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No. 1607: The abusers whether it is the authorities or others, always go after the weakest link to carry out their evil!

No. 1607:

The abusers whether it is the authorities or others, always go after the weakest link to carry out their evil!


https://www.sokelys.com/selv-nazistene-og-adolf-hitler-var-ikke-sa-bad-som-det-offentlige-er-mot-os-er-vi-overvist-om-for- this-is-nothing-other-than-a-public-assault/

What does Abuse mean? Here's a little hint!

Assault is not defined in the Criminal Code, unlike rape, which has its own definition as "sexual intercourse using violence or threatening behaviour, or with someone who is unconscious or incapable of resisting the act".

Can also be used for infringement, illegal action, wronging someone, violating human rights.
Example of use:
- The state committed gross abuses against the ethnic minorities.
- The health service committed large and unimaginable abuses against Arnold Juklerød.
- The judiciary and the police committed enormous abuses against Viggo Kristiansen.
- PBE and the authorities are exceeding abuse against the couple Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen, especially against Berit Christensen when they want to deprive her of her own car.

When used as a verb, it represents to use to bad effect or for a bad purpose, to abuse, or to treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. When used as a noun, it represents cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal, or an improper use of something.
An assault means that a person violates another person's rights. Abuse can affect both sexes at any age. These are situations and experiences that create fear, sadness, anger and frustration.
Abuse can also be called abuse. Abuse happens when someone hurts someone who is weaker. To offend means to humiliate and hurt another person.
The abuser tramples over the other's boundaries in an undignified manner.
(end of quote.)

It is clear that a bad act is not an assault perhaps?
It is this persistent. And where one always steps on the weakest link.
It is precisely in this matter of ours that characterizes PBE and the public sector here.
It is persistent and one is walking on the weakest link now.
They want to take my wife's car as it was in my name.

Then it is very strange with the abusers, when you retaliate.
Then you feel stepped on right away.
Both threaten to report to the police and report to the police. That's how it is with the abusers. They can't stand anything against themselves.
But has no restrictions against committing abuse against others!

Now the bailiff - the abuser - has found a weak spot

My wife's car is in my name, then the abusers unleash full force.
Even with reduced health after a very demanding broken leg.
Osteoarthritis and only 3 years to retire, then the abusers - the Bailiff will take away her own car bought with her own money which she got when her mother died! This is how the abusers continue.
They have no compassion, scum and are so cynical that even Al Capone would have liked it!
Correct, PBE, the bailiff and the public do not engage in direct violence.

But depriving a defenseless woman of her own car, on the pretext that her husband is doing something illegal. What is so-called illegal is only a big adventure.

The only difference between the public here and the Mafia is that they do not use direct violence

But lying decisions and that they are defended by the "syndicate."
That is to say, all other public agencies and authorities where PBE spread lies and distortions of fact, the "syndicate" is involved. It is really bad how far the authorities here in Norway are willing to go! I simply don't get it!
The blinders are enormous, and function as an abstract "Berlin Wall" around a constructed and false reality (matrix), which is built on false propaganda, censorship and wishful thinking. Such is our case, it is fabricated and at the same time. In order for this narrative to work, our arguments are "closed" out like the "Berlin Wall" was in Germany. The truth is not even heard, only narratives! The narrative in our case is that we have neither been guided. Our plot is low and everyone else who gets to build walls.
Either they do not belong to the single-family house plan, or they have huge height differences on their plots.
Even those who blow up their plot and then put up a wall.
It is absolutely incredible that here in our case it is not a lie, but a series of lies put together to form a narrative that must be maintained through, among other things. that all other bodies defend lies!
That again to take let's get "punishment!" Is nothing but an assault!

Final comment:

Go here on the weakest link. Let loose! It is so to the degree beyond and say that a car of 25 years, it is the perfect car for you. Our old Audi from last millennium!
Her own car, we'll take it. Even if the doctor writes so clearly and clearly that this is an assault, and will only make it very demanding.
Yes, really impossible for her to get around and on work when the time comes for her to start work after convalescence is over!

Here, one yanks on the weakest link to continue with his senseless and evil abuse!
It is so beyond reason and good manners that words are not enough!
Offend, ignore the facts and even lie. Unfortunately, it is PBE and the authorities' parole in this matter. Then one will go on the weakest link, and take my wife's car.
We then have 35 years of marriage, where we have everything in common. Then to think that something is actually separate property is not correct. It is then we who define what is what!
Here the abuse is enormous, ruthless and raw!

Here is the picture of my wife's car, which now the Bailiff and the public authorities want to take from her!
A rather ordinary car BMW i3 2018 model.
Electric car and as arranged for her.
The bailiff also says that she should only drive my 25-year-old car (which is downright irresponsible), as they claim that we have built an illegal wall.
The whole case against us is an assault!
They must feel bad for themselves for engaging in such dysfunctional and senseless actions!?
Thinks that such people are not really people, but act like they live and serve only for one thing.
Serving the forces of darkness that they are obviously infiltrated and controlled by!

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