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No. 1665: Liv Signe Navarsete appears as a drama queen after Jan Aage Torp has performed and hosts the drama King himself!

No. 1665:Liv Signe Navarsete appears as a drama queen after Jan Aage Torp has performed and hosts the drama King himself!

The goal is obvious. Get shut the blog and get me into a closed intuition!Torodd Fuglesteg writes, who is one of Torp's admirers.You and your wife will be stalked by JKC for the next 30-40 years if nothing is done in the matter with regard to health care. Especially in these internet times with anonymous profiles and opportunities to hide, stalking will be a big problem beyond. There is not much that trigger mentally ill people and / or people with Asbergers. ABB is at the extreme end of that scale. JCK is also something in his directionJan-Aage TorpChristensen conducts "Cyberstalking". He is history!(Quote ending)Here I get the diagnosis of Torp as a stalking and mentally ill of Fuglesteg. Everything I've ever written when neither torp or bird climbs up to the ankles once!Further by Torodd Bird Stage.Krogstien in Oslo has now become a madhouse. Something more can not be said.(quote ending).Torp's "friends" take the job for the "boss" himself. They have the same spirit and therefore the same evil people!Further Torodd Bird Stage:I think it's totally unrealistic to believe that JKC will give up its almost daily terror of Torp in the next 30 years unless it is taken into custody through forced treatment in a closed mental institution. I do not think that today's process will do anything but reveal it from the public that Torp and others are being terrorized by JKC. And that's all. That in itself is good. But not the solution.(quote ending).Here they mean I will be locked in on a closed intuition. This tells me that bullying and the guilty of me can not really get worse! Except if they are actively starting to use this!I have never known neither drawn, wanted or need to meet Torp in any way. I have written about him as an X where he must be "Apostle" and "Pastor." And others I write about, I have the same relationship to mostly. It is that they call themselves preachers, etc. but live for their own flesh.At the same time, God's word, and God's word alone, gave rise to what I meant and mean about the Torp and the Oslo church.For my part, I am primarily concerned with the things I write and talk about from the Bible's view of remorse and being a preacher and having a supervisory office.Picture of Norway's most naughty and worst net role, Torodd Birdwatch, who is in the UK and causes nausea in Norway, but he has to hold on when the police have given him protection and obviously do not want to have him taken and taken.Even though he is dealing with threats, document falsification and anything else it's possible to do with.

Liv Signe Navarsete and Jan Aage Torp appear to me with some striking negative and unsympathetic features that make them both in my eyes as drama king and drama queen.In both cases, both have been hurt and harassed others, but when they themselves experience something of the same self. Then they are so hurt and offended that one is wondering if they have been shot?But they are not, but have received something like everyone else had just suffered and did not break.But what are these two? They try to get the most attention around the matter that pertains to themselves. But when they were hot and harassed others, they would ask for mercy. But to others, they are not so careful to give mercy, but the more demanding than it is possible to comply, they expect both of the others.Liv Signe Navarsete has threatened and harassed more people, she is simply vulgar and most demanding as she appears. Here are some examples. Navarsete shone out his youth leaderThe center duck requires full dishes after a group of newly-announced party members witnessed Sandra Borch being shot out of Sp-leader Liv Signe Navarsete.(Quote end.)From the network about the narrator.Of course there are Norwegian pastors who speak as idiotic as this Swedish pastor, and one of them is Jan-Aage Torp. He has described homosexuality as "a burden of violence in society".(quote ending).Torp shells out everything and everyone, even their own family. But afterwards, when he becomes "violated," he walks to the police to get attention, and unfortunately he gets it.There is no doubt that Liv Signe Navarsete appears as a drama queen after Jan Aage Torp has performed and hosted the drama of the King himself!These two drive things that are obviously not criminal or criminal, and the ability to put others in the stick they should and should be in. This is alarming.I do not know Narvasete, but I know who the narrator is. The similarity between these two is striking in the sense that they both seek attention, disables SEG. But when they themselves encounter resistance, they become bad for fashion. It is said that the player in the game must be able to withstand the stitch. These two are people who list others to a point where they expect others to be "punctual"!While they can leak out and write exactly What suits others, this is the classic hypocrisy! Final comment: Never believe that Life Signe Navarsete review will lead. If it does, it's a tragedy. What she received from text messaging is nothing like what, for example. I have received the last 5 years of the evil trinity. At Torp's review the first thing ahead of me and the Heavenly Blog was not because the notification or the sentence was real or punishable. But because I was exposed to the justism of time. What I was convicted of was not even discussed in court, worse than this is not possible to do. This is Norway ala 2018, sad! Revolt is also a human property. It owes this from the Oslo police, Torodd Fuglesteg, Ansgar Braut, Jan Aage Torp and Liv Signe Narvasete. In this way, they manage to go free, but they are able to put others in the "gokkok". It is not least now with Narvasete as a sick man after getting everyone else than herself to get in a bad light. She can only say she is ill-reported and does not have to answer. But other avaries.Torp did the same among other things. in Oslo district court where he poetched numbers and events that none other than himself showed. This was what made me convicted, for me, Torp and some others like well-behaved narcissists and manipulators appear!

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