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No. 1527: Jan Aage Torp compares the case between me and him and the upcoming review of Levi Fragell as comparable, but Fragell gets the support of absolutely everyone - I got it from only Vebjørn Selbekk!

No. 1527:
Jan Aage Torp compares the case between me and him and the upcoming review of Levi Fragell as comparable, but Fragell gets the support of absolutely everyone - I got it from only Vebjørn Selbekk!

Picture of Aina Anine Lanton whom Jan Aage Torps married after he divorced his former wife. Here, warn against others, that they should live by the commandments of God.
But be careful with yourself, it doesn't matter.

It is directly demonic to allow remarried publishers to appear on the pulpit.
I was in the US about 1 1/2 years ago and was totally put off.
It turned out that I was right.
This preacher was divorced himself, and remarried with a divorced.
It is with dismay and sadness that so many accept married married preachers.
And notice it, when older Christian men get divorced.
Then they marry a younger lady.
When this happens so often, why?
Meat, meat and meat again.
We read about the church in Pergamon, where Satan has his throne.
Satan has been given a throne in the congregation by remarried male elder preachers.

This is my view and for such a Bible view one will be convicted in Norwegian law.

What does Levi Fragell mean? Opposite a me, that it is terrific of Torp's remarriage with his former nanny.
What does he get? Massive support among the Christian people, of the world - of absolutely everything and everyone.
The world hates God's Word, but loves the shit, that's it!

Here is something from Facebook that shows that Torp does not understand anything, and act as he does not realize that it is all a spirit match.
He could probably "win" me over when the world loves its own, and the world is a deception.
But above Levi Fragell he will probably struggle, because he is loved, admired and accepted.
He and Torp are actually quite similar, they enjoy life in this world.
They live in sin, and think that God's Word and God's commandments are nothing to take into account.
Therefore, Torp and Fragell are in agreement that Torp has made a "warp" of marrying his former nanny.

Here are some statements in from Facebook.

Levi Fragell

It is the fight against religious "abuse of power" you thank me for, Frank Rossavik, and since active participation in this environment can strengthen unworthy and harmful practices, I these days add that leading cultural profiles should avoid being perceived as advertising posters for Vision Norway.
Here is a section from Fritt Ord's Vice President Frank Rossavik's speech: (
Rossavik is also one of Aftenposten's highly respected commentators).
"For decades, Fragell has promoted sharp but factual criticism of abuse of power in God's name. He is still deeply concerned about how the charismatic movements he once belonged to use different forms of pressure, manipulation of "ecstasy", demonic expulsions and frightening prophecies in the spirit struggle. Not least, he has been concerned with children in such environments.

Vision Norway's partner Jan-Aage Torp attacks the cathedral on the web today
Elisabeth Thorsen for supporting the rescue campaign Stans money preachers, and again scares the police. As an atheist and humanist, I am grateful that precisely a number of Christians help to warn of the conditions that have developed in extreme parts of religious life in Norway - and which are now also legitimized by the fact that well-known cultural figures act as advertising figures for the "Vision". On the basis of my own experience, I have in particular reacted to the extreme Christian environment's abuse of children (the front page of the rescue operation), which has also been the concern of several brave warnings in recent years.

The hornet and manipulative Jan Aage Torp

Now there is enough for today's "muck digging" in the participation of journalists, officials and priests in the dark "Stop the money preachers!"
Necessary work, but drinking from the springs of Jesus is my joy!

The hate and hate group "Stop the Preachers!" proves time and time again its injustice.
In 2019, the group took on the honor of having "notified" the Children's Ombudsman
on child abuse on TV Vision Norway.
Unfortunately, the anti-Christian forces at the Ombudsman's office were so outspoken that they used the heat group as expert witnesses, and "Stop the money preachers!" stirred up the mood in the interior even led by the leading cathedral priest in Oslo Cathedral Elisabeth Thorsen used to hit TV Vision.
But the police dropped the cases because of "no criminal offense" - without the Ombudsman for Children or the priest Thorsen complaining about any of the world's things.
Are a public child ombudsman and a state-employed cathedral priest scammers trying to trick the police with false reviews?
That "Stop the Preachers!" do it, we knew.
But the Ombudsman and a cathedral priest!?!

