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No. 1726: Are we a final remnant who is saved now before Jesus comes - or are we all sinners saved by grace?

No. 1726:
 Are we a final remnant who is saved now before Jesus comes - or are we all sinners saved by grace?
 Picture of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp, who is one of those who consider themselves to belong to an "elite" among us believers. He calls himself even for Apostle and Pastor, but is so far from being as it is possible to be!Talk about being a fool, a narrator.

Has recently experienced that there are far more fractions and views on God's words and doctrines than many realize.We as believers are an "exclusive" group of people as the Hebrew text says we are Ecclesia, of Greek: really: "convened assembly"; church, church.The spiritual meaning of the word derives from the Greek Bible edition Septuagint and is throughout the New Testament.Is there a "rest" of the believers who are "extra" cherished or divorced?This is really an extensive subject, as God's word says much about this.Matt. 13. 24 He presented another parable to them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven may be like a man who had sown good grain in his field. 25 And while all slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went his way. 26 And when the grain sprang up and set aside, the weed also appeared. 27 Then the servants went to the landlord and said, Lord! Was not it good grain you sowed in the field? Where is the weed from? 28 He has made an enemy, he answered. The waiters asked him: Do you want us to go and shut it away? 29 No, he answered, because then you will stir up the wheat with the weed. 30 Let them both grow there together until the fall comes. And when it is time for harvest, I will say to the harvesters: First weed the weed and bind it in bundles to burn it, and then you will gather the wheat in my barn. "It is true that among us believers there are "two" groups. Those who are married children of God, and those who sail under false flag and are alive dead as the scriptures say. They are not married to God's children, or have lost their lives in God along the way for various reasons such as sin, perplexity, worries, stress, drowsiness, indifference, etc.But then there is a "new" teaching that assumes true believers, so it is a remnant of those who are saved and who are God's "most" beloved children and have precedence over others. Does the script teach this? Or is this a doctrine that does not match God's own word?Jehovah's Witnesses teach that there are two groups of believers. The "innermost" flock of 144,000, so the remaining flock is Jehovah's Witnesses, but not among the 144,000.Unfortunately, there is a tendency among believers to look at themselves and their group as a selective group as the home-living son did.Scripture says that everyone we walk in the light with has society with. In other words, all the children of the Light who belong and serve Christ and the living God, they are among the remainder when Jesus comes.

Final Comment:

Luke 15. 25 But his eldest son was in the field, and when he went home, came near to the house, he heard play and dance; 26 And he called one of the servants and asked what this was. 27 He said to him, "Your brother has come, and your father has slaughtered the goat calf, because he recovered him. 28 Then he became angry and did not want to go in. His father then went out and spoke kindly to him; 29 But he answered and said to his father, Behold, for many years I have served you, and I have never received your commandment, and you have never given me a kiss, that I might be happy with my friends; 30 But when this your son came, he who has got your property together with foxes, then you slaughtered the goat calf for him!Unfortunately, there are some believers who look at themselves in a way like the living son in Luke 15.A bit silly, sour, cross and knows best. Belong to a "spiritual" elite but is basically more carnal than most. Not least those who he believes he is more "spiritual" than.It is a form of "elite thinking" that is unhealthy where one believes that God loves me / us more than others.On the contrary, God's love is as strong to all people.But it's about making us like the Father in Luke 15 and the angels who looked forward, not least over sinners who found grace.Here's a lot to say but just want to say in the end that we have to focus on ourselves and see if we're goal. If not, then we have to make a settlement in our own lives, rather than anything else!2nd Cor. 13. 5 Ransom yourselves if you are in faith; try yourselves! Or do you not know yourself that Christ Jesus is in you? It may be that you do not hold a test. 6 But I hope you will know that we are not the ones who do not hold the test. 7 But we pray to God that you do no harm, not for us to show us a trial, but that you may do good, we are like those who do not try; 8 For we do not do anything against the truth, but only for the truth.

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