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No. 1670: That's not something I regret in my fight against Jan Aage Torp, because the verdict against me is a justice word!

No. 1670:That's not something I regret in my fight against Jan Aage Torp, because the verdict against me is a justice word!
I had to put down the blog justism word, but what I've written and spoken I do not regret anything.
Imagine, I have been charged with one thing, the court dealt with something completely different.It was law enforcement, which was the main theme.
Then I was sentenced for something that the court did not treat and which I warned against was a lie.When the court judges in Oslo District Court and Borgarting Lagmannsrett "make" a verdict to settle me, then it is a justice word, nothing else.
Judge in Borgarting Court of Appeal Øystein Hermansen, who writes a lie against me.

Judge in Oslo Tingrett Malin Strømberg Amble who also wrote a lie against me when she judged me has never been dealt with in court.

Amount of writings in the case between me and the narrator postage Jan Aage Torp (pictured)I was convicted of, but this was never discussed in court.
Since I consider myself 100% innocent, and I have not received fair treatment in the Norwegian judiciary, the blog "Justismord" was necessary!
Look for the appeal to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court in France. If you read this whole "butterfly" you will get an overview of the whole case from the beginning to end:file: /// C: / Users / Jan / Downloads / jkcklage (2) .pdf
Picture of investigator Oda Karterud at Manglerud politics who must take much of the blame for the whole thing against me has been a daddy in my opinion after a miserable and bad police work.She has completely proven to go after me, although everyone else in this case has gone a lot longer than me both in amounts of writing, and verbal words and expressions.


Oda Karterud, who, in my opinion, has done a horrifel investigation job characterized by one thing, take me and let everyone else go free!
The charges against me that speaks of that I have called Torp for leper, adulterer, nasty, rude, psychopath and narcissistic, but quantity is not mentioned here with a single word.
Has now tried me in four courts and has not managed to be acquitted from the verdict of Oslo District Court.
In short, about the four legal processes.
1.) There was a father's similar trial in the Oslo District Court in January 2016. Where I was charged with one thing and convicted of something that was not yet in court proceedings. That there were lots of writings. Which caused them to judge me, even though it was neither in the trial nor we discussed it in court.
2.) It became a partial appeal to Borgarting Lagmannsrett, which applied primarily to law enforcement. Listen to Brynjar Meling's procedure:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnLmUHtMdB8&t=4183s
I pointed out that the numbers that Torp joined the district court was undocumented, beyond and they can not emphasize those numbers when they are only taken out of the air!Listen from what I said:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09b4ap1h5B4
3.) The appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court rejected without explanation.
4.) The appeal to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in France rejected, with the reasons given in paragraph 35, that I had pronounced myself.
What shall we say to this? This is as I write in the headline:"Since I consider myself 100% innocent and I have not received fair treatment in the Norwegian judiciary, the blog" Justice Word "is necessary!"
It is then entitled to write and make this blog, which is primarily intended to take forward the article that has been written during the four years before the matter was now finally concluded that they rejected the appeal min in France.
Just imagine what they have written on the fake Smyrna blog and they are not even charged, unthinkable.
What has Jan Aage Torp and his allies called and written about me? Should I check everything, there will be more books. Therefore, I will put out some of the old stuff here on this new blog, and you will get an overview.
Taking what Even Gran in FriTanke writes in his article about this in the end, which merely illustrates the miserable police work that has been. And what others have written to me both in quantity and quasi words, surpasses me many times!
But, with the pretext of being a satire blog, they've got to write everything they've wanted.
Satire blog's dark side"Smyrna church Oslo" was certainly not just satire anyway.
COMMENT: Many seem to trick last week by the article "The flood of sørlandet is God's punishment over this region's gays orgies !!!" on the website of "Smyrna church in Oslo."Several shared it on social media in the belief that this was a good example of how many individual extreme Christian groups might be. The Adresseavisen also went on the limp and "took satire blog seriously" as Dagbladet formulated it.It is easy to think that the "Smyrna church in Oslo" is just satire. Headlines such as "Women who go in pants have inflicted Norway an epidemic of lesbianism" and "Order your kyskhets bed from Smyrna Church!" Is so exaggerated that it could not possibly be meant seriously. According to the blog, the "chastity bed" works by increasing the weight