In the aggressive and fiery anti-charismatic and anti-Christian environments that have increased their level of ambition over the last four to five years, there is something lost along the way, namely that public officials, state-sponsored media, and the state-funded church have a particular responsibility to watch over their own ability and impartiality.
The media has the Be Varsom poster which should prevent journalists from
VG (Marie Golimo K ingsrød), Aftenposten (Ingeborg Senneset), and Dagen (Karl Almedal) can take on missions that hit Christian businesses that they themselves are against (documented by their membership in the heat group with the aptly named "Stans money preachers!"). The minimum requirement must be that these journalists disclose this duplicity as an interview begins, and afterwards readers and viewers should be given a marking of the posting (similar to what happens with goods produced in Israel).

The fact that leading priests in the Norwegian Church participate in such dual roles is startling, but is hardly affected by the law of habilitation.
But undoubtedly it contradicts the Christian attitude to justice that both liberal and conservative Christians have.
The Progress Party FrP has shown an exemplary attitude when, over the years, the Party has strongly criticized the Norwegian Church's bishops and leaders for interfering with political special issues. But I notice that some in the younger guard of Frp no longer see clearly in such questions.
If leading bureaucrats in affected ministries and agencies should have such dual roles, it would be startling. Unfortunately, we have some horrifying examples of incompatibility here, which we are slowly progressing to publish. The best part is that people even realize that it is wrong. Habitat law requires that each individual manages to display such a minimum measure of discretion. Otherwise, they are hardly suited to the deed.

Until tomorrow, I did not know that Leading cathedral priest in Oslo Cathedral Elisabeth Thorsen has been a member of the hate and hate group "Stop the money preachers!" for two years while performing her work for the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ.
"Stop the Preachers!" engages in open hatred, hatred, rumor spread and a number of speculative responses to the Oslo Cathedral siblings. This is likely to be a criminal activity, among other things in accordance with the Norwegian Supreme Court's double ruling of January 29, 2020 on "Hatefulle Statements on Facebook".
Although current Oslo Bishop Kari Veiteberg is extremely liberal theologian, I choose to believe that she wants to set foot in order for her Leading Cathedral Priest to actively participate in such a hate and hate group.
Is it any wonder that the Oslo Church is sought out by defectors from the Oslo Cathedral!?!
I have made some inquiries to the Oslo Cathedral to have a dialogue about such matters, but so far I have been overlooked.
I have always defended the Oslo Cathedral against the charges, but now I realize that something must be right.
We pray that the Lord of the Church will again be given the Lordship of Oslo Cathedral.

For three years, Aftenposten's journalist and commentator Ingeborg Senneset has written countless journalistic articles and strong opinion comments against charismatic businesses and leaders WITHOUT SHOWING ABOUT HIS ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IN "STAN MONEY PREACHERS!"
How has this been able to happen in the country's foremost and most serious opinion-making newspaper?!?
What kind of consequences should Aftenposten and the journalist take for themselves?
On July 9, 2018, VG journalist Marie Golimo Kingsrød became an active member of "Stans money preachers!" when she posted this on their Facebook page.
Numerous times (well documented) the group's administrators have emphasized that one cannot be a member of this group without supporting the fight against Hanvold & TV Vision Norway and many related movements.
 A journalist who is a member of this group, and who covers such cases for his medium without informing the interview subjects in advance, definitely violates the ethical guidelines in the Weather Varsom record of the PFU (Press's Academic Committee) Norwegian Press Association

A newspaper or media that publishes such material is obliged to make readers and viewers explicitly aware of the journalist's dual role.

Final Comment:

Jan Aage Torp insults others incessantly, but when he himself is violated for the least.
It is so ridiculous, tacky and rigid it is possible and remains.
He tricked the Oslo police and the courts with me as he bluffed and made undocumented claims that they obviously loved when they hated everything that had to do with true Christianity.
That Torp now thinks he should arrive with a review of Fragell, which will be defended by everyone. I have no faith in that.
A new trial between him and me, where everything had been disclosed, had obviously ended with a conviction by Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg.

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