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No. 1609: Going against the authorities is legitimate, right? As long as do not resort to violence!

No. 1609:

Going against the authorities is legitimate, right? As long as do not resort to violence!

There are no harmless forces behind what the planning and building authority is doing to us.
It is outright darkness and lies, and forces that will try to break us with fines and resolutions that are built solely on lies and a distortion of fact.
Where they lie i.a. regarding both how we were guided and how the fall is on our property.
In pure mafia and gangster style, they are keeping up with us, and now trying to break us with money demands that only have their origins in the dark and the lies that the public with PBE in the driver's seat are keeping up with us.
Talk about making a fuss about nothing really, just a rickety wall, stairs and shed that are aesthetically pleasing and fictional buildings. And is not illegal a place, only in the dark and hateful hearts and minds of the authorities.

I have received some criticism for going against the Planning and Building Agency here in the capital (Oslo, Norway). Others defend me.
I myself believe that it is legitimate and necessary to be allowed to defend oneself against an assault such as this case of ours from beginning to end?!
It feels like PBE and the public are lying, distorting the truth and protecting each other in the purest mafia style. The only difference is that they don't use force. But lying decisions, defending each other and lying.
All for a poor wall, it's absolutely, absolutely crazy that they turn themselves into thugs for a very simple wall. Isn't this narcissistic and primitive?
For us, me and my wife, this is completely meaningless, that the public make themselves thugs and act in the purest mafia style only for a pretty and functional wall, stairs and storeroom.
It is absolutely incredible that the authorities in Norway will behave like a Mafia movement with lies, rule and unity to get us.
Only for a wall, stairs and storage room. Don't understand that they are willing to sink to such a low level for something that we have built which is in the most beautiful order.
What a savagery and brutality with fines and charges that are completely beyond the pale!
Talk about shooting sparrows with a cannon like the authorities are doing to us!
Look at Viggo Kristiansen, and the cousin of Birgitte Tengs

This is just one of a number of judicial murders here in little Norway.
The truth is that there are far more, and they all have something in common.
It was that they didn't get to defend themselves, and they didn't have their own blog and other things like I have.

Here I have at least been allowed to present our case without being slandered as we are on Oslo Municipality's websites.

Also, the press and all other actors are more or less silent towards us.
The only ones who have written about our case are Kjell Andersen and Søkelys.

I have understood something, it is that the "watchdog" that the press is supposed to be

Is more to be seen as a kind wagging poodle towards the Norwegian authorities and the public sector.
Another real "watchdog" that the press should have been.
One is almost terrified of writing against, and the truth about, the authorities and the public sector.
Don't understand why. Here in our case it is a direct assault!

How credible is our justice system?
Judicial murders abound, and this has been going on for many years.

Isn't this interesting and significant? Here we are two people - a simple married couple who have gone unpunished.

Being treated like the worst criminals with fines and decisions completely, completely beyond?

Here we are tried to deny the real fall that we have on our property!

We were guided how to build this wall.

Right, then we should apply. But then it turns out that our wall is actually legal. Why? The decline in our property is precipitous, PBE and the public are trying to acknowledge this.
They will deny the fact. The authorities stand for lies, lies and yet more lies!

Very serious that they ignore the facts of the matter here, that they base it on a lie. The lie is that we have a flat plot of land and property, when we don't.
But steep.
The drawings they use as a basis only show how wrong they are.

Final comment

What should one do when one is subjected to abuse by the authorities?
Of course it isn't easy to answer, but always letting the lunatics and abusers win I think is not a good thing.
We fight back, and leave everything in God's hands!
Sooner or later justice will prevail.
Either in this life or in the life to come!
Word. 11. 5 The righteousness of the blameless makes his way straight, but the wicked falls by his wickedness.

For us, it is absolutely incredible that the authorities allow lies, abuse and other things to be the standard.
They are unable to answer the simplest questions. And if they answer, then there is always such an excessive to our rear.
The whole case is rotten and testifies to what demonic powers are behind the public here in this matter.
Because it is of course Satan and the demons that make people behave like this, it is not normal at all!

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