing back, but preached unto you the whole counsel of God.).

What you do before you get saved you will never be held accountable before God for

Scripture speaks of the people themselves are dead in their sins and transgressions. Living in a spiritual darkness and make the mind and will of the flesh. And we have ormegift under our tongues and our hearts are darkened and turned from God and the ruler of this world is Satan. So we saved and pass from darkness to light. Want to take me 10 points that illustrate this theme that as Gentile says you are responsible to God for your life. But taking than accept Jesus and be saved, then all new literal. But as believers should be responsible within its God with his life from the day they say YES to Jesus in their hearts and lives.


From my commentaries Colossians 1 Dispenser newsletter 13 For he hath delivered us from the power of darkness and brought us into his beloved Son. At one time we too dark children and lived like them. We did not know better, at least most of us. But now we have been delivered, and it has been a tremendous upheaval, we are now placed in the Son of God beloved kingdom. What characterizes the kingdom is a contrast to the rich we were in before. Before dark, now light. Before the hate, now love. Before frivolity, now responsible to follow Jesus and God's word. Before anything-now we live under God and bound to Christ and His Word. All things were new, so we must live then or it'll be worse off with us than those who have never experienced this. 14 In him we are redeemed and have received forgiveness of sins. We are redeemed by His precious blood. What we are enjoying and will enjoy forever and forever is not easily acquired by God. He renounced his own son and let him die in our place. The forgiveness of sins is so deep that God remember them no more in remembrance, and all of the effects of sin, he has begun a healing process, which the Bible calls for holiness.

1) From the day we are saved we come into God's light, God's children and are responsible for our lives as believers and shall pay or lose pay. Here we made very many passages. But you can make do with two. 2 John. 8 Take heed that you do not lose what I have gained through your work, but that you may receive a full reward 1 Cor. 3. 11 For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 But if any man on this foundation build with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 then shall every man's work will be revealed, for the day will show it, because it is revealed with fire, and how each man's work is, it should fire test. 14 If the work that one has built, says himself, he shall receive a reward; 15 on one's work is burned up, he shall suffer loss, but he himself shall be saved, yet so as through fire. We can not lay any foundation other than Jesus, but on this foundation to build every believer's life, and than will pay or lose \ lose either the whole or part of the salary. Joshua met the Lord in Joshua 5, and thus he was transformed. It is these experiences that we need, but what we will be tested on? On our allegiance against the light, the possibilities and abilities we have made use of. 1 Cor. 4.1. Thus I observe us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God! 2 Moreover it is required of stewards that they have no faith. 3 But for me, it has little to say to be judged by you or by any human court; yes, I judge me not even himself; 4 for well I know nothing of myself, but so I'm not justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord.

2) All the things we do before we are saved "can" we do not and should not be held responsible for what a Christian. Having already taken this subject thoroughly, but will include some verses from the Bible. 1 Cor. 5. 12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? I also do not judge just them that are within? 13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put the evil from you! We should not judge those that are without a past when they are already dead in their sins and transgressions. And when a sinner receives Jesus is all the old passed away and all things have become new literal. Therefore we can not claim that one who is unsaved and be saved that he should be held accountable in the same way as a believer. He will make up as much as possible, but from the day you start to walk with Jesus and God. So everything was new and start with a clean slate and nothing can required. This is simplified, yet very important. All I did before I was saved as 16-year-old is under Jesus' precious blood, and from the day I got saved. Everything should I be responsible for as a believer of Christ within its court.

3) Everyone shall give account of himself. Rom. 14. 10 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or, why do you despise your brother? we are all going to be presented to God's court. 11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall praise God. 12 Therefore let each of us make God accounts himself. We can not live on and to others when it comes to our fidelity reward as a believer. We are all Christian grace, yet to do any accounting for themselves.

4) Our life will once again be tested, and then we lose the "salary". Or get the full "salary". We have been on before, but we repeat it one more time when too many believers accuse others of the life than even today. It is healthy p complain a bit to get out what is in than. But those complaints every day and the same thing again and again got into an impasse that is demonic and that Satan delights in. We have to walk in from the street 666 complaints over the hallelujah street 777 Otherwise we lose our reward. Eg. worrying is a sin for believers than, think of it as the Lord has promised to support you. Our attitudes, motives, heart and recommendation concerning the things and the people that come into our lives for the Lord will try and ask.

5) preachers and preaching the greatest responsibility. There are many scriptures to take off, but those who preach God's word has a particularly large and responsible mission. Includes two scriptures that shows that. James 3 1. My brothers! not many of you become teachers, since I know that we will also heavier judgment! 1 Tim. 5. 17 The elders who are good pastors, be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine. 18 For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth. And a worker is worthy of his wages. We read here that a good sense that labor in the word and doctrine should be "double" salary and not many become teachers because they will be stricter judgment. It is to hold a ministry and mission is the largest and most important.

6) To be like Jesus is God's goal with all believers. Rom. 8. 29 For those whom he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. It shows God's goal and standard for us, it is we should be conformed to His beloved Son Jesus Christ. It must and we will never lose sight of that is what Lord works with and in our lives with His Spirit and His Word, that we should be like Jesus in one and all.

