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No.1644 Freedom of speech is 100%, no form of reduction is acceptable!

Freedom of speech is 100%, no form of reduction is acceptable!
Attorney Brynjar Meling's ancestor to the Human Rights Court:file: /// C: / Users / Jan / Downloads / jkcklage (29) .pdf

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If you're offended by words, it's because you're stupid!-Frank Zappa (quote and photo)

From the judgment against me it says:"The Court of Appeal agrees with the district court that the statements in general have moved away from actual religious and religious criticism, and have also taken the form of harassed and harassing persecution of Torp. Christensen has acted unnecessarily recklessly and strongly blamed on this matter. Christensen has used unnecessarily offensive words and expressions to express his dissatisfaction with Torp and his way of life. "
What made me judged is the amount of words, not the words themselves. Because they are not punishable, but that they are repeated for "often"!
This is to overestimate the freedom of speech and the words are repeated as it is generally in words that the repeat has occurred!
By such a judgment, I am then "criminal". As it states in the judgment:
"In the opinion of the Court of Appeal, Christensen's conduct is affected by section 390a of the Criminal Code."It is stated in the judgment:"In the opinion of the Court of First Instance, the protection of freedom of expression does not prevent the conviction under section 390a in this case. Christensen has been suffering from unnecessary and unreasonable harassment, and he seems to have been driven by a personal pursuit motive. As such, Christensen is not protected by freedom of expression, although individual statements in the blog posts alone would not be punishable. It is the overall holiness assessment that is essential. "
This is a gross violation of me, and the Court of Appeal is far beyond freedom of expression as they state that single-handed exposures I come with are not punishable. But that's the amount and the whole that makes it punishable!
That the amount has grown so much is because there has been a long-time word shift, actually year !!!!!!
The whole sentence really sets aside freedom of expression, and there are views, opinions and feelings that govern the judgment.The judgment is and remains incorrect in my eyes as the crowd comes with great dedication, word change and more debates inside the picture than just me and Torp.Look for the judgment here: file: /// C: /Users/Jan/Downloads/Dom+av+27.04.17 (4) .pdf

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Make sure you go to the store and buy a Cola.You make up for yourself, and you want one more. You pay, drink and are out of date.Next day you buy a Cola. Then you will come the next day, and you'll be fine and arrested when you did it too often. This sounds absurd, you say, but that is how the Norwegian state behaves and is facing me. One sets an "artificial" limit that will always vary accordingly. Three days, thirty days or three hundred.Of course, this will be completely meaningless and only view, which will always vary.Once you've written something punishable, that's enough!I have not written anything punishable says the court but because it is repeated and there has been a word shift that has not been discussed in court.Then I am per. Norwegian courts a "criminal" talk about turning everything on your head!Understand who can make it punishable white You make a "legal" act, which becomes "illegal" if it repeats, for "often"!Here are Norwegian courts who do things that they have no right and opportunity, they take advantage of freedom of belief and expression and benefit!
Hope you will write about this important issue, as it says:
Be careful poster. 1. The social role of the press
1.5. It is the duty of the press to protect individuals and groups from abuse or negligence from public authorities and institutions, private enterprises or others.(quote ending).
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