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No. 1666: Other Western countries cheer in Pastors who have not done a fraction as badly as narrator postman Jan Aage Torp, when does the time come for him?

No. 1666:
Other Western countries cheer in Pastors who have not done a fraction as badly as narrator postman Jan Aage Torp, when does the time come for him?
Jan Aage Torp's daughter Christine Josephine Andreassen,:The words still run in my mind sometime. I was barely 11 years old when I was sent to the father house summer camp in Denmark. Big Brother was tortured, and I was taught to hide, sacrifice life for the cause and rescue those who were kidnapped.

The summer camp would prepare us for the end time and to fight the fight for Jesus. The leaders were convinced that the end time was close. Therefore, we had to be trained to become soldiers. I was in the group for the youngest. In the middle of the night we were alarmed with shouting that one of the participants had been kidnapped. We did not even get a flashlight because we were sent out alone in the woods to look for the participant who had been kidnapped.Furthermore, we learned how to hide us from not being seen by those who came to "take us Christians". At the camp I was taught to an understanding of reality that said the world would hurt us.One day we were raised on a line. The authoritarian leaders told us in strong words that if we were ever kidnapped, we should die for the matter. We were to die for Jesus. "I'm a soldier of God, kill me if you want." We should say. We practiced it together. The leaders asked us one by one and we had to respond with tight tidying up. I was ready. As eleven, I was ready to die for the matter.A little later, Dad came happy home from Zambia. He was gira and engaged; Demonstration was on the plan for Oslo Church. Mom tried to make me stay at home, said I could not miss school, but we all knew that two weeks school did not mean so much for a school-grade 7. Class.The journey was long and suddenly I was sitting alone in a room with a floor and an African lady. She asked me to breathe in newsprint rolled up like a kremmer house. I heard scream and pity everywhere, but did as I was told. I breathed and cried. I was afraid. I am trembling. When we finished, she crossed a list of different demons I had in me, jealousy was one of them. She said I had to come back for several demon expulsions.(quote ending).Following what Jan Aage Torp's children have said, something that Jan Aage Torp or his former wife Ann-Christin Düring Woll (former Torp) have addressed.Then the children were driven out demons countless times. Blue. up to seven times a day after what Anders Torp writes.Now, people who have been driven as Ann-Christin Düring Woll (former Torp) and Jan Aage Torp (pictured) are punished and imprisoned.Picture of Jan Aage Torp and he then and right after the word of God, Ann-Christin Düring Woll.

What happens to this couple is not good to say, as my experience so far is that for incomprehensible reasons, Jan Aage Torp and his supporters get immunity from the Oslo police. Everything is allowed for them, but abroad, such people like Ann-Christin Düring Woll (former Torp) and Jan Aage Torp will be punished.Here is an excerpt from an interview with the son of Narreapostel Jan Aage Torp, Anders. Sin, hell, demons and devils do not belong in childhood educationAnders Torp has stuck to bone rank, has been tortured and been through 17 demon demolitions. The Pastor's son has grown up with extreme Christianity.Exorcism through hyperventilation

