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No. 1669: The blog Justism word put down due to harassment, persecution and liar!

No. 1669:The blog Justism word put down due to harassment, persecution and liar!
Was shocked by hatred and late apostle Jan Aage Torp who writes the following without empathy and understanding of hitting a third party who has nothing to do with this is primitive, simple and ugly.Now Christensen tries to make himself a victim. He believes that he has had to shut down his latest blog because he and his family have been subjected to "harassment, persecution and liar".(quote ending).
Torp has ruined his own family, now he will destroy mine. He shows no understanding that it is very stressful that here in this case my whole family has gone into the case against their will. Even though they have never mixed up in the matter nor do they want it.
What fool and hatred "Pastor" Torp has been "exposed" to is as nothing what I and my family have had to go through.But a Oslo police that has been deported, as well as judges in the Norwegian court. Make the case against me and the heavenly blog at the time of justice here in Norway.Torp turns the whole thing on my head, I'm sentenced for something that the court has not dealt with. Therefore, a justice word, and my family have been pulled into this case repeatedly. That Torp does not warn against this, but defends this. Only shows that he is the psychopath and narrator I have claimed he is.

I created a blog that intended to illuminate the justism word that I and the heavenly blog have been exposed to. But because of so massive and ugly attacks on people who have nothing to do with this thing.Then I finally had to make a decision. It was then to remove and post the entire blog.
To hit a third party is mafia business, unfortunately, this is what Jan Aage Torp's "poodle" and "strawman" are doing.Two of Norway's biggest and worst online roles are Torodd Fuglesteg and Ansgar Braut, but I do not think that the hot and the harassment me and my family have been hit by the last year. That's the ones who have been leading here. But some are there and report it to the police no purpose when the Oslo police are unfortunately completely on the side of the criminal.Picture of a Mafiaboss, who had as his tactic to hit the family on the one they wanted to have on. Thus, these Jan Aage Torp operate their "poodle" and "strawberries".

Kristin B. Bruun writes:In my opinion, I think, according to their very involuntary experience with pastor Jan-Aage Torp, that the court has been "angled" in its view. I am a private person without any history with Pastor Torp, who suddenly discovered that I was hanged out on his Facebook page in public, claiming that I have committed criminal offenses. The pastor would help the person with this, and he named him as an inspiration for him and his wife.When I contacted him privately and asked him to support this person privately and fail to involve me, he was so nice, but a month later he had not met my repeated, courteous recommendations to erase the untrue and defamatory claims about me from their sides, where I'm identified.
On the other hand, he wrote a separate blog post about me, where I was made a stalker and insinuated that I had done the same to him as the person he received the court's opposition to.
It's not a true word in this, and when I contacted him again after a month's silence, and kindly asked him to delete my claims, to dementiate what he himself said and to complain, he responded to blocking me.
So much for the persecuted pastor. "Pastor", by the way, means shepherd (shepherd), that is, a guide for those seeking God. I am shocked at how little the courts see who they are doing.
Final Comment:
The man with the pseudonym named Randi writes the following:
I think this was wise by Christensen. He has received his message of what he believes and should be pleased with it. Such a case bag has spread to all of Norway, and Christensen has achieved a lot like that.But it is worthwhile, both for Christensen himself and for those he has mentioned. No winners only losers. Hope everyone now respects the case now becomes history.(quote ending).
It's only a loser here, it's Jan Aage Torp and those who stand with him.
I have spent 50,000, - on this issue, and received the budget loss if the remorse among the publisher is not acceptable.
Should I use the same amount of advertising, I think that 10 million would have cost, Torp has now "helped" me as just that.
Torp reigns and perseveres as if he does not need repentance. He lives per. The Bible's definition in horror, and is then a whore with
to be reprisalized as a believer!

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