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No. 1615: Spotter Ivar Haugsbakk with yet another low goal!

No. 1615:
Spotter Ivar Haugsbakk with yet another low goal!

I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with tongues that came by themselves.
A wonderful, important and great experience.
It is written in the following scriptures: "The Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied." This is what I experienced!
I remember very well the first time I spoke in tongues and experienced the baptism of the Spirit, it was in my hometown Skudeneshavn on Karmøy. Right outside the old SR Bank, as shown in the picture.

I have written an article about this vile person who engages in regular heresy, explanation and mocks God and God's Spirit!

This is what Haugsbakk writes:

Pine leader Daniel Alm on the trend of speaking in tongues: - Anyone who wants to can speak in tongues (Korsets Sier 03.03.2022).

Anyone who wants to can speak in tongues? That is how it has become in the Pentecostal charismatic movement, where what they call speaking in tongues has become an act of the will. Speaking in tongues, or more precisely "speaking in a tongue in a language", is the gift of the Spirit to speak a human language with meaning (1 Cor 14:10) - a language one does not know in the first place. But the "tongues" of the Pentecostal movement is not a language at all, but rather a kind of repetitive incomprehensible words.

Everything that is right has a flip side. It is of course correct what Haugsbakk claims. There are many unhealthy and unbiblical relationships with those who speak in tongues.

It is as Haugsbakk claims that those who are taught to speak in tongues, it is not healthy and biblical. But to claim that speaking in tongues is Babel is only a scoffer and a deceived person who does.

We read so wonderfully what happened on the day of Pentecost

Ap.jj 2. 1 When the day of Pentecost came, they were all* gathered in the same place. *the twelve, verses 1:26 , 2:4 , 2:7
2 Then it happened that suddenly there came a sound from the heavens, like a mighty stormy wind. And it filled the whole house where they stayed.
3 Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire. They were distributed so that they sat one on each of them.
4 Then they were all* filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in foreign tongues, according as they were given utterance by the Spirit. *the twelve, verses 1:26 , 2:4 , 2:7

Here we read so wonderfully, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. And began to speak in foreign tongues, which Haugsbakk mockingly says is Babel.

Furthermore, we read the same thing in Kornelius's house

Ap.jj 10. 44 While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the message.
45 The circumcised believers who were with Peter were amazed that the gift of the Holy Spirit had also been poured out on them from the nations.
46 They heard that they spoke in tongues, and that they exalted God.
47 To that Peter asked: "Can anyone deny them the baptism of water when they have also received of the Holy Spirit?"
48 Then he commanded that they should be baptized in the Lord's name. Then they asked them to stay with them for a few days.

Here we read the same thing, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues which the scoffer Haugsbakk claims is Babel. There are millions who have experienced the same thing afterwards. Both among the first Christians and up to today. Throughout 2000 years there are people who have experienced the same thing that the scoffer claims is Babel.

We read the same thing about John's disciples experiencing the same thing

Ap.jj 19. 7 It happened while Apollos was in Corinth: Paul traveled through the upper districts and came to Ephesus. There he met some of the disciples.
8 Then he asked: "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you came to faith?" They answered, "We have never heard of any holy spirit!"
9 Then he asked: "But how were you baptized?" And then they answered him: "With John's baptism."
10 Then Paul said: "John indeed baptized a baptism of repentance, but he told the people that they must believe in him who came after him, in Christ Jesus."
11 When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.
12 As Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.
13 All the men together were about twelve.

All people of all times who have received the baptism of the Spirit have spoken in tongues. The following is clearly stated here: "Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied."
It is this that has filled everyone who has experienced this great and wonderful experience and gift. Blue. speaking in new tongues, the gift of tongues they have not learned in any other way than by receiving this supernaturally.

Is it necessary to warn against Ivar Haugsbakk and his teaching?

For those of us who have experienced this, Haugsbakk is a fool. We know that he is in the business of destroying the faith.

1 Hour. 6. 20 Timothy, take care of what has been entrusted to you! Avoid ungodly talk and such contradictory teachings as are falsely called knowledge.
21 Those who preach them have strayed from the faith. Grace be with you. Amen

He is within here the Apostle Paul speaks of:
"Such contradictory doctrines as are falsely called canncabinet. Strayed away from the faith.”

It is the newly saved and those who seek this experience.
For whom this preaching is dangerous.
That is why I warn against him and his errant teachings.

I am afraid that just as the serpent tricked Eve with his cunning, your thoughts have also been led astray, away from the sincere and pure devotion to Christ.
The whole premise of Haugsbakk's teaching is poisoned.
In his own words, he exposes himself as a liar.
Who twists the scriptures, to their own and others' downfall.

We end this short article by telling about my own Spirit Baptism experience!

I was saved on January 25, 1981. But in the beginning as a believer my spiritual growth was slow. It really doesn't matter that things take time.
That's how it was for me.
But then the spiritual longing began to accelerate.
Blue. I joined Finn Arne Lauvås in meetings around.
Where I was with him at meetings in Nedstrand, Kopervik, Norheim and Sævelandsvik (Åkrehamn) in various Free Friends congregations.

This was April 1982 after me and Finn Arne had been to a meeting at Saron in Sævelandsvik.
I don't remember the exact date, but I'm pretty sure it was mid-April 1982.
We chatted together and I told her that I felt something very pressing inside me.
Then Finn Arne said that I should just "let it go", this was Jesus and the Holy Spirit working.
With others not from myself, but it was God himself with his Spirit who worked.

I can remember that Finn Arne had a station wagon to have the sound equipment in the back of the car. I then got off at a square in Skudeneshavn where the SR bank was then located.
Crossed the road and stopped. Then for the first time I spoke in new tongues fluently.
It came completely by itself, and there I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and tongues flowed over my lips. A streak and a strength that I did not have from myself, but from God.
Since then, in April 1982 I have been a tongue speaker, hallelujah!

That I pushed myself in any way was taught by someone. Is as far away from reality as it is possible to get.
It pressed on inside me, and I just "let it go" and it came completely by itself. All glory to God and Lamme!


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