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No. 1577: It is solely that my wife and I have used our common sense that we have not taken the Covid-19 Vaccine!

No. 1577:

It is solely that my wife and I have used our common sense that we have not taken the Covid-19 Vaccine!

The fact that healthy people choose to take an untested vaccine is certain that even a monkey would have understood this better.
This is so bad that it completely violates all sound logical thinking.
Think, a year ago they said Corona was gone when they got the vaccine,
The vaccine came, now there is a record infection.
As well as, soon five thousand side effects.
Do not even realize that what the authorities and many are doing is lies and lies and even more lies from beginning to end. Then the light is off!

It is very strange how ruling techniques and manipulative many are against one in discussions and arguments when discussing and talking.
This becomes very clear when one enters this topic about Covid-19 and the vaccine!

I hear from some no matter what I say, that my wife and I do not take the vaccine because we are convinced for religious reasons etc.

In our case, the truth is more that we use common sense.

We are both healthy, healthy and have nothing to indicate that we should take a medicine for a disease that is largely non-fatal.

This is what the authorities and the health service offer, and almost force on us. It is an untested vaccine with now almost five thousand side effects.
Take such a vaccine, it is to play Russian roulette with your own health for nothing!
It's nothing but crazy-Mathias!

- It is then clear that there is a personal focus on us that warns against this Covid-19 vaccine and the side effects and that it is an untested vaccine.
In the United States, there is a term for it, they call it "the hunt for the whistleblower." This means that instead of keeping an eye on the content of critical statements, one looks for errors and omissions related to the whistleblower's person, so that the integrity and credibility in question is undermined.

In this way, the whistleblower is made a scapegoat for what is difficult, and the focus is shifted away from the conditions in which the whistleblower actually applies.
This is what happens to us who warn and do not participate in being vaccinated on this basis!

Closing comment:

The Corona vaccine - all - is not approved in the usual way.
Just read up.
Various exception clauses have been used that it is so important to get a medicine against Covid-19 etc.
It takes at least ten years to develop a reasonably safe vaccine, in other words.


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