onsdag 4. mars 2020

No. 1512: The county governor in Oslo and Viken is trying to run away from his responsibilities!

No. 1512:
The county governor in Oslo and Viken is trying to run away from his responsibilities!

We answer the following:
To the County Governor of Oslo and Viken Oslo 4 / 3-2020
 Their ref 2019/51982

Their writing:

Answer to a request for redress - Oslo - 143/104 - Krokstien 2 C

We refer to your letter of 20 February 2020 demanding NOK 500,000 in raising the County Governor of Oslo and Viken for what you believe is discrimination, bullying, harassment and abuse of authority. You believe this has happened in connection with our processing of complaints regarding refusal of application for the construction of a retaining wall and storage room, as well as in a complaint case regarding the imposition of a compulsory fine.

Recovery is a form of compensation provided in cases where there is no financial loss. The county governor does not see that there are grounds for granting you redress in connection with the processing of the construction cases in Krokstien 2 C.
(quote at the end.)

You are the supreme body, also standing over the planning and building agency here in Oslo.

As you write, they have been operating and dealing with discrimination, bullying, harassment and government abuse.

You haven't stopped them, or stood up for us. On the contrary, in all their answers to them they defended us. PBE has tried to make us invisible, ridicule us, condemn us no matter what we do +++ many other things.
You have not opposed this, but defended this.

It is not right that this has not cost us money, it has.
As well as a lot of unnecessary time has gone to waste.
But it is the undue pressure we have been subjected to for several years for which we seek redress!

In our case, even human rights are repeatedly violated.

The last thing that PBE has come up with is to give us such juicy fines that we really have to go down.

This is a complete, spin-off and violation of human rights as we have done no wrong or criminal act. But being treated the way we are.
Are not our transgressions so called in relation to punishment that we receive, this helps you to defend and accept. Therefore, you are under joint responsibility as the Planning and Building Agency.

§ 93.

No one should be subjected to torture or other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
No one should be held in slavery or forced labor.
These governmental powers must protect the right to life and fight against torture, slavery, forced labor and other forms of inhuman or degrading treatment.

§ 96.

No one can judge without law or punishable without judgment.
Everyone has the right to be counted as innocent until guilt is tried by the law.
No one can judge whether to relinquish fixed property or whole property to say whether or not the value is of benefit or proceeds from a criminal act.

§ 97.

No law must give retroactive effect.
(quote at the end.)

Even now when we were applying for a new application, PBE broke the law when they did not allow us to apply in the same way as we should have applied in 2014 when we had finished what we had built.
But they put on so much, that it was impossible for us to apply.

This you have been supporting and defending.
You are responsible for this insanity and criminal offense on par with PBE here in Oslo. The phrase says that fits you: "The healer is just as guilty as the stealer".

Berit and Jan Kåre Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo

The email you sent to which we respond:

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