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No. 1653: It is a powerful sign of an unhealthy society when such an obvious justism word with me can take place and almost nobody reacts to it and wants a change for the better!

No. 1653:It is a powerful sign of an unhealthy society when such an obvious justism word with me can take place and almost nobody reacts to it and wants a change for the better!
 Unfortunately, Christians can not count on when they are exposed to Christian prosecution in Norway, unfortunately, most people are asleep.They sleep heavily and are unable to respond. But the Lord holds his hand over them, so we always have more than victory in the wonderful names and works of Jesus on Calvary, even over the Norwegian authorities and the police, if it apparently does not look like that !!!!!! 

The last act has not arrived yet, everything turns head and right!

Somebody who has amazed me very, that's how few people really want the truth. The truth the way it is, and just the way it is. But what does the word of God say?Joh.e. 3. 19 And this is the judgment that the light has come to the world, and the people loved the darkness before the light; for their deeds were evil. 20 For every one who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds be punished; 21 But he that doeth the truth, he cometh unto the light, that his works may be revealed; for they are done in godThere were evil people who opposed Jesus - it is the same as I experience. But unfortunately, this is the way in this world. The wicked people often get a foothold, win ahead, but always lose in the end! 

Acts 3. 12 When Peter saw this, he answered the people: Israelite men! Why do you wonder about this? or why are you staring at us as if by our own power or fear of God we had walked around? 13 The God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified his servant Jesus, whom you betrayed and denied Pilate when he condemned that he should be released; 14 But you denied the holy and righteous, and prayed for a murderer to be given to you, 15 but the chief of life killed you, whom God raised from the dead to which we are witnesses.1 Cor. 6 But wisdom we speak among the perfect, but wisdom that is not of this world, or of the lords of this world, those who perish; 7 But as a secret we speak the wisdom of God, the hidden one whom God has forever determined for our glory, 8 whom none of this world's lords knew; for if they had known it, they had not crucified the lord of glory; 9 But as it is written, What eye not so ears did not hear, and what did not come in the heart of any man, what God prepared for those who love him. 10 But God has revealed it to us by His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, also the depths of God; 11 For who among men knows what dwells in man, without the spirit of man who is in him? Thus, no one knows what lives in God without the Spirit of God; 12 But we have not received the spirit of the world, we have received the Spirit of God, that we may know what is given to us by God, 13 what we also talk about, not with words like human wisdom, but in words as the Spirit teaches, as we interpret spiritual things with spiritual words. 14 But a natural person does not accept what belongs to the Spirit of God. for he is a folly, and he can not know it, because it is spiritually condemned; 15 But the spiritual judges all things, but he himself is judged by none; 16 For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he should teach him? but we have the mind of christThey did not know that they crucified "denied the holy and righteous" and "the lord of glory"!They would rather have "a murderer given you" than "the chief of life"!So too with me, Torp is a liar, hater and sucks money out of people who are sick! In other words, a star psychopath in front of me that is the opposite of all that Torp is and stands for!Torp has ruined its own famille, the meter is quite obvious to do the same to me! 
'There are two kingdoms opposed to each other, where the kingdom of Satan leads in this time-house. But during the coming time, it is God's Kingdom and Jesus who leads!When Jesus - the Son of God went on this earth. Then Satan attacked him constantly, when Jesus was the Light of Satan hated!Joh. e. 9. 5 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.Jesus also said about John the Baptist that he had this light, but to a lesser extent than him.Joh. e. 1. 4 In him was life, and life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not accept it. 6 There appeared a man sent from God; His name was John; 7 He came to testimony, to testify of the light, that all should come to believe in him. 8 He was not the light, but he should testify of the light. 

Mark 1: 7 And he preached, saying, After me comes the stronger than me, whose chimney I am not worthy to bow down and loose. 

John the Baptist was a light, but Jesus was an even stronger light, he was the perfect light.Although the Baptist lived in the wilderness, not near any human being. Then he was hated by Satan, and even in the wasteland "Satan found him and killed him and thrown. If we are bearing the light of God, Satan knows to find us and make us "punished" even if we have never transgressed one of NoJohn the Baptist was the "most" lawless man of the world, living in loneliness, succeeded himself, and was what we would call an eremite! So with me, I have never made anyone a fortune in my life ever always made it good. But why should such people like Jesus, John the Baptist, and I and many others be taken in this world? The scripture says: 2 Cor. 4. 4 in whom the god of this world has blinded the mind of the faithful, that the light of the gospel of Christ's glory, who is the image of God, shall not shine for them.In this age, Satan is the God of this world and has the domain "Therefore, Satan is raising and keeping Satan as he does, it is his age. In the coming age, it becomes the opposite, then it is we who serve and belong to God who governs this world and who has the" domain! "Then it will be empty be so that those who do not want to go up to Jerusalem in Israel to worship God and listen to the message of Jesus, they will not even rain once. 14 17 But if any of the people of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the king, the LORD of hosts, there shall not rain with them; 18 If the people of Egypt do not go up and not come forth, there shall not be rain among them either; The same torment shall affect those whom the Lord allows to strike the nations who do not go up to attend the feast of the foliage. 19 Such punishment will be like Egypt and all the nations who do not go up to attend the festival hall. Final comment: The judgment against me and the heavenly blog is the story of Norway's greatest justice when the verdict against me was not in the actual siege, not debated in court and I said in Borgarting County Court that the figures from Oslo District Court were completely beyond even Judge Øystein Hermansen wrote that the figures were not contested. This is online, on YouTube, Judge Øystein Hermansen and Judge Malin Strømberg Amble who wrote the verdict did not even ask me about what she condemned me. But as said, that's the way in this world is because the Spirit of lies grabs people since this God of the world is Satan. But in the coming age and world, it is God - Israel God - as with Jesus and all the Saints who rule and rule! Then the battle was worth it, and struggles, suffering and trials. We are suffering with him here in the time who will rule him in the coming world for a future! Then, unlike people who have turned God and his words back! 2 Tim. 2. 11 It is a credible word; For if we die with him, we shall live with him; 12 We will stand out, we will rule with him; we deny, he shall deny us; 13 If we are faithless, he is faithful; because he can not deny himself.

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