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No. 1651: Prophet Erling Thu, Christian fellowship in the newspaper The day: "Prayer answer: Listhaug got rid of!"

No. 1651:
Prophet Erling Thu, Christian fellowship in the newspaper The day: "Prayer answer: Listhaug got rid of!"
 We are managers, and should one day do accounts. Believe that all that happens is the will of God, it is enough to preach. As a rule, more people and Satan's will is happening here in this world than God's will.

See what the wise King Solomon wrote.The preacher 10. 5 There is an evil that I have seen under the sun - an abomination that goes out of power: 6 The folly is in high positions, while sensational people must sit low. 7 I have seen servants ride horses and princes go on foot as servants.In this world there are many times the opposite, those who would be in senior positions do not come up and forth because they do not have "sharp" elbows!

Picture of the "Prophet" Erling Thu, who takes a serious mistake here that it was God's will that Silvi Listhaug was assigned. But this may God turn to the best, she has a little young at home and gets more time with it, obviously God's will!

The Prophet writes: "I see God's good finger in the ruler Sylvi Listhaug has the intention to withdraw as Justice Minister. There was no one waiting for you to do it.The cork party or her prime minister had to ask him to go. Media victory at Listhaug had the region whole eagle. That trick I'm wrong. I believe it is the Lord who has had the rule. He is the one who looked in, and he is seen as (see Dan 2: 20-21; 4,17; 4,25; 5,21).I never have our own listhaug fan. However, I still feel a bit sorry for her in the drive she's supposed to be. Even so, he calls it a witch hunt. I can understand that you are experiencing this. On the other hand, you'll have to get what you've seen. She is very kind to thank you for the way in which you have come.When he sees Hareide licking imanane up after his back, it's unhappy and not a politician worthy. When he approves that the police crush icebergs to break into a church settlement to abduct a Christian toddler's family, they do not stand for Christian values ​​and lose self-confidence.When you see that the Ap (and the plural of the plot) are more concerned with defending their terrorists than protecting the security of the country, go far beyond the line. That you can not hear the advice of your own boss and delete the bill, it's even worse.That you can not hear and pray for a pardon, but have to push for a cause, nor do you trust. But you must be praised for the move and save the government. "

I will not comment on everything here, but is it really God's will? What does the scripture say?In my opinion, I think that the Lord has in many ways left this earth to us. And we are people who control the most, good and bad!

Psalm 115. 16 The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.This writes John-Willy Lien:"This article with your" main points "about Listhaug dear brother Thu DO NOT HAVE BIBLICAL DRAWING but IS A PERSONAL CONSIDERATION .... WE AS PRESENTERS AND MANAGERS MUST be careful to make" left or right "MORE spiritual than" the other "for DET DO NOT have biblical coverage BUT it is correct that we investigate WHAT HOWEVER, every party and politician has and when it comes to SYLVI, she is with some of her MAIN PAGES a READY AND TEMPORARY VOTE FOR US "JESUS ​​PEOPLE" THAT WE SHOULD THINK FOR JESUS ​​AND BE FOR!"

Earth and everything down here we get people to control with as we almost want, but one day we'll all make accounts.Personally, I think it was not God's will this happened, but to say 120% as Erling Thu makes me think I'm swearing!It's as John Willy Lien says, his views, nothing more!

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