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No. 1563: Assassination blog closed after the Lord's indictment - when God will take care of Pastor Jan Aage Torp!

No. 1563:

Assassination blog closed after the Lord's indictment - when God will take care of Pastor Jan Aage Torp!

Here is the link to the blog:


Here is the article I posted and explained the reason for this:


 Nr. 1:

God will lead the fight against the adulterer and fool apostle Jan Aage Torp to full victory!


Experienced that the Lord spoke:

«Remove this blog. You have shed enough light on the matter, the rest is up to me to do above the adulterer and fool apostle Jan Aage Torp, he is a magician. "


This was the Lord's clear charge.

Therefore, all articles have been removed.


Jan Aage Torp is an evil man who does not really deserve any attention!

Totally ruthless, thinking only of himself and his own woe and well as the fool he is.

As well as being a Pastor, he both learns wrong in many respects and lives in adultery.


Some "remains" are out here, see there for more information:








The fool and the false apostle Jan Aage Torp's latest hate letter against me and my family.



"Think of Lot's wife!" - The bus driver's rubble heap

A tragedy is unfolding these days, and is about to reach its final end.

The bus driver Jan Kåre (Bjerregaard) Christensen, who likes to call himself an "evangelist" and a "Bible teacher", has lost his job due to many years of quarreling with his employer Unibuss, and also with passengers. The fact that even Christian diurnal media make headlines that "Bus drivers who played Christian music receive a one-year final salary", shows how little they invest in disseminating true knowledge.

According to Christensen's own blog the day before the court mediation with Unibuss on Thursday 1 July, he would not accept anything less than at least two million kroner in the final package, otherwise he would bet on the scheduled trial this autumn which he was sure to win.

But Christensen accepted the sluice 473,000 kroner because he knew that the truth is completely different from what he has peppered the internet with, namely that he was fired for completely different fundamental reasons than that he "played Christian music". In addition, he must have an immediate payment in this order of magnitude to pay fines in the hundreds of thousands of kroner class to the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo municipality, which he also argues with and incites.

Christensen's misery started as early as the 1980s, and when he discovered that Aina & I were getting married in December 2010, he started an incitement campaign against us which led to us reporting him to the police in September 2014. The police ran the case against him in Courtroom 519 in Oslo District Court on January 20, 2016 where Aina & I were to testify, and he lost unanimously. He also unanimously lost the appeal in the Borgarting Court of Appeal in April 2017. In June 2017, the Norwegian Supreme Court refused to process his appeal, and in November 2017, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rejected his case.

It was in Courtroom 519 that he finally faced the consequences of his evil life. Since then, it has gone downhill. He has had plenty of time and ample opportunity to repent, but he has deliberately chosen the path of stubbornness. Aina & I have no need to do any worldly things. The Lord and His arrangements fix everything.

Romans 13: 4-5 tells what happens when one goes against God's social arrangements:

“The government is a servant of God, for your good. But if you do evil, you have reason to be afraid. For the government does not carry a sword for no reason, but is the servant of God who will carry out his punishment on the one who does evil. Therefore, it is necessary to be obedient, not only for fear of punishment, but also for the sake of conscience. "

A simple reading of Christensen's blogs shows that he bullies and incites individuals, neighbors, and the administration - except that after the fourfold conviction for the bullying of Aina & me, he still has incitement and persecution of us. There are no limits to what that man accomplishes by curses, incantations and humiliation.

Soon he has to move from farm to land. What he loses beyond this, I will not speculate.

The Bible has some gruesome stories about human wickedness that lead them to fall into mortality. Jan Kåre Christensen belongs in that category.

I am reminded of the telling warning in Luke 17:32:

"Think of Lot's wife!"

I finally say: "Think of Jan Kåre Christensen!" Unfortunately, he probably does not deserve to be remembered in any other way than this.


Recive this from the lord:


 Hear the prophetic words for you today! Every roadblock created by enemies to prevent you from progressing in life is demolished. God will arrest and destroy every unseen force of darkness that has been wasting your blessing and time. No past mistake will affect your expected blessings in Jesus' Name. May God make you greater than you are; show you more ways than you know; uphold you stronger than you stand; and make your future brighter than today in Jesus' Mighty Name!


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