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No. 1576: It is my and my wife's righteousness, and the Planning and Building Agency lies, narcissism, division and domination that have created the great conflict between us and PBE here in Oslo!

No. 1576:

It is my and my wife's righteousness, and the Planning and Building Agency lies, narcissism, division and domination that have created the great conflict between us and PBE here in Oslo!

Picture of a wall, stairs and storage room that is "illegal" even though it should have been approved a long time ago.
As there are only minimal exceedances, we have been guided by PBE.
And that there are only advantages, not disadvantages with what we have built.



Our wall is 1/2 meter further inland than our previously approved slope.
It was legal, but not our wall.
We have been pointing this out for years, but the fraudulent and semi-criminal PBE will not answer us as it tells us that their arguments are falling apart!
The full masses are kept in place, which in turn tells that their arguments are meaningless and decisions.

The Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo is a totally destructive and narcissistic agency!
Unfortunately, we have experienced that!
As well as, Oslo City Council, Oslo District Court, State Administrator, the Civil Ombudsman, the Police and the media detain this agency both directly and indirectly!
Oslo City Council, Oslo District Court, State Administrator and the Civil Ombudsman directly as they agree with this very sick agency.
Media that do not go into cases and present them to the public.
The police who fail to investigate and prosecute these people when they take actions that are against Norwegian law.
There is a blank power of attorney for these.
Such as Astrid Myhra and Lena Christin Omdal at the Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo City. And Kirsten Partapuoli at the Collection Agency.

In other words, they are allowed to hold on freely, and ravage!

Had it not been for the bailiff who pointed out that all claims against us were obsolete.
Would we be financially bad to drive, as there are probably fines against us up against ½ Million?
These are of course fines issued just to hit us, but luckily, they are obsolete!

In short, the course of events between us and the Planning and Building Agency here in Oslo City!

Picture of our pleasant and good caseworker Kaja Aubert Lange who was both nice and skilled, but the ones we got afterwards. Be the exact opposite.

1.) We had a very good and factual caseworker at PBE who defended us against an angry neighbor like Roar Telje and others.
It was Kaja Aubert Lange.



2.) We called down, and got acceptance to build the wall without applying as we could build on top of the old wall!



3.) We probably submitted the very best application that has been submitted to Oslo City to get the wall, stairs and storage room approved. Then our very good caseworker was taken off the case, Kaja Aubert Lange.
The worst they could find were set on the case where i.a. Lena Catrine Amdal, Tommy Monge, Jon Erik Reite Bang, Astrid Myhra, Nils-Henrik Henningstad and others.
Is everyone equally rotten and just as inflexible that it could just as easily have been an agency from the old GDR we were dealing with?
Not in a free and democratic country like Norway should be.



4.) Trial in 2018 that did not succeed. Where our arguments were totally neglected, overlooked and not believed by District Court Judge Edvard Os who was unfortunately bought and paid in favor of PBE.

5.) We have responded to PBE in all areas and given them answers, but they have not answered us. They have thus violated Norwegian law. We only became fully aware of this in 2019 when we met an Engineer who had worked up against PBE and similar agencies, he immediately said that they have broken many Norwegian laws.
Such as the Public Administration Act and other laws.




6.) We have now reached a crucial point, which is essential in our case.
It is that we are now aware that PBE has violated Norwegian Law, but since the case has been decided in all instances. Then we will not move on.
What are we going to do then?
The media allows PBE to continue as they do.
The police do not care. And all other agencies do not care.
We then stand with others above that such wicked and partly evil people in PBE here in Oslo. They are allowed to hold on to "the bitter end!"

Closing comment:

Now that we've really won over PBE.

What does PBE do when they get nowhere with us?

 The case is obsolete!
They engage in evil, abuse of power and authority. They then try in their evil to register encumbrance on our property, and fail.

But they continue, and succeed, in their abuse of power and authority (read evil).

We should of course have had approval many years ago, not least after 28 August 2018 when the case against us was obsolete!
Here it is not important for them to follow normal rules of the game.
If one is lost, then one lives then.
Imagine, if you drop out of the elite series, and behave like you have won Gold?
This is how the PBE and the public sector hold us above us.
It is nothing but abuse of power and authority (read evil, revenge and retaliation for not obeying their outdated orders)!

The public, PBE, they are just some bullies and lowly people abusing their power!
Sinking down to such a low level, we could never have imagined it under any circumstances.
Drive with revenge and retaliation, instead of giving us the "victory", and approve of what we have built that is for the benefit of all!

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