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No. 1628: I have driven EL buses from 2019 - the problems that are now in Oslo with EL buses are totally incomprehensible!

No. 1628:

I have driven EL buses from 2019 - the problems that are now in Oslo with EL buses are totally incomprehensible!

Ruter and Oslo Municipality have showered the bus company Unibuss with billions of dollars over the years.
Unibuss has done one thing, spent money like a drunken sailor.
They have buses and materials.
Has properties and so much that is unused and falling into disrepair.
Now Unibus is bankrupt – technically bankrupt.
Will they be saved by Oslo Municipality?
Routes, we they start giving Unibuss fines and cancel the contracts?
Neither Nobina nor Connect Buss, which runs here in Oslo, has anywhere near those problems.
Here is the deficit from 2022 and a few years later.
Which is at an astronomical 35 million in 2022.
Last year, the deficit was supposedly triple compared to 2022.
Well over 100 million.
If Ruter fines Unibuss as they should, the deficit will surely be over 1 billion in 2024. Then the equity is eaten up and they are not just technically bankrupt, but bankrupt.
Waiting in anticipation!

Up to 1,000 departures canceled every day recently here in the capital.

I don't see how that's possible. It is not the cold primarily, but an incompetent and dysfunctional bus company that is the main problem.
They don't have such a simple problem with a plant that works.
As it is obviously not tight, as the buses have problems charging.

Unibuss has run electric buses here in the capital since 2019.
With a lot of experience one would believe!

The following is stated in this article from 2019:

Largest Nordic electric bus fleet

The experience will come in handy when the supplier will now be involved in electrifying Oslo. The large order for electric buses comes as a result of Ruter having entered into agreements with several bus companies to deploy a large number of electric buses during 2019. Unibuss will operate a total of 42 out of 76 electric buses in Oslo, and thus gets the largest the electric bus fleet in the Nordics.

- We are grateful that our client Ruter has shown us this trust. Now we are looking forward to delivering a much more environmentally friendly and quiet public transport service, says Øystein Svendsen, managing director of Unibuss.

Unibuss is already running two 12-metre battery-electric buses on line 74, in a pilot test with client Ruter.
(end of quote.)

Not only that, there have been buses other than diesel buses in Unibuss for many years!

Mentions both gas and hydrogen buses from VanHool in Holland 10 years ago.

The electric buses arrived well in 2019, the year Oslo is the European environmental capital.

They are supplemented with Diesel buses from 2017.
These 30 electric VDL buses were stationed at Alnabru.
Lines 20, 21, 28, 34, 37 and 54 are served by these 30 articulated buses, where the electric articulated buses can only be used for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon on weekdays due to the range.

In other words, the electric bus should have been tested? Or is Unibus missing something?

Then come 5 years later and say that it is childhood diseases that we are now seeing with all the problems in Oslo. That's a lie!

Taking one with the other buses, buses other than pure diesel buses have been tried out over many years.

Final comment:

Unibuss is the bus company that has received billions through Ruter and Oslo Municipality.
But in 2022 alone, Unibus has gone over 35 million in the red.

Last year, i.e. 2023, Unibuss lost more than 100 million.

The whole of Unibuss is a company that is totally mismanaged.
It's only a matter of time, isn't it, before Unibus is history?
This is how it is when you act like people without responsibility, and want and do good and right!

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