mandag 13. juni 2011

Nr. 11. Can we know when Jesus comes again?

Nr. 11. Can we know when Jesus comes again?


When Jesus comes again - an analysis!

It is not given some people to know the day or hour, but time will we know who live with God as Enoch did. If I said a year - take it for what it is - I would say approx.; year 2050?
The world is waiting for the Antichrist. And is not quite ready for him yet. The religious are waiting for the False Prophet and is soon ready to accept him as non-response is able and deeper in God's church is that of the world. The religious have now begun to travel to the Pope without contradictions. Satan has raised up a corrupted and manipulative "Pastor” Jan Hanvold as the Free Church swarms around and accept completed. Continuing this trend will probably be the coming of Jesus even earlier, but if God will raise up a church Smyrna Oslo or an identical church with a "thus saith the Lord. " I think it may be stalling until 2050 or up against 2060? God alone knows, but that we are with and affects in one direction or the other, we are enough. 2. Pet. 3. 12. As you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat.
See also No.9.

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  1. I believe and am convinced that God's church in Norway and elsewhere in the western world has become so corrupt, deceived and misled that we must mention that it does not wait for Jesus anymore! It prepares itself to be a part of the great whore of Revelation that will go in fellowship, not with Jesus but with the False Prophet and the Antichrist!