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No. 1629: The problems we see today with EL buses here in Oslo mostly come from poor training!?

No. 1629:

The problems we see today with EL buses here in Oslo mostly come from poor training!?


The picture of Instructor Leader for Unibuss, Oslo when I worked there.
I worked in Unibuss from 2005 to 2021. 16 years, before I quit after being fired for playing on the radio. Yes, you read that right.
No mistakes on my part in any areas, such treatment is of course completely wild.

"The very" Espen Pokorny who received that testimony at Rosenholm when he was there. The most useless driver they had ever had there.
But ended up as Instructor Leader at Alnabru.
No wonder it's the way it is here in Oslo.

When I worked at Unibuss, Espen Pokorny was instructor leader!

I worked with him out at Rosenholm. He was there 14 days before he was sent back to Alnabru. Where he first became an instructor, then a leader.
There was an Ethiopian who was the head instructor there, and he had Espen Pokorny as his student.

He said he was the most hopeless driver he had ever had.
Impossible to learn, would not learn. He ended up at Alnabru as an instructor.
And later as a manager.
He said he showed zero self-effort, had zero interest in buses and bus driving! Simply not suitable, and he eventually became a manager.
That one has problems not only with the buses. But dealing with them is completely understandable, isn't it?

Isn't it strange what we now see in Oslo that nothing works?

Chaos, chaos. Here NRK writes the following:

Almost a complete stop
On Wednesday this week, mirror-like roads brought bus traffic to an almost complete standstill in Oslo and Bærum.
A lack of salting was cited as a reason.
But the articulated buses also have another problem, according to bus expert Tom Terjesen.
He is editor of the trade magazine Bussmagasinet and has followed the bus industry for a number of years.
Terjesen is critical of the fact that most articulated buses in Oslo have rear-wheel drive. The drive wheels - and thus the engine power - sit at the very back.
This applies, among other things, to all 183 electric articulated buses in the inner city.
They are driven by Unibuss on behalf of Ruter with buses from Solaris.
Drive wheels at the very rear
The articulated buses have three axles where the wheels sit. Two axles sit on the main part of the bus, i.e. in front of the "knock". The third is located behind the joint.

When the buses are so special, training must be top notch!

It is undersized, and minimal work has been done here.
I don't think there is any improvement either.
On the contrary, nothing will be done here as Unibuss faces bankruptcy.

Final comment:

The truth is that Unibuss has had an agenda against its own employees.
Where they have tried to make good bus drivers look bad.
And those who are bad will be bad!

I believe that it is the training that is so poor and lacking.
Which has intensified this crisis quite a bit!

They have tried to remove bus driver after bus driver. Not just me, but many others.

As Tom Liarbø:



And Rolf Mandelid:




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