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No: 1645 Sylvia Listhaug "Two Faces", or was it a mistake to throw out asylum seekers / converts from a congregation !?

No: 1645
Sylvia Listhaug "Two Faces", or was it a mistake to throw out asylum seekers / converts from a congregation !?
 Picture of Sylvia Listhaug, with cross. That she also made mistakes in some cases, and mentioning that she does not carry the cross with dignity is nauseating!

For my part, I have always liked Sylvia Listhaug as a straightforward, clear and skilled politician. Remembers her from working in politics here in Oslo, because I expect 2005 and beyond after returning to Oslo after a few years in Western Norway!

Altea affair!

I followed the case, the so-called Altea case. The municipality of Oslo bought a plot for building nursing homes for older people from Oslo.That this did not go through was a tragedy. Sylvia Listhaug was more foresight than most, but in this back country we sometimes live in. So, one did not have the right patience, and Oslo Municipality sold the lot with a loss. Sad, for a stay not least in winter, it may be the best for older people when it's cold, dark and hard at times here in Norway.In 2013, they were allowed to build.From Aftenposten:Oslo municipality bought the land on the Spanish coast in 2006. The purpose was to build a nursing home there, but the property was not regulated for such, and the building was therefore put on hold.In total, the municipality has spent NOK 30 million on the project. In addition, attempts at bribery and corruption have caused headbreak for the Right and the Frp politicians who wanted to build the nursing home. Among other things, mistrust proposals were submitted to Frvi City Council Sylvi Listhaug in Oslo in 2010 for her handling of the case.Today, the Spanish newspaper reported that Oslo Municipality has finally been granted a building permit. It comes after the Ombudsman in the Valencia region recently sent a letter to Altea's management and asked for the municipality to give Oslo a clear signal to build.In the letter, the Ombud asked Altea to abolish the blockade of the development within a month. The Ombudsman pointed out that the Oslo project could draw thousands of users with medium to high income levels to the municipality. The nursing home can also provide 200 new jobs in the area.The regional authorities felt there were no legal issues with the development.Both Røsland and Johansen describe the project in Altea as long and complicated. The director of Omsorgsbygg shows in particular the corruption attempts in explaining why the building permit has failed."We would have had a permission far earlier. We believe this case has been trained, something we see in the context of corruption, says Johansen.Stian Berger Røsland believes that the matter has become more time-consuming than anyone could imagine.Should you get rid of the plot before the costs were shot in the weather?"In recent years, the Spanish real estate market has been poor. We considered it most reasonable to wait before the question of rebuilding permission was clarified than to sell on the bottom, he says.(quote ending).

Kirkeasyl - An "Old Biblical Order"!

We read that the children of Israel should have 6 refuge cities that "manraps" could escape. Those who had disappeared had killed someone. In many ways, one can say that today's asylum system has striking resemblance to itself. Then the authority also makes mistakes, and then able to flee to a church or church house. It is a necessity in some cases when the authorities also make their mistakes, and then the church or congregation may be a sanctuary.That Sylvia Listhaug and the police do not respect this is only deeply regrettable!

Ask for Listhaug that she has to get her eyes up and be corrected! We need brave and good politicians like Listhaug, and others!

Deuteronomy 35. 25 And the church shall cover the murderer against the blood heater, and return him to the place of refuge he had fled to; and there he shall become the high priest - who is anointed with the holy oil - is dead. 26 But if the murderer comes outside the refuge of the refuge where he has fled, 27 and the blood detector hits him outside the villages of his refugee town and kills the murderer, he has no blood debt. 28 For the murderer shall be in his place of refuge until the high priest is dead; but after the high priest's death he can return to the village where he has his property. 29 This shall be a statute for your generations, wherever you live.

This meant having a refuge and could escape there. It is a biblical thought that includes This means that converts can have an opportunity to conceal when the authority like here at Fitjar reveals makes an abuse of people!

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