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No. 1575: The authorities' obfuscation, lies, manipulation and contradictory statements are a major democratic problem in connection with the Covid-19 handling!

No. 1575:

The authorities' obfuscation, lies, manipulation and contradictory statements are a major democratic problem in connection with the Covid-19 handling!

The descent of authority is actually the opposite of what should be done.
For example. to go to the swimming pool, if here Corona, then the chlorine in the swimming pool kills the virus in many cases.

I know of many cases where people die from the syringe, and not the corona.
This is not included in any statistics, why?
Blue. there were two older ladies where one lady said no to the vaccine.
The other said yes, and died two days later.

What has been the biggest mistake, and most serious here.
It is without a doubt the overdramatization, as well as that when the authorities have done and said so much the contradictions. Yes also lied.
Never made any concessions and admitted mistakes and lies!
I have not followed everything, only something.
Therefore, this is a partly deficient article, but still informative enough to read and debate!

1.) When the corona came, the authorities said that 2.2 Million will be infected during the year. 50,000 were infected, the authorities missed by 440%. We are talking about astronomical conditions.

2.) The authorities do not state that the corona vaccine "takes" many things out of our bodies. Blue. Vitamins C and D and other life-giving that we have naturally in the body.

3.) The Corona vaccine is an untested vaccine. It is urgently approved and no one knows what the side effects will be. To date, there are over 4,000 side effects, poor people who have taken this untested vaccine.

4.) Now that more than 90% of Norway's population has been vaccinated, the infection is higher than ever.

5.) This should be more than voluntary action, but the authorities have tried to make a corona certificate. Fortunately, they have not succeeded!

6.) “The syringe that was supposed to protect against infection is rather inadequate. From having to give almost full protection against the disease to the fact that one now "assumes" that it protects against serious illness. The health authorities are groping blindly and have lost control. The more syringes, the more contagious, because the syringes are not adequate and therefore create new varieties. (Eng .: “leaky vaccines”).

You have ended up in an endless spray carousel. You have to thank yourself for that, writes evangelist Svein Magne Pedersen on Facebook.

7.) It is strange that someone is tempted (scared) to take dose 1 now when the authorities say that Omikron will probably take over soon. No one knows if vaccine dose 1 that was made for the original works at all on Omikron. It was also in "FULLY VACCINATED" that Omikron was first discovered! Maybe the variant originated IN THE "FULLY VACCINATED"?

8.) AS UNVACCINATED, I AM 100% protected from side effects, and I have a 99.97% chance of surviving Covid 19. Actually 100% when I am healthy and young.

9.) Our democratic rights are also very much violated as vaccinated people have more easily escaped from everything. It turns out that those who have been vaccinated have at least the same infection, probably more than unvaccinated people. They are the ones who have traveled abroad and brought home new varieties of corona.

10.) Now that the infection is increasing, it turns out that i.a. that the vaccinated have been allowed to leave the country. Has brought with him the infection and other varieties of Corona. Already mentioned, but will include it as a separate item.

Closing comment:

It is also very strange that the government has allowed so many and so free the vaccinated to travel across national borders. Where they have taken the infection with them.
From other countries, to Norway.
We unvaccinated and healthy must pay a high price for this!
What the authorities are doing with me madness, division and domination!
Had they at least treated the vaccinated as strictly as us unvaccinated, much would have been better.
And that the vaccine was voluntary without any ifs and buts, where corona certification and testing of the unvaccinated to a far greater extent than the carriers that are above all, the vaccinated!
Then things would have been far better!

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