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No. 1732: Preaching Svein Magne Pedersen collects money in exactly the same way that Aril Edvardsen and Faith's evidence have done in all years, so it's so bad that people do not work out on the mission!

No. 1732:Preaching Svein Magne Pedersen collects money in exactly the same way that Aril Edvardsen and Faith's evidence have done in all years, so it's so bad that people do not work out on the mission!
Picture of Aril Edvardsen and a native evangelist. Edvardsen helped a few, wrote that he helped thousands and seduced, wild and naive Norwegian Christians gave. The same is what Svein Magne Pedersen does, and Christianity is flourishing in Norway through VG and other wicked.

It is bad that Svein Magne Pedersen has been revealed as a "cheat maker" of the newspaper VG. If this is proven or not, I do not know. But that he has not sent down any staff who has investigated this, testifies to a man who is not thorough enough.When he received VG and all Norway for a while, he should turn every stone in what he meant to take here.Even though this is an attack from Satan, this nevertheless does not testify to Svein Magne Pedersen as a man who is not thorough and honest.
Preaching Svein Magne Pedersen collects money in exactly the same way that Aril Edvardsen and Faith's evidence have done in all years, so it's so bad that people do not work out on the mission!
What was the conflict between Aril Edvardsen and the Pentecostal movement was exactly this. That the Pentecostal Mission had missions that followed that everything was done on missionaries in accordance with God's word and what one wanted here in Norway.
While Aril Edvardsen supported native evangelists and missions, and collected millions of dollars.
Aril Edvardsen was of course far smarter than Svein Magne Pedersen.
He actually supported a few native evangelists, and wrote thousands. And so he received millions of dollars and went himself "free".
This is how Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway operate, with help shots to Moldova and elsewhere. Here, it bites the Norwegian Christianity, they give out uncritically. Sad, but true!
The newspaper The day goes against Svein Magne Pedersen, while they "praise" Edvardsen here in an article from 2015.
Edvardsen lay a few horse heads in front!
It's 50 years since Troens Evidence started. Altogether five years earlier, Aril Edvardsen received the revelation of national employees. It has borne fruit and has a leak effect.
Troens Bevis does not send Norwegian missionaries, but since its inception in 1965 thousands of national missionaries have received support from small Kvinesdal in western Agder worldwide.
Currently, over 1,000 evangelists receive support from this through the Evidence of the World's Evangelism.World-wide vision
The reason is 55 years since everything started. In the spring of 1960, Aril Edvardsen received a revelation. He perceived that God said,
"Your life mission should be world wide evangelization through national witnesses and through national churches."
With that, the Native Evangelist Mission (IEM) came to the world. It is now a section of the Proof of Faith. It began with support for ten native missionaries in Brazil. Since then it has grown into a four-digit network of evangelists in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
The vision was to reach undecided peoples through native missionaries and national, self-governing churches that could stand on their own feet. It succeeded. "Hundreds of thousands have been saved, and unmarried who have never heard the gospel of Jesus are reached every day", it says in the self-presentation online.
The goal was also that new churches would be knocked and managed to support new evangelists so that they became independent. Thus, you could collect money for brand new evangelists.
Terje Hegertun, professing professor of systematic theology at the Faculty of Faith, is one of the foremost theologians of the Pentecostal Movement. He also has a lot to say about Edvardsen's work.
"There were strong rifts between Saron's Valley and the ministerial conference with Thoralf Gilbrant in the tip of the 70s and 80s. But in decades afterwards, the relationship with Edvardsen gradually became normalized. Was the way of thinking of the Pentecostal movement to some extent influenced by the strategies of the Faith's Witness?
- PYM (The Norwegian Pentecostal Mission, Red. Note) are probably the best respondents, Hegertun believes. Nevertheless, he believes that the Evidence of Faith has contributed to important missionary impulses by seriously engaging in the efforts of national Christian workers.
"Edvardsen was based on national reality, and it seemed in the short term to be cheaper and more efficient," he says.
"The national evangelists knew their own continent, the familiar context, as we say today. Then, one got a more flexible missionary work and all the obvious benefits of mission anchoring locally because the gospel should be spread locally. This was very important, says Hegertun.- Got right
"In many ways, time has given Aril Edvardsen the right. It was necessary to think new and creative about the traditional missionary methods. The national were the best church plants. Missionaries became more wizards and counselors and received
a strong role in teaching. 

- Where did Edvardsen get his thoughts on native evangelists? - I do not know where he was from, but he was highly ideologically oriented, and very early in his ministry as missionary evangelist, he wrote a book about church planting. It was about revitalizing evangelism and church building here in the country, but he argued very strongly for his positions and opinions, was a good communicator and a visionary leader. There was a pressure in the business around him. "The prominent Haegertun believes Edvardsen became increasingly controversial, even in the movement where there was noisy noise around him." I think that when the very special battle period was gone, Edvardsen was seen as one of the The most prominent personalities of the Pentecostal Movement. He was not only the most famous Pentecost, but the best known Christian life leader abroad. Although he linked his missionary activity to the Evidence of Faith, one can hardly say that he built it around himself, says Hegertun. "Lie before Edvardsen was international but also local, Pentecostal, but also interdisciplinary, and Hegertun says Aril Edvardsen was an effective publisher also domestic 

.- He was a few horse heads in front of the others, and he traveled a lot around Norwegian cities with a passion for the growth of God's Kingdom. Despite the tensions surrounding his theological profile, people in the Pentecostal movement spoke well about him. He is a name that shines in the Pentecostal movement. The strongest confrontation came from people like Levi Fragell, because of Edvard's missionary methods at the crusades in Africa and elsewhere.

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