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No. 1522: The Oslo police and the courts were like "blood-dogs" against me, and I was exposed to the murder of the time, that Jan Aage Torp pulls this into his feud with Levi Fragell showing only his own evil and manipulative ability!

No. 1522:
The Oslo police and the courts were like "blood-dogs" against me, and I was exposed to the murder of the time, that Jan Aage Torp pulls this into his feud with Levi Fragell showing only his own evil and manipulative ability!

Then the narcissist and manipulator Jan Aage Torp managed to distort and deceive both the Oslo police and the courts. Then no one found anything punishable by what I had written and spoken, but judging me they would anyway.
Therefore, I was subjected to the murder of justice of the time (by that I mean that everything I have spoken and written is covered by the freedom of belief and expression, and that Jan Aage Torp had gone much further than me in his statements).
We had a word shift with a lot of reasoning back and forth.
In court, this was not emphasized at all, not even discussed.
But when the verdict came, this was the only and conclusive "evidence" against me.
Although I said in the Court of Appeal that the figures that Jan Aage Torp operated with were false numbers and did not document.
No one was more excited than me by Jan Aage Torp, Ansgar Braut, Torodd Fuglesteg and others.
But when the police and the courts he would convict me, and they were like "bloodhounds" and behaved as if they had dark and lying powers that controlled and deceived them. Then I was exposed to the judicial murder of the time.
They were simply hunting for me, excited by Jan Aage Torp's lies and the making of it all. That he will succeed in this I highly doubt as Levi Fragell is a servant of Satan and belongs to the evil side. Then I do not mean on the human plane, since I do not know Levi Fragell. But it was undoubtedly the satanic and dark forces of power in and around Jan Aage Torp that prevailed. The man is obviously consumed by alien powers and is as far away from God in all that he is doing as possible.
Picture of the evil and manipulative Jan Aage Torp.
But Jesus said, "If they persecuted me, they will persecute you."
Satan used against me the very same people who persecuted Hans Nielsen Hauge, false Christians, the police and the courts.
And against Jesus - our Savior and Lord - who suffered as a criminal without being.
1 Cor. 2. 8 he whom none of the lords of this world knew; for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory;
Acts 13 13 The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his servant Jesus, whom ye betrayed and denied before Pilate, when he judged that he should be released; 14 But you denied the holy and righteous, and prayed for a murderer to be given to you, 15 but you killed the chief of life, whom God raised from the dead, of which we are witnesses.

I am out of this discussion forever, my goal has only been to point out Jan Aage Torp as a false apostle and who lives in adultery with being remarried.
Everything else has been immaterial, but I stand by everything I've written about him.
Personally, I think he will struggle to get Levi Fragell charged, convicted and punished as he got it with me.
In my case there was a lynching mood towards me. I should be taken anyway.
But what about Levi Fragell and Co.? They have the whole world in the back as they are of the world and are to be judged by a rigid system as it works today as there are so many unjust and false people who govern and hold in the Norwegian courts today.

Here's some of what Jan Aage Torp has written about me, and everything is a lie. That he has not been punished for this just shows how rotten the Norwegian justice system is when they let Torp go free. But punish me for a fabricated crime.




Call someone what Pastor Jan Aage Torp labels me, as "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer, twin soul and follower". (many, many times).
It is 1 Million times worse than anything that others have ever been hated and harassed for. Others are convicted, Pastor Jan Aage Torp is protected even though he is obviously a criminal and deals with harassment and anger.

It is impossible to call anyone for worse things than what Torp has labeled. It's not possible.
At the same time, Pastor Torp should receive ten times punishment as this is only to spread false rumors and create a charged mood against me. So that everyone would take me!
The man is super-criminal obviously.

Look here for what Pastor Jan Aage Torp has called me for and not punished for this, call me "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer, twin soul and follower". (many, many times).

Here are some of what Jan Aage Torp has called me, not a little:

"Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer, twin soul and follower". (many, many times).
'You should If a "wish opponent" happened, then Jan Kåre Christensen is "perfect".

Furthermore, Torp writes that I am filthy, stalker, totally unintelligent, a bullshit, the "hat-blogger", idiot, demon, lusts, mean-spirited blogger, protagonist who lacks the mind of Christ, ordinary judgment and social intelligence. Rumor JKC and, to say the least, his insight into English and Norwegian is pretty limited too!
I am struck by what low level JKC is acting on…. "

About the Heavenly Blog: "who is confused, naughty, evil and stupid - throughout. It should be closed, short and good. He also writes this on the Heavenly Blog: "Jan Kåre Christensen's Un-Heavenly Blog!"

"I want the police to bring charges and bring him to justice. I have no qualms about having to atone. "

You should probably call it a variant of social pornography »+ Much, much more!

Final Comment:

Think, Pastor Jan Aage Torp has admitted everything too, but is not charged or punished for anything.
Torp himself also admitted in his testimony that he also called Christensen on his website both "lies", "idiotic", "rumor spread", "bad", "evil and stupid" and communicates "social pornography" +++ a lot , much more!

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