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No. 1672: It was not the bad days, but the good days that made King David fall, something to learn and take care of all of us!

No. 1672:It was not the bad days, but the good days that made King David fall, something to learn and take care of all of us!

Picture of Evangelist and Bible teacher Jan Kåre Christensen, Oslo.

Job said very well: "A human life on earth is a war service!"
From my Bible remarks Ephesians 6: 13, 13 Therefore, take God's full armor so that you can resist the evil day and stand after defeating everything.
Therefore, the apostle encourages believers to take the full armor of God so that they can resist the evil day (v. 13). The days are different. Some days we look back with joy, we would rather forget about it. In the coming days, we know nothing but experience, some would be good other evil. We will notice that the Devil is a strategist and feels like a day when we feel everything is hard and heavy, then he comes with his list and temptations to try to lead us to a fall.Special evil days for the people of God are persecution times. In our time, many in the world are being persecuted for their Christian faith, and the world experiences more martyrs than ever in history. The persecution time will culminate in the Antichrist's coming and the great tribulation. Therefore, it is important that we take on God's full armor so that we can stand.(quote ending).
If we study King David's life, there is a lot to learn from. We live in a time of great spiritual struggles, conflicts and controversies. At the same time as strong opportunities in most areas of life. In many ways, we recognize in King David when we read his life story, not least in Samuel, King, Chronicles, and Psalms.
King David's life was from the "great" heights to the "valley"!
We are studying King David's life, so his life went on until he was almost forty years, so he went on the first defeat by cheating on Bathsheba and killing her husband Uria. This was evil in the eyes of the Lord and sin. But what about King David in that moment?
2 Sam. 11. The following year, at the time when the kings tend to go out, David sent Jeho'ab with his servants and all Israel, and they ravaged the land of Ammon, and encamped Rabbah. But David lived in Jerusalem. 2 And it came to pass that one evening David got up from his bed, and went about the roof of the royal house; Then he got up from the ceiling to see a woman who was bathing herself; and the woman was very faint of appearance. 3 David sent messengers and asked about the woman, and they said, "It is Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam, and Uriah's wife, the Hittite. 4 Then David sent and called her for her; She came to him, and he lay with her just after she had cleansed her uncleanness; then she went home again.
His fellow warriors and friends were in war, while King David took a "well deserved" vacation. He spread out on the roof terrace and had too much free time. This was fatal to him when this prompted him to bid for a married woman and he was a married man who started a sexual relationship that caused Bathsheba to become pregnant. Talk about being "foolish", which unfortunately we all at times can be!
We look forward to "good" days, but for our spiritual life, in fact, it is not always something to behave. Unfortunately, unfortunately, when we unfortunately take us freedoms to oppose God and his words when "freedom" becomes too "big"!
We look forward to a "easier" life, with "better" days. For our spiritual life, this is often the "killing". To do "much" to do is usually better than having too little to do.Much resistance is usually better than no resistance, conveniences, relax and "enjoy" is for us people the safest way to decline.It is by doing something, taking responsibility and gladly meeting both resistance, misunderstanding and unfair treatment that our spiritual life grows, matures and grows.
Room. 5. 3 Yes, not only that, but we also boast of our tribulations, for we know that the patience is patience, 4 and patience a minded mind, and it's minded hope, 5 and hope does not shame because God's love is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, which is given to us.
We humans have a sad tendency to lead to fall, temptation and defeat. Not least when we search for "good" days and a good life, rather than a right life, and live our lives in harmony with the word of the Lord and for the blessing of other people.
Amos 5. 18 Woe to them for a while after the Lord's day! What do you want to do with the Lord's day? It is dark and not light. 19 It's like when one flees for a lion, but strikes a bear, and when he returns home and sticks to the wall with his hand, he gets bitten by a worm.
Applying for the "good" life is not what the Lord has called us first and foremost, but at all times doing his will and living in harmony with the word of God.
Here's what the Prophet says: "It's like when one flees for a lion, but strikes a bear, and when he returns home and sticks to the wall with his hand, he gets bitten by a worm."
In truth is a good picture, we humans will always be gathered from sin unless Jesus and God's word puts us in freedom.
Joh. e. 8. 36 Will the Son be released?