of two people trigger spikes coming up through the mattress. The bed is sold "for the modest amount of 18 750 kroner." In the article "Order a chastity dress for your son or son's son from Smyrna Church!" The church advertises a cross that you can tie the pen firmly to avoid masturbation. In other words, this must be humor. It must be satire. Quite funny is that too. It's hard to avoid laughing at headlines like "Are landscape images of rainbows really concealed propaganda for the gay and lesbian mafia?" Here it was more than I thought A bird snapped me in the ear this day that there is also another website at The name "Smyrna Oslo" - a church that seems to be 100% serious. What does the proprietor of this page, Jan Kåre Christensen, think of the other Smyrna church in Oslo, who is doing conservative Christianity under the same name. Could there be a case here? When I got Christensen in a speech, I quickly realized that here was a huge background story that had passed me by. In January 2016, Jan Kåre Christensen was sentenced to shaman for a long time against another Christian conservative pastor , Jan-Aage Torp. Christensen has accused and hid Torp to live in "horror" because he is divorced and married again. One of Christen's main affairs as a Christian preacher is obviously hanging out Christian leaders who violate the Bible's ban on reprisals. When you divorce and marry again, you are simply a "horkarl." When it comes to the "satire website" we have called to ask for, Christensen says that this is a website that Torp and two others use to shed anonymous shit about he. Jasså, then the "Smyrna church in Oslo" is not only written by any ghosts who want to do good with Christianity? No, that's not it. Because when I look up the name "Jan Kåre Christensen" on the blog, I get a lot of hits, and here is the tone a bit different from the tulips of gay organs in southern Norway or that women in pants lead to an "epidemic of lesbianism." The article about Christensen , published in August of this year, is not meant to be fun. It contains strong and partly injurious accusations. The purpose is to summarize "10 years of Christianity's terror and shaman". The article is, like the newer and more fun satire articles, signed by the pseudonym "Arne Ulf Breen for Smyrna Church". No one will keep up with the blog. Looking back into the archive we find many articles about Christensen. Ever since April 2015 there has clearly been a high level of conflict between Christensen and the author of the article, which is always said to be the pseudonym "Arne Ulf Breen for Smyrna Church." "Breen" blames Christensen for identity theft, lies and principlelessness. Ruling is used a great deal, for example, in ironic "thanksgivings" to Christensen and his wife. Who can this mysterious "Arne Ulf Breen" be. Who is behind "Smyrna menighet Oslo"? Christensen himself is not in doubt. Opposed to Fritanke.no he named three people: Torodd Fuglesteg, Ansgar Braut and not least his counterpart in the trial he lost in January 2016, Jan-Aage Torp. Christensen says that he has a police report on the blog several times, but that the police do not do anything. I will take a phone to the pastor Jan-Aage Torp. He refuses to have anything to do with the blog. Torp says he has been hinted about the blog and read a little in it. During the trial, he was asked if he had anything to do with it, which he rejected. Torp realizes that Christensen reacts to some of what is there, saying that he had reacted very strongly if someone had written an anonymous blog which hung him out the same way. Torp records that he himself is pretty good at blogging, but does not want to wonder who can stand behind it. He finds it to be harmful that Christensen accuses him of writing the blog but will not prosecute the case. We have also been in contact with Torodd Fuglesteg as mentioned by Christensen. He does not want to comment on the matter. The third person Christensen believes is behind the blog, Ansgar Braut, is uncertain about being a real person or a pseudonym. A profile with that name commented earlier in the comments field at Fritanke.no. We have tried to get in touch but have not received an answer. Nothing to shout hurry, and that's the case. The blog that last week saw a lot of flirting for striking and funny Christianity and who even managed to trick at least one big newspaper is also ... yes, should we go as far as to say ... a mob blog? Yes, I think so one can say. The ridicule, humor, irony and sarcasm used to hit Christensen and the wife in some of the articles are infam. It must also be noted that Christensen, in his monomental condemnation of things that in his mind is not "biblical", is a single victim. The truth may be that if you want to hang out someone online, you should not, like Christensen, go out under full name, hang out named people and call them "horebukker", "old pigs" and such. Then you are easy to take and
 can soon end up with a judgment in court. It is much better to protect yourself from a subtle interpretation of smart humor, satire, sarcasm and irony. That's something that every effective bully knows. Do not pick up people in the schoolyard. Cut a ugly ugly as the victim can not fault and say "you do not understand anything" if you are confronted. Also come with small regular stitches that are difficult to confront, but nevertheless hit without mercy. And if you use the web, you can enjoy the usability of anonymity. "Smyrna church Oslo" and "Arne Ulf Breen" mean even more than a mob-friendly higher level than Christensen. But I definitely do not think it deserves anything more than such a sarcastic congratulations from my side. Are you so clever that you can write such fun and striking satire as part of what we find at "Smyrna Menighet Oslo", then you should also be so clever that you do not let go of harassing people.

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