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No. 1660: "Apostle" Jan Aage Torp says that he is over the word of God when I belong to a "fictional" church, then it is permissible to report Christian brothers even though God's word strongly warns to do this, it is better to suffer a loss !

No. 1660:"Apostle" Jan Aage Torp says that he is over the word of God when I belong to a "fictional" church, then it is permissible to report Christian brothers even though God's word strongly warns to do this, it is better to suffer a loss

 «Apostle» Jan Aage Torp (the picture) writes the following on his own blog:However, we had to reconsider Paul's warning of "litigation between brothers". Here we came to the recognition that Paul referred to situations where Christians were actually in the same congregation, and with some groves common leadership. In the case of Jan Kåre Christensen, this is not valid because he is "pastor" of a fictional church, "Smyrna", which neither has members nor ecclesiastical affiliation or public registration with the County Governor or the Brønnøysund Register. "Smyrna" is simply a name Christensen has given her house in Oslo, as well as her public blogs. Therefore, we had to use the "Authority" as the New Testament establishes as a normative and punitive instance.(quote ending).

The apostle Paul describes us as Christians who are members of the common body, where we all stand in a sense of responsibility to each other. And have no right, right or reason, to treat each other something different than what God's Word says and does.Room. 12. 4 For as we have many members of one body, but not all the members have the same work, 5 so we are many one body in Christ, but individually we are each other's limbs.In this match he has also received Norway's 2 biggest and worst online roles with Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg (pictured) to try to close the heavenly blog.


Jan-Aage Torp said:When this matter with JKC has reached its end, Kjell Andersen, I think you know wisdom is able to moderate necessary wordsheets about difficult topics like divorce and reunification. I would like to contribute as well as I can, just do not have to moderate myself :-)Otherwise, it is interesting with Braut, Fuglesteg and others. who engages tough and necessary in relation to a blog that is confused, bad, evil and dumb through. It should be closed short and well.(quote ending).Jan Aage Torp has a goal and an agenda for closing the heavenly blog! There he goes "over" the word of God somewhere else the scripture says we will not do.Joh. e. 10. 1. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that goeth not into the sheepstreet through the door, but riseth over elsewhere, he is a thief and a robber;

Here, "Apostle" Jan Aage Torp has joined forces with the authority, Norway's 2 worst online roles and anyone else who can close the heavenly blog!Then, the word of God is no longer valid in the life of Torp when he divorces and marries, a police detective, ally with people who obviously belong and serve the evil one. Everything in the world of Torp is true to me and the heavenly blog, "the goal sanctify the means!"

Best support I have received is actually not by any believer, but by humanist journalist Even Gran, who has understood in this case, it is "owls in the bog". Since the only agenda of the police and courts is and has been taken. Unfortunately, there is something we as Christians must expect, that the world's people will make us believe in that way, unfortunately, many people feel an inner or what they experience. One point is that it is as the apostle Paul says that believers are often placed "at the bottom"! Therefore, the word of God is clear to it, too, do not report other believers. Lets rather injustice, suffer either loss, "bite in the sour apple, the judgment belongs to the Lord, and the church will and can we bring everything inward. And if we do not, we can not report anyone just because they do not have a big community around them. We see, too, is very bad at Torp, he tries and will attack those he believes he can win "victory" over. That's why Torp wrote on one occasion that he was "wishing opposition", not Satan, his own flesh or anything else!

Final Comment:Torp believes that it is allowed to report me when we are not so many, but that I belong to the body of Christ and is a believer. That's what matters to God's word if one is a Christian or not, no matter how big or small church one belongs to!We read in 1 Cor. 6. 7 It is already a loss for you that you have things against each other. Why do not you suffer injustice? why do you not harm either?It's a loss that we have things against each other, let injustice say the scripture!

In other words, the scripture is ready here. We shall not object to one another as believers, but leave the judgment to the church and God.It is this which is God's regulation that Torp puts itself over this is bad!Biblical and spiritual is not to report other believers.The world's people are always ready to chop after and "take" us Christians!

That we must live with, but that other believers go to Satan's errand as "apostle" Jan Aage Torp does, it's bad. The scripture says that he is a "thief and a robber" who "jumps" over a place other than what the scriptures say and teach!Then he has both lost his salvation and is under sentence with their lives, since the verdict does not belong to Jan Kåre Christensen, Jan Aage Torp or any other people. Only God alone!

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