 Place yourselves, then you will be truly free. To live near the Lord Jesus, regardless of life situation. Seek the will of God, and see life on earth as a "war situation" to us believers, then we will also be overcome, the scripture says: Job. 7. Is not a man's life on earth a war service, and his days as days of days? 2 Like a servant waiting for a shadow, and like a man waiting for his reward, 3 I have had my own months full of need, and my hearty nights have fallen. A human life on earth is a war service! I have just been exposed to Norway's greatest justice word. Sentenced for one thing in court and convicted of something completely untreated in court. I clearly said that I was convicted of lying and not documented. It is much healthier for the spirit to be exposed to lies, hatred and conspiracy theories. Still for example. progress, "exaltation" and be well-liked. This must be clear to everyone. Job said very well: "A human life on earth is a war service!" What life is best, live comfortably like King David or in need as Job for a believer? Everyone will of course choose a life like King David, but to believe that Satan is on the verge side because things go your way, it is the world's greatest self-deception. The same and his spirit army will always fight us and be ready to lead us to a fall. David thought that a few days on the roof terrace, that would make him good. Unfortunately, Satan entered and overcame him and led him into sin. Such is Satan, he does not lie on our side if we do. He is always ready to lead and lead us into sin. Therefore beware of the scripture, so that the wicked can not touch us! I wrote in the title here: "It was not the bad days, but the good days that made King David fall, something to learn and take care of us all! "The right attitude for us believers is that we live in a constant spirit struggle if we have" good "or" evil "days, Satan is in the" heels "upon us no matter as long as we follow Jesus and God's word. always if we follow Jesus and God's word. King David lived a life in the spirit and with God, so he believed that this life could be a "holiday" from. One can not, Jobs's attitude to life even if we have a hectic everyday life or live and enjoy a comfortable holiday. We need to take in, our lives as believers are everyday "war service!" 

The image of the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp, obviously ruled and misled by Satan and his spirit powers. But Jesus overcame them on Calvary, where he broke the head of snakes, he walked around with a broken head, poor man. 

Final comment: 

