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No. 1580: Pål Steigan narrative about Ukraine - Russia The conflict is directly dangerous, primitive and will actually legitimize that Russia can take over country after country as they find "mistakes" in other countries!

No. 1580:

Pål Steigan narrative about Ukraine - Russia The conflict is directly dangerous, primitive and will actually legitimize that Russia can take over country after country as they find "mistakes" in other countries!

At its core, Ukraine is now also fighting for Norway and our values. This I will come back with more later, can not include everything in this article

Based on much of what I write in this article:

Some quotes from the mentioned article:
The war in Ukraine did not start on 22 February 2022. It started in earnest with the Western-organized coup in Kyiv on 22 February 2014, ie exactly eight years earlier. Since then, there has been war between the regime that emerged from the coup and the Russian-speaking population of Donbass. The prelude to the February coup took place at the Trilateral Commission's conference in Krakow, Poland, 25-27. October 2013.
The coup has destroyed Ukraine as a state, brought Nazism into government offices and the army, contributed to a civil war that has killed at least ten thousand people - and has brought Europe to the brink of a major war. This is one of the CIA's many gifts to the people of the world.
(end of quote.)

Should not go so much into this content in detail, but something I comment and describe.

What Pål Steigan does is nothing more than to present to us here in Norway the dictator and war criminal Vladimir Putin's rhetoric and views.

Want to name someone who has written on Steigan's facebook page.
Øistein Resell
There are lots of Nazis in Russia, also a bit in Western Europe. Ukraine's brave president is a man swearing balls, in contrast to PUTLER.

Ola Svein Stugu
As is well known, there are several narratives about what happened in Ukraine in the years 2013-2015. This is an adaptation of the Russian narrative. But why stop in 2015? What has happened in the seven years since then, including an overwhelming election victory for a Russian-speaking Jew in the presidential election? Do you think Putin is right when he calls the political leadership in Ukraine drug addicts Nazis, and what do you have to say about Defense Minister Shogju, who says that the Russian goal is to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine? How would you comment on Noam Chomsky, who in an interview with yesterday said that "... the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a major war crime, ranking alongside the US invasion of Iraq and the Hitler-Stalin invasion of Poland in September 1939, to take only two salient examples "?
(end of quote.)

If one tries to argue as Steigan does, that there is so much that is not good in Ukraine.

Ergo, then it is allowed in the extreme consequence law actually also go to war against a country.

If one tries to compare Russia against Ukraine as well.
Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, opposes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Then the favor will be 90 against 10 for Volodymyr Zelenskyj and Ukraine.
Ergo, according to Pål Steigan's rhetoric, then the whole world society should have weapons like Putin does. Nedsable Russia and Putin?

Russia is well on its way to being a dictatorship where one is not allowed to criticize the leadership, and in particular Putin.
It is probably not that bad in Ukraine, which has had 6 presidents while Putin has been in power in Moscow. Putin has changed the law all the way to be in power.
Ukraine has free and democratic elections where there are replacements all the way.
In other words, here again the odds are in favor of Ukraine.

Pål Steigan is a dangerous man who argues only in favor of Putin and Russia.
The truth is that Putin is a war criminal, who has gone to war against Ukraine without a legitimate reason. He is a criminal and has become a dictator who should have been stopped many years ago. But p.g.a. considerate with finances and other. Has he been allowed to hold on, and now we see the result of this!

What Steigan argues is that it is legitimate to take Ukraine.
It's so much bad in Ukraine, then it's free to move forward.
So who will be next?
It is then allowed to attack "ugly" states with an evil leadership that can only be called drug addicts and Nazis as Putin does. Then it's free forward ?!

Closing comment:

There is so much more to say here.
But arguments that seek to find fault, as here with the leadership in Ukraine and stamp those who, among other things. Nazis.
First, it's not true. Secondly, if that had been true.
Then no one has the right to attack another country on such a basis.

The attack on Ukraine is really dangerous.
Next country, who will it be?
Georgia? So Northern Norway and Iceland?

Then there is a spiritual power and ideology behind it all in from Satan is my full conviction!

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