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Nr. 12: How to pray and prayer is needed?

Question Nr. 12:
How to pray and is it necessarty to pray?


Pray directly to the Father in Jesus name and pray directly to Jesus because He is our mediator, brother, savior and intercessor with the Father. From my commentaries Hebrews 7:25 Therefore He is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

The fact that Jesus died and rose again is the basis for his continued ministry. His most important service for us is to pray for the believer and advocate within his Father. It is a tragedy that this is so little taught about.

Joh. e. 17:9 I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours.

1. Joh. b. 2 1. My children, that I write unto you that ye shall not sin. But if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

Prayer is the recognition that we depend on God and a manifestation of living faith. A faith that works.

Prayer is a mystery to unbelievers, but a privilege for us as children of God.

But it is not only a right, it also has a commitment.

Prayer is not a nuisance, it is a great grace, when God through it gives us the opportunity to get help. Prayer is an act of faith, and some of the wonderful and the most we can employ in all walks of life, to help both for ourselves, for others, and pleasing to the Almighty God.

Prayer is not just working for God, but co-operation with God, and a very power that is available for the children of God at all times and all places, and puts us in connection with inexhaustible energy sources. Therefore, we begin the day, and continues through the day and end the day with prayer.

Prayer is a means between God and man that is not depending on time or place.

Wherever you happen to be, you can pray to the Lord.

Prayer is pleasing to Heaven, but it must not just be empty words and "phrases" with a litany of something, but the heart must be.

Bunyan said: "It is better to have a heart without words, than to have words without a heart"

Prayer is absolutely necessary for the person who will serve the Lord and belong to him.

It is required for all, whether we are healthy or sick, or we suffer or be tried, or all is good.

If you fall, you need to ask, if you stand, you need to thank.
We should not just ask for, but love and praise God for what we've been too.

First, we call upon God, pray that He will listen. So we say what the case is about, so comes thanksgiving. This is confirmed for example in Philip Wiper letter 4 v 6: Be anxious for nothing, but let all things their requests be made known to God in supplication and prayer of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is easy to forget, but Paul reminds us that the Colossians. 4 v 1: be persistent in prayer as you watch it with thanksgiving - - Pray until you can thank him for the answer.

The highest form of prayer is worship and praise.

Prayer is an absolute necessity for the Christians during the entire journey and life here on earth. If the believer is not the time of day to pray, one should take time at night, for prayer are needed every day, it is the very pulse of the Christian life.

Do not wait for the evening with your prayer, then you are tired.

To begin the day with prayer and to end the evening with thanksgiving is recommended.

The drive spring is a clock, it is the prayer of the believer's life and conservation.

Prayer is needed for all ages and both sexes. Christian life without prayer does not exist ..

There are some who believe that prayer belongs infancy. Then the boy asked his mother: Mother, when I am big, I do not ask?

May the Lord preserve us from getting too big to ask.

Prayer meetings are also a way for the church's "degree rule", which referred the temperature in the church.

I have heard that large ships that sailed the North Atlantic, often took the temperature of the water.

Was it warm and even temperature, driving them at full speed, but the temperature began to drop as it got colder, turned the move down, because we know that there are icebergs in the vicinity.

How we must also take care if it starts to become "known" in the prayer meetings.

Therefore we must be to let the bean the fire burn as the fire of love and prayer life are kept warm. Those are the most active in prayer, the church bearing force, and it is these that the Lord works through. May the Lord make us all burning prayer souls.

We often yearn and suffer and demand, but ask is often the last thing we take the.

It should be the first and greatest of God's children.

The enemy would like to have us lose heart and say "there's no" He wants us discouraged and tired so we give up. Brother and sister: take heart and seek help from the Lord!

Prayer is not primarily words, but a need and a desire that manifests itself, which gets its release in prayer.

Prayer is the backbone of the church. Those who do not ask, do not believe in God, or is wandering away from God ..

There is not one to speak, read or hear about prayer, who knows much about prayer, but he who takes the time to pray and to continually practice the prayer, it knows what prayer is.

Prayer is a secret and this secret will one day be revealed in heaven, and then there will be silence for half an hour. Revelation 8

But this much we know that it is a help at all times, and let us take care of it.

The best weapon is prayer.

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