7) Some of the believers will reign with Christ during the 1000 year kingdom, the rest will do it forever. 2 Tim. 2. 20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also vessels of wood and clay, and some to honor and some to dishonor. 21 Holder then some himself pure from these, he will be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master, prepared for every good work. In a large house church is, then it will be "noble" man and the guy who is not. Crucial to that is how one stands against word and allegiance than showing against the spiritual light one has and follows his conscience. Here the majority of believers wrong, why? The main reason for that is that through the church's 2000-year history, the majority of those who have preached the word of God given stones to bread. The consequence of that is that most Christians are dwarf Christians and many times barely enough there! But fortunately, there are some here and some there who preach the word of God and live right then, they are great in the kingdom of God. Matt. 5. 19 Therefore, whoever breaks one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

8) Are you in the light or dark? From my commentaries Ephesians 5 8 For you were once darkness itself, but now - in the Lord - you are light. Live then as children of light! The light is perhaps the most times in the Bible is used as a picture of the things of God's kingdom. And when God created the world, He knew that light was essential for all life. First we had the light come. So could life spring forth. But in the spiritual world it is so. If John the Baptist was said that he was going to testify about the light, the true light that enlightens every man. In John's Gospel we see the light, the Word and Jesus in a way are merged together into one term. How is the kingdom of God. Without the word of Jesus, we would all live in a spiritual darkness. Gospel had revealed that we could reach salvation. The light had to find us to redeem us from eternal darkness. Also King David knew about this relationship: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119.105) The light we associate with something good and hot, which gives confidence and joy. But light can also be dangerous. Anyone who has something to hide, is deathly afraid of bright lights are turned on to reveal what is hidden in darkness. And in a spiritual context, the light just have such a revealing feature. In Joh.3 0.19 to 20, we read: And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For the one who does evil hates the light and will not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 9 Lights fruit is goodness, righteousness and truth. Firstly honor the God that we walk in the light. Second, we have a natural who can not otherwise (1 Joh.3: 9), but a third thing is that the dark hurt us. John 12:35 says something interesting. "Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light among you. Walking the while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you. He who walks in darkness knows not whither he goeth, and John 11:10 where Jesus says, "He who walks at night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him." When we walk in the light, then followed the ad of right and truth. Psalm 23 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. 10 Try what is pleasing to the Lord! Matthew 22 chapter, verse 29: "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God." This is the basis. But we also need to try, fail, and learn to walk God's way. This is a constant learning process that will last this life, and secure the portions of it coming! (End of quote). We've tried to be the focus of this article is to be saved and to be saved. We sing a song: When Jesus came, when Jesus came. Oh, what a difference when Jesus came! I can explain what a - what happened in my mind, but what a difference when Jesus came in! (End of quote). I have unfortunately learned too many believers to know that people who did not notice any difference in the material before they were saved. And the ones that I have experienced and know the difference, they walk in the light and walk with God as Enoch. Enoch is a picture of the believer in the end times who could not live on the second, but used his own spiritual life, and through it he won victory weather day as a believer. From my commentaries Ephesians 6 13 Therefore take the whole armor of God, that ye may resist in the evil day and to stand after having won everything. Therefore encourage apostle believers to take God's armor on so that they can resist in the evil day (v. 13). The days are different. Some days we look back with joy, others we would like to forget. The days to come, we know nothing about, but experience shows that some will be good other evil. We should note that the devil is the strategist and often find a day when we feel everything is hard and heavy, when he comes with his wiles and temptations to try to cause us to fall. Especially worse for the people of God is persecution times. In our time there are many in the world who are persecuted for their Christian faith, and the world is experiencing more martyrs than any time in history. Pursuing Reading Time will culminate at the Antichrist come and the great tribulation. Therefore it is important that we take the whole armor of God, that we may be standing.

9) World "light" are the believers become. Daniel and his friends influenced surroundings, not nearby destinations them. It is God's purpose and goals for us believers in the day and at any time. The world does not characterize us but we characterize the world. We are God's extended arm in this time, we are the body of Christ on earth while he is head is in heaven at the Father's right hand.

10) The righteous are saved hard, not easily saved. This that we will enter heaven and put skid marks after us sounds wonderful, but Scripture teaches that we are "so" far be saved when the game is so great. It's like we win with a goal, usually after extra time and a penalty shoot-out. This is what the Bible teaches, not this convenient and easy solutions when it comes to our final salvation, it is very difficult to be saved and preserved through a long life and a full reward. There are few who can do it, why Jesus says that we will fight to get through the narrow gate. 1 Pet. 4. 18 And it is just hard saved, where shall become of the ungodly and the sinner? 19 Therefore, and those who by the will of God must suffer, surrender their souls to a faithful Creator as they do good.

Final Comment: unfortunately, Christianity is hard to live out where wealth is greatest. Therefore it is actually extra try for Entire than believers here in prosperity Norway, why? For the world has so penetrated into the church. The complaints 1 10 enemy laid hands on all her treasures, for she saw pagan nations enter her sanctuary, those you had forbidden to enter your assembly. It has been prophesied again and again in large and extensive revivals, but the opposite has happened, why? The main reason for that is that God's word has not been and is not being preached to the apostles and early Christians preached it so that the faithful can be stirred up to live the life that we as believers have been called in Christ Jesus. I know it may sound painful and tough, but the truth is that preaching today is far too lax, poor and diluted. Therefore, we also see a dull, indifferent and seduced Christianity! Have something you want to address? So send your questions to me by e-mail here: Jk.chris @ online.no

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