As the membership and cash flow increased, Oslokirken rented a room in Dronningensgate in Oslo city center and established the "Oslo Healing Center". This was a place people could seek to be cleansed of evil powers and seek healing for "bodily, spiritual and spiritual diseases" as it was called. In reality, they were driving exorcism, says Anders Torp. He participated in it all.- Earlier we had been in Zambia and learned a special technique for demon destruction. A pair of Zambian pastors had joined Norway and worked at the healing center, says Anders Torp.The method consists of some special breathing exercises, which really are nothing but hyperventilation."Those who came in quickly heard that they were obsessed with demons, and they were persuaded to try the special breathing technique. And what's happening if you hyperventilate for 10-30 minutes? Well, you get dizzy, get hurt in your head, get cramps and even lose consciousness. These natural physical reactions, which are caused by hyperventilation, are being told are signs of demons coming out of the body. A person who gets physical reactions will think that he or she is really obsessed. Thus, you have complete control of the person who, in most cases, will do everything to get rid of the obsession. With this technique, anyone can be convinced that they are actually obsessed with evil powers. The whole process is a power assault, says Anders. He says that he himself has been through the process 17 times. - I do not remember much of this. I was completely unprepared for how the body reacts to hyperventilation. Many people got completely blackout, became rave and could figure out things like "I'm Satan." Most of this also happened to me, he says. The physical reactions initiated by hyperventilation became proof of actually obsessing and the demons were on their way out. When you actually believe in this, it affects yes, also the physical reaction. Let's say that a person has been told and trained to believe that the person is a dog. Then this person will behave like a dog. If you are manipulated to believe that you are obsessed with a demon, you will behave as if you were obsessed with a demon. That's how simple it is, he says. Train training before "the last few times" Another thing Anders Torp went through during his time at Oslo Castle was the camp "Joel's Army Bootcamp" in Denmark. He tells of a militant training camp where the participants should be trained to fight in the last war that is to come before the "resurrection" - a performance evangelical Christians claim that the believers will be brought up and brought to God while the infidelity will remain and experience the hustle and bustle before the day of judgment. The church of the Father House in Denmark, with which Oslokirken cooperated a lot, had brought two tugs from the Danish defense. We followed military discipline, used code names and taught us to spy. Worse, we were trained to withstand torture. We were standing untouched for four to five hours. Many fainted. We were abducted by the leader in the congregation and subjected to brutal interrogation techniques. I got sand in my throat, experienced water fog and was beaten and kicked. Much of this occurred while we had hooded over our heads. Those who panicked and broken were exposed to extra hard treatment so that they would be cured, he says. Others were 17 when this happened in 2005. The youngest participants were only 12-13 years old, volunteered by their parents, telling He emphasizes that it could certainly work for the environment as if he went into much of this volunteer, and even benevolent. There are, however, several forms of compulsion, he believes. "Once you have been indoctrinated into a special and narrow way of thinking, you can not think freely. Suffering does not always have to be physical and direct, something Levi Fragell's recently released self-biography is a good example of. It is this long-lasting and psychological compulsion that I have finally managed to free myself from, "he said. (End of speech). Final comment: There are examples from Sweden and Denmark that so-called pastors have been sentenced to do the same to their own children like former married couple Ann-Christin Düring Woll (former Torp) and Jan Aage Torp have received their children. See here for links: https: // A prisoner of death in Gothenburg is sentenced to one year in prison for attempting to drive demons out of the teenage daughter. According to Göteborgs Posten, the daughter was a member of the free church. She has said that she was subjected to violence, threats and violations of the father. According to the district court, this has been the case for over four years. It was a counselor at a youth reception who reported about the situation in 2017. The father is also sentenced to pay her daughter 35,000 Rewarded priests anchor judgment on 3 and a half years jail The Danish / American Christian Laursen Raburn who was a youth pastor in "The Church of the City in Silkeborg" were among those who made young people fall under the "power of God" in the meetings. However, it turned out that the highly charismatic youth pastor also had another side, a dark side that led the 30-year-old youth pastor to be sentenced to three and a half years in prison and expulsion from Denmark. (Quote end). We know that as married couple Ann-Christin Düring Woll (former Torp) and Jan Aage Torp have been running demons of their children by up to 7 times daily reminding us of what others today are imprisoned for. If it should not and would be good, fair and correct that the same thing had happened here in Norway as it has happened in Denmark and Sweden! We will hope, believe and pray for justice also prevail in Norway, not only in Denmark and Sweden! Here are some related links, which show that fool's postman Jan Aage Torp had lived in Sweden or Denmark, he probably would not have been a free man. But sitting in the same place as other sites in order to inflict on his children trauma and anything that makes him a criminal, a scam and a whore after the word of God!

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