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No. 1582: Unibuss appears to be a dysfunctional bus company, which actually discriminates against white Christians!

No. 1582:

Unibuss appears to be a dysfunctional bus company, which actually discriminates against white Christians!


Be a white, Christian man, who dares and wants to stand up for both his opinions and Christian faith, then one is discriminated against and rejected by the bus company Unibuss here in Oslo. Yes, in general, be white and stand up for their opinions.
It presents problems, which i.a. Rolf Mandelid has gained experience (pictured)
Diversity and tolerance is something that is talked about loudly in Unibuss. This probably applies to our new compatriots, but not to you if you are Norwegian.
Be Norwegian and stand for "old" Norwegian values ​​as they say about injustice. And otherwise try to keep a good standard, then you are quickly ugly.
A form of total submission that is more reminiscent of the old communist regime. Than is free and good working environment and workplace, it is not in with the bus company Unibuss here in Oslo is my clear experience.

There are many conditions within Unibuss and the bus industry that are very unhealthy and reprehensible!

Those who have only done something, such as Oslo Municipality, the Tramway system itself, Oslo Municipality and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.
Nobody has done anything to make things better, they really just let "the bumblebee hiss!"
Had I been a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or something else and been bullied and discriminated against as I have been by the Discrimination Tribunal / Unibuss, I would have been front page material guaranteed in VG, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and other media!

How does Unibuss maintain the controlling and dysfunctional working environment?

For example. Unibuss, which I know best, has obviously been for many years a destructive, incompetent and to some extent a criminal work environment.
Uculture, bullying and harassment are something this bus company has been responsible for.



There are several issues that are unhealthy and destructive that I want to address here

1.) I have contacted the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority several times, they do not care at all.



2.) I went to the Discrimination Tribunal, but there I got a verdict against me, not for me.

https://blog.janchristensen.net/2021/04/nr-2730-opp filings-sendt.html



3.) The fact that Ruter pours money into Unibuss in the billion class also makes things unhealthy. Then ethics and morality do not come with money, but on the contrary. Mostly the opposite, then also this cash flow one has to maintain these conditions on. The management of Unibuss is located in deer premises down at Schweigaards gate 16.



https://vartoslo.no/einar-wilhelmsen-jon-h-stordrange-korona/ruter-snart-tom-for-penger-om-kort-tid-har-ikke-selskapet-rad-til-t-bane- bus-or-tram-in-oslo / 225525

4.) The NAV system helps Unibuss a lot. They can only kick out drivers who are unwanted. They get new ones from NAV which NAV is happy to pay for the first year etc.



5.) In the actual driver staff, today I reckon with 80% who are not ethnic Norwegians?

Fax smile in from Unibuss' own page. Where they themselves show that it is foreign drivers they prefer?
Ethnic Norwegian is not a thesis, they say about conditions that are not good.
If you are posing as ethnic Norwegian, a promotion is soon waiting!
One only wants nod dolls, not someone who reports injustice.
This is how the bus company Unibuss appears to be, and no one takes a stand against this culture and what is not as it should be.

When I started driving a bus 17 years ago, I reckon it was 50/50%?

I have nothing against a human being what skin color or nationality one has.
But it is impossible to get away from the fact that those who are not ethnic Norwegians have a tolerance ability far exert what an ethnic Norwegian has above e.g. a leader and boss.
We Norwegians and from the Nordic countries look at a boss more like a colleague and workers. Where one has the same goals, but different tasks.
Those who do not have the same cultural background, they look at a boss more like someone who can do and say what he / she wants.
Of course, they also become more "Norwegian", and gradually there are also more of those who understand that the management of Unibuss is the company.
But they still do not speak out directly, as we Norwegians like to do.
This is where the management of Unibuss then mostly attacks an "Norwegian", while foreigners go free.
They are the ones who more and more then get hired and get hired!

These here have nothing to do with the case, this is only a fax smile to illustrate that unfortunately it is not in to be a if Christian man / woman in Unibuss.

Closing comment:

I have also tried to get Oslo Municipality to look at this.
But with the pretext that we have entered into a court settlement.
But their iniquities are not less for that reason?
How Unibuss works should have been clarified and addressed before they can destroy even more!
See here from answers from Oslo Municipality:

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