Remember, for example, how this fight with the wizard and narrator Jan Aage Torp started. It was like out of the blue I received an email that he had notified me. I responded to this, and Satan was going through Torp. The rest is history of how I was pursued by the Oslo police and the courts here in Norway, all due to because Satan and the demos triggered and ruled these people. The forces of darkness were loose. It tells us that we as believers live in a struggle that the apostle Paul said. Finally, add a bit from my Bible remarks, Ephesians 6: 10. Finally, be strong in the Lord in His mighty power! So, as Paul is jumping from the human and natural part to the spiritual. But all this goes together. God's word encourages us to become strong and to be overcome. We become obedient to the word of God's word and appease to us his mighty power. Even in the GT there were powerful promises to be obedient as we find among other things. in Deuteronomy 28, how much more in the new covenant! 11 Take on the full armor of God, so that you can stand up against the devil's lame attack. Here we shall imitate God's full armor. What it is and includes comes in the next verses. We will not only care about any parts of the armor, but the whole armor. But there are so many believers who never come out or go out of the spirit struggle that this is something they can not quite relate to. It's only when one has been fighting that one understands how important and vital this is. Have you been in battle and suffer defeat, then one will do everything one can to avoid defeat in the next fight! 12 For we do not have a fight against flesh and blood, but against powers and authorities, against the rulers of the world in this dark, against the spirit of evil in the sky. The real opponents are evil spirits under the leadership of the Devil. There are evil spirits of different magnitudes and positions. There are demonic world rulers operating in this darkness in which the world is located. It is a battle against the "breath of breath of evil in the sky." That is, they belong to the spirit world, and thus they are scary dangerous and luminous. Satan acts in many different ways, both as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14) and as a roaring lion (1 Pet 5,8). He is most dangerous when he acts as an angel of light, disguised as a messenger of the gospel. God's words say about the last times: "But the Spirit says in plain words that in future, some fall from the faith and adhere to seducing spirits and demonic teachings. It happens by hypocrisy of false teachers who are burned in their own conscience "1 Tim. 4: 1-2. Accordingly, the false teaching has its origins in evil spirits, and the false teachings are influenced by, or under the influence of, evil spirits. Therefore, we can say that it is not a struggle against humans alone, but the Devil and the evil spirits use or abuse people in their struggle against God and the Christians. God's word does not hide the fact that we have an eerie opponent who together with terrible evil spirits will do all that is possible to seduce the children of God. But we must know that Jesus wiped out the evil spirits when he triumphed on Calvary (Col. 2,15). Even though the Devil and his spirit army are defeated, the judgment is not yet enforceable. Therefore, they have yet another time to seduce and tempt us humans, but the judgment of them is already devised. But there are also different spiritualities we stand above. We can divide them.1.) Power and government.2.) The rulers of the world in this darkness.3.) The spirit of evil in the sky. Here we meet three different areas of enemy heroes who will defeat and disturb us. Two of the secret to winning win is to know ourselves and our own thrust. And know the enemy and his thrust.1.) Here we meet the people "Face to Face". Why do not the mass media and everything else write and relate objectively and objectively to us believers and objectively? Satan stands behind.). It is an Spirit that the Bible describes as the Spirit of Satan, the Antichrist's Spirit, the Spirit that works in the infidel's children who work and rule in this world. Contrary to the Spirit of God we can say.3.) Here are the demons and the fallen angels. Demons are usually "small" men of 1 \ 2m if one should see them visible to the eye. The fallen angels are left over the demons again and can multiply we read in Genesis 6. They have assumed to rule this world before joining Lucifer. We read more places in the scripture that the demons infiltrated and occupied the people. While the fallen angels went so far as having intercourse with women and having children with them, they had the opportunity to propagate. But they are spirit creatures that can be both visible and invisible to the naked eye! 1. Genesis 6. 4 At that time, and since also, there was fighting on earth. For the sons of God lived with the human daughters and had children with them. It was the mighty men of ancient times, the namesake. Men's servants feed giants, they are the sons of God, have other genetic conditions that are stronger and different than humans after the fall. King David eradicated those who survived the flood of water, and today they are not persons meat and blood, 2. Samuel's book 21. 18 Then there came a new battle with the Philistines, at Gob. There Sibbekai of the Husja family sprang a man named Saf and was a descendant of Rafa. 19 Once again, it came to pass with the filmmakers at Gob. Elkanan, the son of Ja'are-Orgim of Bethlehem, spelled Goliath from Gath, who had a spear shaft as thick as a crank. 20 Then it was hit at Gat. There was a giant man who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty four fingers and toes in all. He also belonged to the Rafa family. 21 The man mocked Israel. But Jonathan, son of David's brother Shima, killed him. 22 These four belonged to the Rafa family in Gath. David and his men felt them.23. 21 He also fought a giant Egyptian. The Egyptian had a spear in his hand, but Benaja opposed him with a stick, tore the spear out of the hand of the Egyptian, and killed him with his own spear. It is only at the end of the great tribulation that these spiritual sizes will reveal their true self for all humans. Until then we are their biggest opponents and they are our hardest and greatest opponents. But Jesus has defeated them on the cross once and for all. It is good and reassuring to know. Also, Satan is very concerned about this, so he has put out lies that are not true about this. See here: According to ZetaTalk, David's grandmother had been raped or abused as a sex slave by an anonymous soldier, and had given birth to a hybrid (David's grandmother). There was thus anunnaki blood in David's veins, and as a child he had learned from the mother to hate the giants. This is just a gigantic bluff! Here from my Bible comments Colossians 2:15. He disarmed the powers and the authorities and put them to mockery and speeding when he triumphed over them on the cross. The street and demons had a hint on our lives. We were in the dark and enjoyed the darkness and were Satan's property. But they were disarmed and stood out as liars, prosecutors and without real power. Satan and the demon had been robbed long and thoroughly enough. But no longer, now they were defeated. The victory is perfect. God's Father is satisfied through the work of Jesus at Calvary. We have forgiven the sins, and God can grace us and adopt us into his family as his own children. And Satan and the demon have no real power anymore, they live on borrowed time! Jesus nullified the law for us. It does not matter anymore
for us, only grace in christ jesus

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